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Hello all!


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Please allow me to introduce myself (yes, I know it's a clich?...) I am a Cybrarian.
I?ve been lurking for a couple of days and this seems like a pretty helpful forum.
I?ve been working with SEO for some time now and what I found that whenever I needed to find a certain term or a tool I have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of pages of useless information before I can get to anything remotely related to SEO.
So I decided to do a little project for myself and my friends ? Cyber Library or Cybrary ? a place that will make it easier for anyone to access the SEO related information without too much digging.
So, if you guys, know of any useful tools or books or anything else that you found helpful when you did your last SEO project, please let me know, and I?ll be happy to include into the Cybrary. The Cybrary is free and open for everyone to comment or submit new terms, tools, and favorite books, etc. ? basically anything related to SEO.
Thanks, for your awesome forum. BTW ? I?ve been able to get a lot of valuable information already from you guys! In turn, I'll try to get in where I fit in and share as much information as I have. :)


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Cybrarian, it is much better to be a member than a lurker because members can participate in what is happening. It is good to have you as a 5 Star member.

5 Star is a friendly community, and you have said this is an awesome forum. That is a good thing to hear (or read).

I am glad that 5 Star has already provided you with some valuable information and that you are going to provide information to 5 Star members and visitors.


I didn't see a link to your Cybrary. I'd be interested is seeing it and maybe adding to it too.

Good luck to you