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Help choosing traffic sources

You can choose on Digital marketing way for goos HQ traffic
Yup, that's what @Dmytro_H is asking about.

This whole forum is for marketing digitally, in one way or another.

By the way, just wanted to let you know, @Digitalgrowth that you must be an approved resource vendor here before you can promote your company or services. I only say that because I've read your deleted posts. ;) If you want to know how to submit an application, send me a message or start a thread to ask.
Well what i can think its paid ads like facebook ads and google ads but i dont know if people buy roofing services throught ads but who knows maybe if you have an attractive facebook ad people will get it
i dont know if people buy roofing services throught ads
I bought a tear off and reroof from a full page ad in the local newspaper about 12 years ago. Local licensed contractor.
I hired an auto transport company from a Yelp rating that was very positive last Wednesday (interstate long distance shipping).

I would be very leery of a PPC ad in Google.
Angies might be a place to look for a reputable contractor or subcontractor (as a homeowner).
Hi! I a starting affiliate marketing. Can someone help me choose traffic sources to promote roofing services?
But people are lazy and don't do their own research and due diligence. So, I suppose the go-to for a roof job on their home might some bids initiated from search engine ad inquiries.

Something like roofing either evolves an immediate need or in my case a general rehab of an existing property in progress.
I've known a couple of people who've had to get new roofs in the past year. They went to FB and asked their group for recommendations. Both hired roofing contractors from those recommendation.

Maybe social ads, or joining relevant social groups? Just throwing it out there.