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    What You Should Know About mVas Offers

    Our smartphones follow us everywhere: we have bank apps, our music apps and online libraries, food delivery and social media all in one place. We surf the internet on our smartphones. Which presupposes we also buy things with our smartphones and subscribe to various services to make our lives...
  2. Ilaria

    Hellooo all! :D

    Hellooooo :D I am really glad to join this forum!! I decided finally to post an Introduction of me :D I am Ilaria Georges. I work at Digitalraves as an Affiliate Manager, a very potential Network that provides exclusive and direct campaigns to all of our affiliates. We are very good in the...
  3. K

    Seeking for Pin Submit, Click flow, MO flow traffic

    Hi, I am direct advertiser developed in house carrier billing offers such as click flow, MO flow, pin submit , seeking for top quality marketing partners or media buyer to promote. Feel free to hit me on skype for further discussion - kimmeng88 Talk soon Cheers, Kim
  4. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything I have a question signup with mundomedia affiliate network?

    I am really interested in sign up with mundomedia affiliate network (specially in mobile). I would like to promote sweepstakes and carrier billing offers through them. is there anyone answer to my questions ? 1. sweepstakes and carrier billing is in which verticals like gaming, gambling ect...
  5. abdellahi

    just spend 6$ and made 54$

    hi for the past 3 day's i was testing some mobile Pin submit offers and one offer is doing very well: i only spend $6.17 profit :$48.18 :)
  6. T

    Promote mobile CPI offers on Airpush

    I've just started to promote mobile CPI offers on Mobile Advertising Networks. The first network I selected is Airpush. After finishing all campaign's set up, my campaign got rejected with the Reason: "Unable to get the desired landing page. Please provide a screenshot of the landing page along...
  7. hedingtonscott

    Mobile Landing Page Help

    Hi guys, So after a few weeks of researching and getting certain things setup, I have decided to focus on running mobile content offers. I've signed up to Adplexity to find out what other people are running and how they're running it. However, I've run into a bit of a problem, and I'm hoping...
  8. TOuMii

    CPA ( Pin Submit ) Re-Brokering

    Hello Guys :) Is there anyOne who is Rebrokering Pin Submit offers ? If Yes please Leave the advertising network on comment ! I appreciate every answer ;)
  9. S

    Mobile pops with pin submits/sweeps - Determined to make this work

    Hi everyone, After a few rough starts and negative roi campaigns, I've decided to post a follow along as I try to get some conversions and hopefully a positive ROI. I'll try to be as specific as possible about my campaign stats and I hope some of the more experienced members here can help me...
  10. Iraklee

    Buying Traffic 22 FRESH, DIRECT Pin-Submit Offers

    My Friends, I've had a good hunting last week and would like to share my trophies with you. Fresh pin-submits directly from content providers! No crazy redirected chains, offers are opening and converting very fast. All of them have creatives and modern style landing pages. Enjoy your meal...
  11. Benrefaat

    Pin Submit Offers and facebook problem

    Hey Affiliates How can I promote pin submit offers on facebook without problems? I know that facebook want me to write in the landing page copy that this service cost! But when I think about it, The conversion rate will be very low. What can I do to solve this problem? and what super...
  12. Jungletap

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPA traffic (for pin submit and 1-click-flow offers)

    Hello guys! We are loooking for CPI and CPA traffic - for pin submit and 1-click-flow offers. The best offers at the best rates are waiting for you. Please conctact us if interested. Skype: margo.jungletap
  13. Affiliateaspirant

    Best traffic networks for mobile Pin submit

    Hi All, Do anyone know the best and good performing traffic networks for Mobile PIN submit offers.
  14. I

    Looking For Direct PIN-submit/mobile subscription advertiser

    Hey guys, I'm a direct advertiser and I'm looking for direct publishers who can deliver PIN-submit/mobile subscription traffic for the following GEOs: - AU - NL - TH - RS - UK - MY - SG I can give you 30%+ higher payouts than the ones you are getting from the affiliate networks. Please feel...
  15. Illuminatix

    IPhone 6 Giveaway Pin Submit + Airpush Traffic

    Hi... Im realy interested to test more about IPhone 6 Giveaway Pin Submits for specific countries and try with Airpish traffic source so my question is: Whats the best angle for promoting this kind of offers with airpush traffic? I see much potential with Abstract and Rich media type so want to...
  16. IronMan

    Which Country Convert Great For Pin Submit Offers ?

    :fix: Hello Everyone , i want to know that , Which Country Convert Great For Pin Submit Offers ? means , which country convert easily for pin submit offers Sorry for my Bad English :ninja: