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Fraudster Adsimilis refuse to pay

Discussion in 'Disputes and Resolutions' started by Oliver Pedro, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Oliver Pedro

    Oliver Pedro Affiliate affiliate

    I worked full month ,in last days of month,Fraud compay Adsimilis want to steal my earnings.They hacked my computer which is illegal altough I use panda internet security ,in skype call they want I click bing adcenter webpage.

    [13:02:34] Oliver Pedro: hello
    [13:02:51] Oliver Pedro: My traffic is not fraud
    [13:03:37] Oliver Pedro: How you say advertiser flagged
    [13:03:42] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): how did you promote this one? Sidesprang SOI [NO]
    [13:03:56] Oliver Pedro: I buy traffic from Bing
    [13:04:07] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): send me the screenshot from bing
    [13:05:00] Oliver Pedro: Let me take photo
    [13:27:47] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): and?
    [13:29:40] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): it does not say anywhere it is Sidesprang offer
    [13:30:37] Oliver Pedro: I buy traffic from Bing , it is general
    [13:31:03] Oliver Pedro: In Bing you cant say I buy traffic for sidesprang
    [13:31:10] Oliver Pedro: It is general traffic
    [13:31:41] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): but u can name the campaign in the bing
    [13:32:10] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): can u confirm the validity of the screenshot in skype call?
    [13:32:18] Oliver Pedro: I didnt do that , it is not necessarily
    [13:32:44] Oliver Pedro: why not
    [13:33:02] Oliver Pedro: I confirm in the screenshot
    [13:33:44] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): need to confirm that this screenshot is valid in the skype call
    [13:34:23] Oliver Pedro: in Skype call what will you ask?
    [13:34:33] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): to share your scree
    [13:34:33] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): n
    [13:34:51] Oliver Pedro: ok call me
    [13:35:08] *** Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis) arıyor ***
    [13:36:25] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): +
    [13:38:40] *** Çağrı sonlandırıldı, süre 03:32 ***
    [13:39:01] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): your acc gets banned
    [13:39:28] Oliver Pedro: You must pay my revenue then you can ban
    [13:39:41] Oliver Pedro: hacking is illegal
    [13:39:55] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): dude i just asked to share your screen
    [13:39:58] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): it is not hacking
    [13:40:03] Oliver Pedro: you make criminal problem
    [13:40:13] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): so if you refuse to do that your acc gets banned
    [13:40:14] Oliver Pedro: I only send you photo screenshot
    [13:40:53] Oliver Pedro: In Skype call I dont click anywhere,if I click anywhere you will hack my computer
    [13:41:24] Oliver Pedro: I have Panda Internet security ,You cant enter my computer
    [13:41:34] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): your acc is down
    [13:41:47] Oliver Pedro: You will pay this
    [13:41:51] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): till you confirm that sreenshot is valid the payment is not issued
    [13:41:59] Oliver Pedro: You will pay my revenue
    [13:42:42] Oliver Pedro: screenshot is valid
    [13:42:57] Oliver Pedro: You cant say it is not valid
    [13:43:02] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): so proove, share your sreen and we are good
    [13:43:23] Oliver Pedro: I dont allow you enter my computer
    [13:43:34] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): not entering your computer
    [13:43:40] Oliver Pedro: I have businees
    [13:43:56] Oliver Pedro: Your doing is not legal
    [13:44:14] Oliver Pedro: You can go to Jail by hacking computers
    [13:44:25] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): ok, you have been identified as fraud and you refuse to prove you are not fraud
    [13:45:00] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): let me know when you are good to share the screen to confirm that screenshot
    [13:45:02] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): cheers
    [13:45:54] Oliver Pedro: I dont refuse screenshot , you are fraudster
    [13:46:58] Oliver Pedro: Netherlands laws are strict you can go to Jail
    [13:47:28] Oliver Pedro: I proove that my screenshot is legal , you cant enter anybodys computer.
  2. newbidder
  3. Oliver Pedro

    Oliver Pedro Affiliate affiliate

    They banned my account.Continued talking :

    [14:15:29] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): here is the proof from the advertiser
    [14:15:30] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): 2015-08-27_1315 - lanradeon's library
    [14:16:02] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): Passwords and IP address clearly look they they have been generated via a script. the similarity in password is just to obvious.
    [14:16:18] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): your acc is down already
    [14:16:47] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): and i ask again, you refuse to prove via shared screen the screenshot from bing?
    [14:17:24] Oliver Pedro: it is not script , people can write stronger passwords
    [14:17:51] Oliver Pedro: Shared screenshot is not legal
    [14:17:57] Vladimir Rusyaev (Adsimilis): ok
    [14:19:45] Oliver Pedro: I have personal files in my computer , strong password is good everyone , My traffic is legal.You banned my account.You must pay my revenue.
  4. sickness

    sickness Affiliate affiliate

    Adsimilis did the right thing. You sent in fraud traffic.
  5. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    You should be thankful to adsimilis that, they showed you the proof what went wrong. Generally every network dont do that. From the screensshot of vladimir, it seems like all the leads have similar pattern of password and IP. And sharing screen isn't hacking FYI :D . I think adsimilis made the right move.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  6. artie7

    artie7 Affiliate affiliate

    Agree, affiliates doing this BS just make the networks and advertisers jobs difficult, and people entering the business have more obstacles to getting approvals... its just not ethic...

  7. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I never know why fraudsters try and out a network publicly on the forums when they are in the wrong....
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  8. Vladimir Rusyaev

    Vladimir Rusyaev Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everybody, this is Vlad from Adsimilis.

    @Oliver, you refused to prove that Bing screenhot is valid and it took you way too much time to send it. It is another red flag for me. The report sent by our advertiser shows that the leads driven by you were manipulated. Moreover, nobody is hacking your computer, I just needed to see that Bing campaign in real time. Nothing more.

    @To all of you guys, thanks for the feedback in this thread.

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  9. hansm

    hansm Affiliate affiliate

    Readed the chat, in my eyes you not asking anything weird, regarding netherlands, he is wrong too, a company can ask for real proof, if he is not willing to provide that, it is his problem, so banning him is correct, we in a world full of fraud aswell, just was reading a article about 2$ trillion fraud regarding bots.
  10. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hacking computer using skype screen share? :D Haha
  11. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    I can't believe these guys...

    Adsimilis is a legit network, and Vladimir is right. Nobody was hacking anything LOL. Can't believe how many guys doing shady or ilegal stuff have the guts to come and complain when they get banned.
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  12. Oliver Pedro

    Oliver Pedro Affiliate affiliate

    @vladimir I proved my screenshot that it is valid , I sent you photo.Why do you want to see that in real time ? I have personal files on my computer ,I dont want anybody enters my computer.My business is not fraud ,I am a legit publisher.You dont have right to enter my computer.In cpa world , other network owner scammers request publisher's Bing username and password ,They want to see their dashborad but this is a security problem.Entering publishers computer,requesting bing password is not legal.By entering computer Scammer companies store publishers credit cards,store personal files.If want to do legal business you must obey security.Netherlands laws are strict you commit crime.I dont allow you to enter my computer for security reasons.Advertisers pay you for my legit traffic but you refuse to share with publishers, If you say advertiser didnt pay this is scam.They payed you.I waiting my payment on 15th.
  13. Vladimir Rusyaev

    Vladimir Rusyaev Affiliate affiliate

    Nobody is hacking your computer. You sent fraud traffic. Refused to confirm the validity of that screenshot. Period.
  14. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Oliver Pedro sharing screen on skpe isn't illegal and not a crime. Screenshot can be photoshopped and you can manipulate them in anyway you want. As a network representative they do have the right to ask you to prove the authenticity of the screenshot by showing it over skype/teamviewer. If you call adsimilis a scam network then i am sorry to say, but you wont be working with better CPA networks in future. For your information maximum company wont even tell you why you were banned in the first place. They gave you a chance to prove your innocence and you denied to show them the authenticity of your screenshot. So they have banned you. As you don't wanna co-operate then why should they?
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  15. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    :D Dear, you should have allowed him to, enter your computer. After all you have Panda internet security. By the way, I think you mishandled with this issue and yourself provided them with a very strong reason to ban your account.

    By the way, its hard for me to believe that the above transcript involves a person, intended to earn money through internet or affiliate marketing! I have strong feelings that it is something planted by Adsimilis... to justify their past or some upcoming "blocks". Because, I cant expect such things from an ordinary computer literate person even....

    @Vladimir Rusyaev , your thoughts on this dear..?
  16. Vladimir Rusyaev

    Vladimir Rusyaev Affiliate affiliate

    guys, we are speaking about skype share screen, jesus...
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  17. Convert2Ryan

    Convert2Ryan Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    LOL @Vladimir Rusyaev

    Adsimilis is one of the most legit networks in our industry backed by great people who are trustworthy and 100% legit. I've known these guys and worked with them for over 6 years. 100% Adsimilis and Vlad did absolutely nothing wrong and everything right to protect their advertiser in this situation.

    This entire post is a crock of shit imo and OP should be booted from AffiliateFix for slander and wrongful acquisitions. Another red flag...OP has 3 total messages/posts on this forum which for me is just further solidifying his lack of authenticity.

    Approved for denial. Move on bud.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2015
  18. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    I think they're hoping public pressure will force them to pay. A form of reputation blackmail, perhaps?
    JakeMA likes this.
  19. Oliver Pedro

    Oliver Pedro Affiliate affiliate

    @Vladimir Rusyaev while we are on skype ,I sent you screenshot but you requested that I login Bing dashboard click it. How can you see my Bing dashboard? How can that happen ? I dont use tamviewer, you didnt say teamviewer , you wanted to hack my computer , you said on skype click Bing. Dont fool people. You are thief.
  20. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This might give you an understanding of what skype screen share actually is lol Screen Sharing | Skype

    YOU control what is shown. Vlad would NOT be able to hack your computer or click where he wants. This is to prove your not a fraudster and can prove the validity of your 'screen shot' The fact you don't want to do this shows you have something to hide. Any legit affiliate would happily clear their name

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