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Feedback on plan

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Adam Greenwood, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Adam Greenwood

    Adam Greenwood Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to affiliate marketing. Just signed up a couple of days ago, and have been lurking since then.

    I'm an experienced media buyer, and just looking to plunge into the affiliate side of things.
    My strength is in display mainly, although I've done mobile and pops. I really don't know much about search or Facebook.

    I'm planning on using my own service as a test drive. I review screenplays as a hobby, and I'd like to make some money off of it.

    I'd like to run display but not sure how to get access to the big DSP's as an individual. I've only done it through the agencies. The smaller players really don't have very good targeting options.

    This is my plan.

    1) Buy site registration and hosting for pre-sale page and full site.
    2) Design specs for pre-sale page and full site.
    3) Get 3rd party to build pre-sale (using Freelancer). Cost: $30 and full site: Cost $100.
    4) Conversion goal is simply to get them to send me an email requesting info/services.
    5) Write text for banner and develop keyword list. (screenplay contests, screenplay format etc)
    6) Buy highly targeted search traffic (Bing) only for my region - spend $20/day.

    Hopefully, this will generate some requests for me to review screenplays.
    I'm also trying to mirror this, so that if it works, I can expand it to CPA offers.

    Once I get to that stage, I have about $5000 to play with, and am using the same basic model as what I'm doing here.

    Any advice? Thanks a lot. This forum looks amazing.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Amazing plan!

    Looking forward to see your first steps.

    Which niches are you willing to start? As for now your plan seems very reasonable.

    If you're willing to start CPI, just ping me :)
  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Hello @Adam Greenwood , welcome to AffiliateFix and the Dojo!

    Well, while the big shots like DataXu, Turn, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, Rocket Fuel, MediaMath, AudienceScience, and Google make up the big players, there are plenty of small ones for us to use. I use BEVO for RTB and I am certain we have an abundance of DSP's in our Resources area where you can connect with RTB sources that have ad exchanges like BEVO. After all, an ad exchange is simply another type of DSP. When a company cannot sell off all of its inventory, it's remaining inventory is added to a sales exchange where the little guys like us can bid on the inventory in real time. Most of them also add automated optimization as well.

    You got to love a plan, looks like you have one. We'll be interested in seeing your progress. You may want to get a follow along going in the the Follow Alongs and Online Journeys forum. You will get loads of advice, guidance, and recommendations by getting one going.[/QUOTE]
  5. Adam Greenwood

    Adam Greenwood Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll definitely set up a follow along, as things start to come together.
    This ones a bit different, as I'm the advertiser too, so there's no one to blame if things don't go right, except yours truly.
  6. GouthamAdsnik

    GouthamAdsnik Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Adam,

    Dropped you a msg. We have a seat on appnexus and you can access the appnexus inventory thru us!

    I'd love to take this forward, would be great if we connected on Skype : goutham.vvs


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