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  1. Johnathanji

    Affiliate marketing tool

    What kind of tools you use for affiliate marketing.
  2. N

    Ever received anything for free on the internet that really had value?

    Hello people. I always see many people offering things for 'free'. in the end it always costs money. Have you ever received anything for free on the internet that really had value?
  3. A

    Ask Me Anything FREE LANDING PAGE!

    Just thought I would share a landing page that converts well and can be edited to suit your campaign. It's for the weight loss niche, I found it converted well with low cost weight loss products, through push ads surprisingly. Edits can be made if you want to comply with certain ad networks...
  4. MarketCall

    Official Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads.

    Hey affiliates! Marketcall has launched educational program for newbie affiliates. Our Learn & Earn Program provides video guides and personal support from our managers to help you make first steps in Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. All participants will get access to Marketcall dashboard...
  5. Niki Gray

    *FREE* Hot Casino Landers | Visto

    Get Free top 5 landers ✨Casino vertical✨ You can click the image to get more insights Visto, new social Ads Spy Tool and you get 100% Free access If you sign up with coupon code: AFFILIATEFIX
  6. Honeybadger

    Write better headlines with this free tool

    Can you improve this headline? I scored 86/100 Try it: No affiliation, just sharing
  7. Honeybadger

    10 places to find free images online

    List of 10 places to find free images, graphics and photographs for commercial use on affiliate marketing websites, with no fees. Friends - Got 5,000 friends on Facebook? See if they have an image for you. Your Smartphone - Have you taken a photo yourself that you can use? Wikipedia &...
  8. Aditya007

    [GET] Free VPS for 1 year

    Hello everyone, Atlantic is offering 1 year of free VPS (Virtual private server) with the following specs: Plan name: G2.1GB 1GB RAM 1 vCPU 40GB SSD Space 3 TB Bandwidth Some important points: Location: The server location can be US/UK/CA, one should choose the location, most of their...
  9. I

    Free YouTube views

    Does anybody know how to get free YouTube views? Or 10k free views
  10. Habib3535

    Free Article Directory Sites List

    Free Article Directory Sites List is very helpful for all webmaster and affiliate marketer. With an article directory, you can make a good valuable backlink for free. And this backlink is quality backlink so you will get a good domain authority. There are huge free article directories are online...
  11. Ludovic Vuillier

    Event Would this event interest you?

    Hello, I have a very extensive background in sales and negotiations and was thinking of creating we free webinar for you guys on how to improve your sales and negotiations abilities (in other words, being better at effective communication). Is this something you guys would be interested in? If...

    2001 Greatest Headlines Ever Written

    I am not a content expert. That's why i need this, I hope this will be helpful for all fellow Members.. :) (Please advise me if i have posted this in a wrong section) Download Link: * Downloads not allowed * EDIT: Virus Total Link of the File (not the URL) VirusTotal * Links removed by...
  13. E

    New Free wordpress plugin to create product review pages with data pulled from Amazon, eBay and YouT

    I've created a free WordPress plugin to create posts with multiple products. Given the Amazon URL, it pulls products data, find prices in eBay, reviews from YouTube and creates a post ready instantly. Ideal to create product comparison posts like "best <product category> of <period>" or "best...
  14. Bloody Tourist

    FREE crypto trading video course

    Hey Fixers, A buddy of mine recently launched his 100% free crypto trading video course on youtube. There's a lot of crappy courses out there by people who have no clue what they're doing and still charge hundreds of dollars. This dude was fed up with that BS and decided to pass his knowledge...
  15. René Wagner

    Free Tracking Tools?

    Hi guys, Im a newbie in CPA-Marketing and i have a question, are there any tracking tools, wich are for free? I dont want to pay for tools in the begining. Im happy for every answer. Thanks alot. (Sorry for my bad english im from germany)
  16. P

    Increase your sales or leads

    Hello, I like to know if you are giving away bonus to your affiliate if they signed up to you or purchase a product... As for me, I give them a vacation incentive for free... What giveaway do you give?
  17. P

    Hello Friends

    Hello Everyone, So excited to be here. I'm in the program called advertising bait. We give away UNLIMITED vacations incentive... Want to know how we do it or interested? Please put your comment below. Or I can give you a taste of free vacation. Either you want Mexico, Australia, Thailand or in...
  18. Akeentech

    How I earn my free bitcoin

    *HOW I EARN MY BITCOIN* So, im constantly earning some bitcoins with these 2 website, one of them is instant withdraw, the other is almost always instant withdraw These days Bitcoin is one of the quickest developing and very trustable digital money. I would recommend you guys check out both...
  19. violet

    Announcement Do you want a Free Web Designs?

    Just refer 3 clients and you'll get a page design... FOR FREE! OR Avail my special promo, for as low as $50, you can have a professionally made designs.. You can find my resources here Dont hesitate to message me if you have any questions or concern..
  20. thehustler

    Not getting any conversions

    Hello, I need some help on getting conversions. Things I am doing - 1) I'm promoting ClickBank products with gravities above 70 in all but I'm NOT getting any conversions. However, the hop impressions are around 65, 88, 45, 55, 31, 70 etc and only made two sales in these 2 months. (Screenshot...