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How can I get all my affiliates involved?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Management and Recruitment' started by qredmond, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. qredmond

    qredmond New Member

    Sometimes I can get a little stressed out because we have over 2900 affiliates but only a handful are actually doing business. I send out e-mails all the time about our deals and specials and I even try to contact as many as I can personally (not just an e-mail to everyone with the same content) to see how they are doing and what they need from me. But sometimes I still don't get any response from them and don't even know if they get my mail in the first place.
    I just don't understand why they arent excited about making money as a publisher because we (CarDomain) are a big enough company in the Automotive parts and accessories field to have people know who we are.
    What can I do to spark more interest, bring in more affiliates who are willing to take it serious and keep up with them personally? We are a CPA company so some of our options are limited.
    How can I get some of the big names with out spending millions?? How can I get them to open up their mail?
  2. newbidder
  3. LifeofEgypt

    LifeofEgypt New Member

    Most of everyone's affiliates are usually curious, lazy people hoping to find a easy way to make a fast buck. They hate their 40 hours a week of servitude to the company but not nearly enough to bust their rear for anything more.

    Do the "active" affiliates know how to market their products? Is there some kind of training to go with the program?
  4. vickyshecy

    vickyshecy Affiliate affiliate

    Seems we have the same problem. :-(
    But your situation is little better than mine. Our website is quite new. So even though we have a high conversation rate and pay well to our affiliates, we need more time and works to make affiliates know and trust us.

    I am facing the problems of recruiting more affiliates as well as activating our registered affiliates.

    Just as u do, I send our affiliates emails to give them affiliate marketing tips and knowledges and told them if they ask, I'd like to do anything i can to help them earn money from our program but guess what? There is reply of none!

    Are they just giving up after they find that no easy money come by this way? But I can still find many people in different forums who complained that their money, time and energy were wasting on this business and got nothing in it. They asked help in the forums and said they will try any ways to make things better.

    Why don't they just communicate with their affiliate managers and ask how to do? I think affiliate managers will be highly willing to help them get throught this. If they don't, this program really doesn't deserve your hard working!
  5. Dorian

    Dorian Affiliate affiliate

    I would suggest having a weekly or bi-weekly free conference call about all the affiliate information, how easy it can be for them and how they can create income.

    Sometimes you need to build a stronger relationship with some people that email at times does not provide in order to get them to see the big picture.

    I find the best way is to have them dream build! If they can dream build and see exactly what kind of life they want to live in their mind then they will get up and get to it!.

    Hope that helped.
  6. qredmond

    qredmond New Member

    The active affiliates most of them do know how to market their products and I help them with it too by telling them where the ad might get more looks or if they can take a certain product down off their site. It's starting to pick up now and others are starting to get involved.
  7. Profitistic.com

    Profitistic.com New Member

    I am afraid that, as others have said, affiliate inertia can be the nature of the 'affiliate marketing' beast.

    I would also suggest holding regular incentive campaigns and things like prizes to affiliates. Also, try to link this to performance IMPROVEMENTS rather than the level of business that affiliates are generating. If all of your affiliates are constantly improving their commissions, then you are doing well.

    Good luck!
  8. cdorob

    cdorob Affiliate affiliate

    First of all, it would be impossible to get "all" affiliates active. Affiliate Marketing is a 90/10 game, or maybe 99/1.

    I don't think there are some real working solutions to the affiliate involvement issue - and all Affiliate Marketers suffer from it - including myself.

    On the other hand, my previous experience as Affiliate showed me that no matter what the Manager did, I either like it and acted upon it, or completely ignore it (and I ignored it in about 99.9% of cases). Also, I'm still having my affiliate accounts - didn't notice any activity from the Managers to get me back online, so probably even programs that look successful have different degrees of getting affiliates active.

    I think the only affiliates that matter are the affiliates that actually sold something at some point. There is no better incentive to keep affiliates active than the taste and smell of money so I'm actually working more on keeping the active ones happy and bring new ones in the system all the time.

    And even the happy ones don't answer my e-mails all the time! So there is no real complete solutions to it, just various degrees of doing it.
  9. Dar'ya

    Dar'ya Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, boys & girls!!!

    Thank you Quintin for setting such a painful theme for affiliate managers.

    Frankly speaking I have similar situation with more than 95% of my company's affiliates - that is a hard task to involve them in active promotion of our sites.
    And another hard task to make them satisfied with your program during a long period of time.

    I have a good number of newly joined affiliates every month ( more than 500),
    but most of them are just observing the program. So my current task is the same as yours "get some of the big names with out spending millions".

    Has anybody such an experience?

    From my point of view, negotiation with "big names" demands private channels(personal acquaintance), not just e-mail.They are more interested in selling advertising space, but not in being affiliates.

    Thank.you for your comments, guys.

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