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[GUIDE] Tips on How to Make a High Quality GMail/Youtube Accounts

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by juzlee, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. juzlee

    juzlee Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I've been doing Youtube since I was a beginner in CPA/Affiliate Marketing and tru my experience I've observed that the more HQ your gmail/youtube account is, the more chances of your account not getting banned for the long term.

    On the first 20 youtube accounts I made when I'm still a newbie they are all instantly banned even tho I did not upload any videos and I start to wonder how can I avoid this kind of thing so I researched a lot about youtube and after learning alot of things the nmber of my accounts being deleted are reduced significantly. I tried to make 30 accounts last year on a span of 1 week and until now there are atleast 20 accounts up and running my videos.

    Rule #1. Never ever buy YOUTUBE/GMAIL ACCOUNTS!
    I've already tried buying accounts from different sellers offering HQ account etc etc. but ONE THING I learned is that you are the only one that can make sure your accounts are really HQ.

    Rule #2: Make sure you use PROXIES while making the account
    Even free proxies work, they are a bit slow but if you are tight on budget then you can use free proxies. You can make multiple accounts on the same IP and when Google starts to notify you that you can't make an account on the same country/IP then that's the time you will change proxies.

    Rule #3:
    Maximum of 2 ACCOUNTS per SIM/PHONE number
    Based on my experience the maximum safe number a single SIM/PHONE can handle is 2. Exceeding the maximum number may result in all the accounts associated with that number being banned.

    Rule #4:
    Wait at least 5 - 30 minutes before making another account.
    Don't hurry in making accounts. Take a break before making another.

    Rule #5: Make it a bit NATURAL.
    After making an account you should at least watch 1 full video in youtube, subscribe in at least 10 channels ,like at least 5 random videos and comment in at least 3 videos. It doesn't hurt to make your accounts a bit natural.

    Rule #6: Don't make IDENTICAL emails.
    This is a must! Never ever make identical emails just for the sake of making it easy to remember. Youtube is good at banning mass accounts if they caught that all of the emails you made are identical.

    These are the main rules I follow. There are still many rules to be followed but ill only show the main rules I really put in m mind when making youtube accounts. Remember that the key for your videos to last long is making an HQ and NATURAL looking accounts. Enjoy
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  3. djfixer

    djfixer Affiliate affiliate

    So this is sort of Blackhat too. Anyways, thanks for this information. Very helpful.