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Hi everyone! I'm considering a jump into....


the whole crazy world of affiliate marketing. I've been reading about it, and if it works, it would be very cool for me.

I've bought a few ebooks, one was a waste of money and one is pretty good. I think at least. What do I know??!!!

Anyway, my name is Liesha and I'm a small business owner, part-time student, mom, wife, coach, etc.......

I would like to find a job that is not as physical demanding as my business is right now. I have been looking online for ideas and have seen more "get rich quick" claims than I ever knew existed. I'm considering this as a possibility and I'm going to check out the newbie forums and the other resources this site has to offer.

I guess I'm skeptical. But I'm not afraid of hard work or taking a few risks or chances. I've run my own business for years, so I know it takes work to make money.

I guess I'm anxious to see where this path may lead!



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Welcome to 5 Star, Liesha.

You are doing the right think by checking out the Newbie Affiliate Forum. You will find a lot of very good information there and it won't cost you any money.

The good thing is you can also ask questions. We have a lot of very helpful members.

You business experience will come in handy and should help you.

Yes, affiliate marketing does work but it isn't something in which most people get rich quick. It takes time and work. People shouldn't pay too much attention to those get rich quick claims.