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How can we detect fraud traffic and how can we reduce it.

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Deepika Gabani, May 19, 2017.

  1. Deepika Gabani

    Deepika Gabani Affiliate affiliate

    Actually we are working on CPI model. We are having global exclusive and Direct offers, But we can not run it long time, as some of publisher gave us very bad traffic, So would like to improve quality.
    So can you please suggest me how can i get quality and from which kind of publisher we can get 100% quality traffic, Please suggest me some good traffic source also.
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  2. Globaxy
  3. leadpro

    leadpro Affiliate affiliate

  4. pac0s1

    pac0s1 Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey, here are some tips that can help you to detect fraud traffic:
    • Enormously high download rate from one source
    • Over-short period between click and install
    • Identical behaviour patterns for the group of installs (install-opening-action with the same time period or same sequence of in-app actions)
    • Different geos for click and install
    • Bulks: numerous installs from the same device ID or IP address
    • Click IP = Advertiser’s IP
    • Other inconsistencies, e.g. difference between click and install geo, difference between geo of download and app language settings, high install rate at night, etc.
    To prevent fraud, work only with trusted publishers and always measure and control the sources. If you work with networks, choose those who work with anti-fraud systems like Forensiq etc.
  5. seneca

    seneca Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @pac0s1 thanks for that
    it would nice to have list with some networks that have anti-fraud systems (I didnt know about that)
  6. robin65

    robin65 Affiliate affiliate

    Are you asking about fraud traffic in your online product selling? If so, you can take an example from Amazon FBA strategy. Amazon is playing tough with third-party sellers by enforcing protections on a growing list of brands — and restricted categories. Sometimes the Amazon Algorithms also ban genuine products instead of the counterfeiters, retail arbitrage etc. Tools like JungleScout, Sellics, SellerPrime, AmZScout etc help sellers to a great extent, but again it all depends on the right product, pricing, and competition. It would seem Amazon has decided to begin forcing sellers to prove they are authorized to sell branded goods – and to pass along the cost of the policy to the sellers themselves. Now sellers feel Amazon is too quick to suspend business partners, too slow to review appeals and leaves them overwhelmed with inventory they can’t sell.
  7. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Marketplace Seller Coach affiliate

    Set a daily CAP for each affiliate until there traffic quality is reviewed. Also threaten to NOT pay affiliates if it is found that fraud traffic has been used.
  8. Maxxx333

    Maxxx333 Affiliate affiliate

    it's possible by setting a tracking tool!