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Announcement Get 20£ advertising traffic on Widetraffic

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by FIlippo Meneghello, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Advertisers, affiliate managers and ad networks this is a great opportunity: get 20£ banner advertising traffic for free!

    Just follow these simple steps:
    1 Create an advertiser account in Widetraffic and in less than 24h we will deposit 20£
    2 Create your campaign, select the GEO and upload your banners
    3 We will review your campaign and optimize it
    4 If we like it we will approve it

    Just few examples:
    - You can create CPC or CPM campaigns from 0,01. You can also combine CPC with CPM creating hybrid programs
    - You can create CPL and CPS campaigns

    Widetraffic ad network is constantly espanding and now reaches more than 500K impressions per day with publishers in all geos.

    Looking forward to see you in the network
    Widetraffic Team
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  2. Voluum
  3. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    It's a great opportunity of us. I have just created an account. How could I get 20£?
  4. Hi there. Merchant, advertiser and affiliate managers will get 20£ as credit on their account in 24-48H since their signup.

    Widetraffic Team
  5. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you Widetraffic I got my 20£ for Free advertising. Actually I got 27.54£. Do you have any tutorial how do I set up my first campaign? I want to promote ClickBank product and my niche is MMO.
  6. The advertiser platform is self service, self expanatory, and easy to use. Just follow the instructions provided:
    - create your campaign, set your terms and conditions and select your GEOs
    - upload min 3 banners (only gif, jpeg and flash are accepted) and your landing page
    - Create a CPC, CPM, CPL or CPS commissions for your affiliates.

    If you have issues open a ticket and we will be able to support you!

    Widetraffic Team
  7. TrafficBroker

    TrafficBroker Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Do your network deal in all niche or any specific one?
  8. imarketer

    imarketer Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting deal . Registered and looking around.
    btw see a kind of mistake. As I'm from russia, on the Campaign setup page I see "Max expense per day (RUB) " and in account settings there are dollars/pounds/euro. I think RUB is not needed there, as other currencies except "system".
  9. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I've signed up but it doesn't accept deep-linking? But only for Top Level Domain?
  10. Sorry for the late replay. About the first question: We deal with many niches according to google adsense principles. So we don'taccept xxx advertisement, violent, antiracial, discriminatory...

    About the second issue; we work in British pounds, but the system can also be set in Dollars and Euros

    About the third issue we don't accept deep linking but jut top domains!

    Thanks for your interest
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