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[Help] Tracking for Facebook - Lander - ClickBank

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Tarun Reddy, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Tarun Reddy

    Tarun Reddy Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Everyone,

    Am overwhelmed seeing the way many affiliate experts helping newbies.
    Thanks a lot for the kind of support.

    Here is where am stuck,

    I did setup tracking URL for the Clickbank offer including the Lander ( Squeeze page ). But once the subscriber lands on thank you page ( presell page for clickbank offer), do i need to use the same tracking link for CTA button on the thank you page?

    Using prosper202 as tracker, please suggest if there is any other tracker which makes this work easy.

    Looking forward for your suggestion,

    Tarun Reddy
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  2. Voluum
  3. Certified
    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

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  4. newlxx

    newlxx Well-Known Member affiliate

    Nope. Not your tracking link.
    You are to use the click url which you get from the "get links" section of campaign setup.

    @Tracking202 can help here?
    I have not used prosper in ages.

    IMO Thrive is definitely a better alternative.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2015
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  5. Hey, Tarun.
    You can try AdsBridge for free.

    If you'll use AdsBridge as your tracker, there will be no such difficulties with lander settings.
    All you need to do - is to place our click URL or CTA button JS to redirect users to your offers finally.
    This URL/JS will pull the offer URL from the campaign automatically


    In case you have more questions, you can register at https://www.adsbridge.com/
    Our professional support team will assist you ASAP.
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  6. Tarun Reddy

    Tarun Reddy Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you. I see that Thrive has trial option. Will definitely try.

    Tried checking their youtube channel. They do have landing pages but struggling to understand how exactly all this tracking works.

    And didn't know they are here. Will definitely contact them.

    Thanks Alex, I see that the starter option is free and also your providing landers is really great.
    Definitely a great option to try.
    And already registered now :) , Going through the user guide. And i see the support is only for paid customers?
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  7. Thanks for joining us, we provide support for all our customers, contact us via email [email protected]
    We will be more than glad to assist you.