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How Can You Get Many Twitter Followers fast?


The days of relying solely on search engines for Internet Marketing business are long gone. To really make any decent money you'd have to at least have some social media presence and for internet marketers twitter seems to work best [or so rumors say].

For someone new to twitter and Social media in general I'd like to know how I can grow my twitter follower numbers.

ALSO,Is there software I could use to automate the process or do I have to do manually, myself?


The fastest way you can grow your Twitter followers is to buy them. You'll find various packages if you search on Google, and you are bound to get what you want. Once you get the followers, you need to keep them by providing interesting tweets. If you neglect them it will be very easy to lose them.


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You can do it by yourself, and also can use the paid services. You can get followers by tweeting unique and interesting content. Also try to focus on other popular people and tweets. And for paid followers , you can buy them from freelancers on sites like SEOclerks, listingdock etc.


I am using Hash tag and tweet regularly but still don't get followers can someone help me and suggest me some thing with which i can i get followers


You can follow a lot of people. I get followers when I do that. Or you can actually buy followers. Also, you can post your twitter link on other sties.


Fastest way is to buy followers, which is not good.

The long and natural way is hard, but well worth it in the end. Using the proper tags, following niche targeted accounts and so on.


The best free way is use the follow/unfollow technique, basically find popular accounts and follow their fans, once you get tons of followers, unfollow everyone you follow. This way, you will look very popular and legit.


Personally when I first started, following a lot of people, tweeting/retweeting interesting articles/content, and using TweetDeck to automate posts on a regular schedule really helped me get more followers.


Twitter is a tool.

If you think it is going to save your marketing job, make the planet move sideways or transform your love life then you are very mistaken.

For starters, I am a huge Twitter fan and I have been using it for years (for both business and leisure). It has been a 140 simple character toolbox that makes my content move, opened doors and grown my business networks. Through the years, I ended up creating dozens of Twitter accounts and in this article, I’ll share one simple technique that will grow Twitter followers fast.

All you need is probably 30 minutes of your time daily and in a long run, I am sure you would be able to grow your followers much quicker than before.

I started a new Twitter handle a few months back in conjunction with my new marketing blog. Just like you, I was determined to grow Twitter followers without buying any followers and I want to grow them fast!

Optimizing your Twitter account
Before you even think of increasing the number of followers, take a step back and analyze your Twitter profile.

Does your Twitter profile has the below?

  • Twitter egg avatar (default image)
  • Empty byline profile
  • Messy profile bio
Twitter bio is important is more than just giving you a beautiful face and biodata. When a soon-to-be follower checks on your Twitter bio, they will have a glimpse of what you are all about; your expertise, knowledge and ultimately, the real person behind the avatar.

The trick here is simple. Upload an image of yourself (if you are using Twitter for business, photos that are professionally taken are highly recommended), a summary of yourself and what they can expect from you. You can even sprinkle a few hashtags to ensure you reaching out to a larger audience as well.

Understanding the ultimate goal in increasing your Twitter followers
If you are unaware, Twitter is used by over 190 million users (according toStatistic Brain) and this means that you have tons of opportunities to grow your followers. However, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to gain more Twitter followers who are interested in what you have to say.

This means that you should not be focusing onTom, Dick and Harry. Instead, you should be focusing on laser targeted audience which has a high probability of resharing your posts, tweets and even connect with you further!

Connecting with people of the similar interest doesn’t only increase your influence level but as well as the ability to share valuable information with one another. At the same time, you will have a higher chance to increase the click through rates and getting more response from your tweets.

One proven technique to increase Twitter followers for free
I know you are dying to know the technique I’ve been teasing you for the past few minutes and you may even think to send several (virtual) flying projectiles at me.

The technique that I use is retweeting … with a twist.Yes, carry on reading below to know more.

Retweeting is often considered a methodology of acknowledging, agreeing and approving a particular tweet.

Think about this.

Have you ever noticed tweets from Jeff Bullas, Kim Garst and Guy Kawasaki always get tons of retweets?

There’s no science in this … really. These posts get the viral effect simply because:

  1. These are top influencers in the industry
  2. Well-respected to say the least
  3. Most are their tweets are sardine-packed with information
Here comes the punch line. Wait for it …

How on Earth can I leverage this and grow my Twitter followers?
You may be thinking, “Reg, I am notauthorityenough in my niche to be on par with these people. How can I use this technique (if it’s really considered one) for my own usage?”

I would put this blame into the human nature. A friend of mine told me this before, “When you are feeling lost, always follow the crowd.”

Trust me, this makes sense.

We (earth-lings) love to be in groups and not in aone-way-mission-to-something. In this case, a post retweeted by you will be seen by both your followers and the influencer’s. Indirectly, you are telling the world that you are agreeing to the post andyou are doing it loudly.

This may sound odd but do you know that some of the influencer’s followers will follow you back simply because you retweeted the post?

The mentality would be if you retweet that post, there’s a high chance that you are interested in the topic. Followers of the influencer will tend to follow you simply because they trust you have the same thoughts as them.

What do you get when these people follows you?

You know they are looking for a mutual relationship and you can nurture one!

Important note: No one will follow you without a reason … unless you are an influencer like Lady Gaga or Jeff Bullas!

By now, the retweeting technique to grow the Twitter followers count tend to makes sense to you. But, retweeting is just one part of it.

Here’s the second part.

Retweeting while giving valuable feedback
The biggest problem that you will face with this technique is that you need to retweet plus, providing your own feedback.

For example, don’t just hit the retweet button. Instead, take some time to read the post and understand it. Always remember that your retweets will represent what you think and thoughts are.

Besides that, try to avoid the common “RT @JeffBullas: …” and instead, add some valuable input such as “I love this post by @JeffBullas. Read more here: …”.

You see, the second retweet seems to be morepersonalizedand you are putting your personal feeling into the whole context.

Not only your readers would appreciate, the influencer himself will feel the same way too!

My retweeting strategy using Twitter lists
For those of you who do not know about this, I really love the Twitter list features. On my main account, I have 30 specific lists which ranges from influencers in motivation, social media and content marketing strategies. With those lists, I am able to grow my target audience based on my own requirements (yes, by retweeting as one technique).

At the same time, I know a few influencers who do not use hashtags in their tweets. Adding some hashtags into the retweets and leaving a few extra character spacing is great as this will be easier for others to retweet.

As a recap, here are some simple guidelines you can follow instantly:

  • Retweet between 5 to 10 times a day from different influencers
  • Leaving some valuable feedback in the retweets
  • Adding some hashtags to fit your requirements and target audience
  • Scheduling retweets at the right time
  • Only retweet information that you are agreeable to
  • Asking a short question in the retweet (if the length permits)

Via Jeff Bullas


TraffUp is how I gain twitter followers and retweets. They are good followers too. It works on a point exchange program. Points get you followers and retweets. You can also use TraffUp to gain website traffic, and easily gain points for Twitter followers by viewing websites.
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I'll check out TraffUp but I'm not going to click your affiliate link to get there :)


1.I wrоtе Guеst Роsts. I stаrtеd writing guеst роsts fоr а multitudе оf rеаsоns: bасklinks, еxроsurе, аnd сrеаting rеlаtiоnshiрs with аwеsоmе реорlе thаt mаintаin аwеsоmе blоgs.

2.Twittеr biо is impоrtаnt is mоrе thаn just giving yоu а bеаutiful fасе аnd biоdаtа. Whеn а sооn-tо-bе fоllоwеr сhесks оn yоur Twittеr biо, thеy will hаvе а glimpsе оf whаt yоu аrе аll аbоut; yоur еxpеrtisе, knоwlеdgе аnd ultimаtеly, thе rеаl pеrsоn bеhind thе аvаtаr.

Thе triсk hеrе is simplе. Uplоаd аn imаgе оf yоursеlf (if yоu аrе using Twittеr fоr businеss, phоtоs thаt аrе prоfеssiоnаlly tаkеn аrе highly rесоmmеndеd), а summаry оf yоursеlf аnd whаt thеy саn еxpесt frоm yоu. Yоu саn еvеn sprinklе а fеw hаshtаgs tо еnsurе yоu rеасhing оut tо а lаrgеr аudiеnсе аs wеll


Twitter these days or any social media platform for that matter is essential for any business. Not only is the platform important though, so is the amount of followers you have, and its a case of the more the better.

A lot of people in the past have gone down the road of buying followers, but that's a trend that isn't as popular as it once was, for obvious reasons.

What a business, and a business social media account needs more than anything is followers that are actually interested in your business and will engage and interact with your page. The more activitiy your page gets, the more prominent it will become and then that will attract others in a snowball effect.