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    Review Main mistakes in running Facebook ads

    We've rounded up the top mistakes that affiliates make when launching Facebook ads. Before launching your ads, check your ad campaign with the blocks below. Wrong budget allocation Before launching large-scale ad campaigns, test the effectiveness of your ad on a small audience with a small...
  2. L


    Hello guys! I am Linh, I have senior advertising account from google and facebook - Processing time is faster, approving ads easier - Reach is higher than the personal accounts - High trust level to Facebook - Unlimited to spend money - Good for blackhat, cloaking, traffic, affiliate, news, skin...
  3. Koro

    Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

    I have many very interesting SMM things like Facebook acs, followers, likes, shares Instagram acs, followers, views YouTube acs, likes, subs. And many etc thithin. So can i sell something of this?
  4. lynn411

    Hello! I'm an Account Manager from 411 Affiliate Network.

    Hey Affiliate Fix Community! :affiliatefix: I'm Lynn, an account manager from 411 Affiliate Network located in the heart of Las Vegas. So yes, we're the funnest network there is! :p A little bit about me.... I love sushi, having fun, stashing cheese whiz in my desk, and I love love love making...
  5. Jennifer Weston

    How to publish 2 affiliate program in a affiliate network?

    I have a problem about whether I can publish 2 different website's affiliate program in a affiliate network same account? like shareasale. kind friend,pl.
  6. juzlee

    [GUIDE] Tips on How to Make a High Quality GMail/Youtube Accounts

    Hello, I've been doing Youtube since I was a beginner in CPA/Affiliate Marketing and tru my experience I've observed that the more HQ your gmail/youtube account is, the more chances of your account not getting banned for the long term. On the first 20 youtube accounts I made when I'm still a...
  7. x3m

    Facebook account help

    Looking someone to help me with facebook account setup, cloackers, rotating IPs and other stuff to successfully run ads.