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  1. ayoub barghizi

    Google and Facebook For CPA Campaign ?

    Hi I have seen in most groups saying google and Facebook ads accounts are closed with CPA campaign Why is that? Is the cause of the problem in a CPA offer? Or advertising policies? What about your experiences
  2. Chris CpaHall

    Affiliate Manager at CpaHall Affiliate Network

    Trying our best to take affiliate marketing to the advanced level
  3. Ilaria

    Hellooo all! :D

    Hellooooo :D I am really glad to join this forum!! I decided finally to post an Introduction of me :D I am Ilaria Georges. I work at Digitalraves as an Affiliate Manager, a very potential Network that provides exclusive and direct campaigns to all of our affiliates. We are very good in the...
  4. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Trading EDU offer for USA

    HI, Folks!;) Nowhere to get US traffic? :D Jump on this amazing launch- went live today! :cool::cool: Crypto trading Edu beautiful offer! US accepted! Its the CPA deal guys, no prepay. All kinds of traffic even the incentivized one. Talk to me for more details My skype :affiliatefix: asudjan
  5. Helen Wingoads

    Announcement Get 25$ bonus with Wingoads!

    Hey guys, we have fantastic news for you! Our prepayment amount was melted to 25$ for all media buyers. Moreover, you will get 25$ bonus! Make a deposit and become a part of Wingofamily;) Skype - affiliatewingoads E-mail -
  6. Liean070

    Peerfly with popads traffic

    Hi I want to promote peerfly offers with popads traffic. Anyone help me which offers I pick and can I earn good money with popads traffic. Thank you
  7. Victor Lebed

    Young and extremely abmitious traffic seeker :)

    Hi everyone! :) I hope that each of you is having a great day! My name is Victor, and I'm keen on marketing. I'm excited to meet new people here and will be extremely glad to work with CPI/CPA traffic sellers :) Besides, I'm a huge fan of music and football - so if you're tired from work, I...
  8. PerformOneSam

    New to this site!

    Hi everyone, New to this site but been in the affiliate and performance world since 2009! sam
  9. D


    Hi,I am Doris Tang, the Affiliate manager from Witemedia. Our company is based in China, we have many good direct CPA,CPL offers with good CR and PO.
  10. Cpadaniel

    Introducing My Self

    Hello, I am Daniel a freelancer on Fiverr but willing to venture into CPA offers. I really don't know much about CPA or Affiliate marketing. Willing to connect with anyone here on affiliateFix.
  11. Daniel AdsMarkets


    Best offers and best conditions for you. All high quality analysis tools are giving you a flexibility in setting up advertising campaigns. Now you don`t need to think how to increase a convertion rate of your traffic - we will do it for you! Our smart and innovate technologies + your traffic =...
  12. FXORO Affiliates

    Buying Traffic Promote Forex/CFDs. Up to $1,000 CPA. Licensed Broker! Clear Terms!

    FXORO Forex, CFD traffic. Using our compliant Landing Pages and materials. Licensed broker. AMs with over 5 years sales experience. No prepayment for leads - performance CPA. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information or to ask HOW...
  13. FXORO Affiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Promote Forex/CFDs. No middleman-Licensed Broker. Up to $1,000 CPA

    FXORO Forex, CFD traffic. Binary test also acceptable. Licensed broker. AMs with over 5 years sales experience. No prepayment for leads - CPA. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information or to ask HOW TO REGISTER contact us on...
  14. Farazdaq

    ROI & ROAS

    Hello, I want to clear the terms of ROI and ROAS, what is exactly the both and how do advertisers count it and on what basis it can be declared as a profitable one or a loss. Thanks
  15. Alex_Chess

    Offer Wanted Calling all FOREX BROKERS

    Guys, if u are an affiliate manager of a Forex company, talk to me asap! We are the Gods of binary, wanna pick up Forex vertical as well. Talk to me on skype: asudjan p.s. In binary, we provide 15-20 ftd`s a month.
  16. Farazdaq

    CPA Information ?

    For CPA campaigns i need to know so queries and i want to know for CPA campaigns which carrier can be applied and also i would like to know about the Flow and 1 click, 2 click campaigns for which it is useful and the defination for all will be useful.
  17. Achyuta Nand Chand

    Looking For CPA mobile content traffic

    My name is Achyuta Nand Chand and I'm an Affiliate Manager at Avazu, Avazu is a brand under the international Internet Group Avazu Holding. Founded in 2009, with its headquarter in Shanghai, Avazu has established offices in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Being a...
  18. Master Mind Secrets

    What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?

    Hello, i Have a simple question about promoting CPA Bizz Opp and Make Money Online offers, and i want to know What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?
  19. Suman Thapa

    Maxbounty Promoting Ideas Needed

    Hi Everyone , i am new on Maxbounty and i want to promote some good survey offers i have tried to promote via my website and divert traffics from facebook group/twitter/instagram/youtube but i can't get much clicks and leads so far.. please can anyone guide me some basic tips for promoting these...
  20. MithunRoy


    Can anybody tell me how can I promote cpa offers through website?