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Forum Audio Voice Test - Podcast RePlays

Linda Buquet

Due to carpal tunnel and the fact that for some questions I feel like I need to almost write a book to answer them... I'm toying with the idea of adding voice replies to some of my forum posts.

What do you think? Would you sometimes like to hear me explain things instead of just reading text?

So here's one I just want to test. May add more or if you guys know of a good easy free voice plug-in let me know.

This one is from Odeo. This particular podcast is Jeff Molander's Weekly update from March 23rd centering around Google CPA

<embed src="" quality="high" width="322" height="54" name="odeo_player_black" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"flashvars="type=audio&id=10884493" pluginspage="" /></embed><br /><a style="font-size: 9px; padding-left: 110px; color: #f39; letter-spacing: -1px; text-decoration: none" href="">powered by <strong>ODEO</strong></a>​

Linda Buquet

Now I would not have the fancy schmancy music that makes it sound like a radio show
and would not be nearly as polished as Mr. Molander is.

It would be just plain ole me talking as if we were in person and you asked me a question.

There would be ums and ahs and "opps I can't believe I said that" moments.
It would be me, raw, live... :p

Well you get the picture or hear my thread right?

What say you???