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Follow Form from Ad to Native Content

Discussion in 'Native Ads' started by T J Tutor, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    First, let's be sure to know what a native ad is by definition:

    "Paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed". (Source: Sharethrough)

    In other words, it is a blended into the content of the page the user is experiencing. This requires the marketer to provide a content experience for the user, or visitor. This isn't new, it's a practice which has enjoyed decades of success. What we need to understand is that we as marketers must develop the skill sets to be able to provide content that is important, valid, current, and interesting to those we attract to our pages. This starts with the ad! This is a huge point that the majority of native advertisers forget, or have not learned. The content must reflect the ad. The two must follow the same form. Everytime!

    So, let's talk about form. The form of your enticement on an ad platform must follow through to the form on the arrival page your ad leads to. This has been proven time and time again by the top native ad marketers. You see, while you think that only the content of your native ads is necessary to follow a form, the truth is you need to have the same form throughout the Native Ad Funnel. I'll demonstrate the difference and then we'll talk more about the content itself.

    The following two images demonstrate the arrival page follows the form of the ad. This is important because users expect, want to see, an extension of what they clicked on.

    On Facebook:

    On The Host Page:

    This demonstrates clearly how to follow form from your ad to the hosted native content.

    Note: Reading about the Persado Software is worth your time. I suggest you get a set of brains on what it has developed as a software and the reasoning and development of cognitive content and how it will be the next step of native advertising.

    So, in summary, be sure you make your ads, all of your traffic enticements, reflect the content to which the traffic is delivered.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent case study and thanks for learning some basic things about native ads. What I have seen in my advertising experience anything starts with a question will defiantly increase the CTR rates. For example: "Looking for the job?"
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  4. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Awesome post, @T J Tutor !

    If anyone needs to see a live example, they only have to go as far as the news sites: Yahoo, MSN, etc. Lots of 'em, especially on the yahoo page. Look for the little nearly invisible Sponsored Ad somewhere on the thumbnail.

    The explosive resurgence of native ads, along with the automated copywriting software (yay!) you mention sounds like a marriage made in marketing heaven to me! My first thought in reading your post was that I could be wayyyy more productive. Oh, and profitable. Let's not forget profitable. :)
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