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Hellooooo :D
I am really glad to join this forum!! I decided finally to post an Introduction of me :D

I am Ilaria Georges. I work at Digitalraves as an Affiliate Manager, a very potential Network that provides exclusive and direct campaigns to all of our affiliates.
We are very good in the offers of Mobile Subscription- Pin and Click Flow, Binary Crypto and high-quality CPI and CPL.
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Hi, Ilaria and welcome to AffiliateFix! :)

I work at Digitalraves as an Affiliate Manager

Awesome, we love having new networks join us! Please note though, that you cannot promote, recruit or solicit to our members until you apply and get accepted as a verified vendor in our official Resources section. This is not optional.

You can learn more here: Official - How To Get Your Resource Listed | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

The official resource listing is a really good thing. It gives you an increased trust factor and exposure to 94,000+ members.

It's fast, free and easy to apply but don't hesitate to let us know if you need help with your application.

Enjoy the forums, Ilaria!