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Final Job Interview tomorrow need advice


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Hi Everyone,
I have a third and final interview for an affiliate manager position with a fairly large e-tailer and I don't know what to expect. They obviously like me, but I have never managed an affiliate program before and I know they would like to find someone with experience. Based on all that I know about the company and the history of the position I think if I do well tomorrow I'll get it, but I was hoping someone might stop in and offer some advice. What should I make sure to highlight to the COO in my interview tomorrow? What do you think he wants to see/hear from me?
Thank you in advance, if I get the job I'll make sure to return the favor here on the forums.

Linda Buquet

Hi Philosophian,

I've been coaching you by phone and PM about this job. I really think you've done all you can to set yourself up in a positive light. I think if it's meant to be you'll get it. 3rd interview is a pretty strong sign! Congrats!

Best of Luck!

Anyone have any tips for Philosophian?


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Thank you Linda

I just wanted to publicly thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone. After speaking with you I definitely felt more confident going in to the first Interview and I think that confidence contributed greatly to getting me this far. I'll be sure to post back and let everyone know how it turns out. I leave in about 1.5 hours so if anyone posts before I leave I'll be checking. Wish me luck everybody :)


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I didn't get the job

They had me come back yesterday for a third interview during which they shared with me that they had a candidate who had been running an affiliate program even larger than theirs (which is already several million at least) and I found out today that they are going with the experienced candidate. While I am disappointed, the entire experience was a positive one and I feel good to be finally getting back in the game. I think the CEO wanted me as he came right out and told me the other guy didn't have a lot of the qualities I possess not the least of which is intellect, but the decision was the director's whom was leaning toward the experienced candidate. I respect the man for letting the hiring manager make the decision, but I know from experience that the best business leaders lean towards hiring the brightest not the most experienced and for all I know about this company and this position specifically I think they made the wrong choice. Oh well, I left it cordial.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!