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Feedback greatly appreciated! This is my 1st attempt at a landing page for these offers.


Hey guys, I went ahead and took advantage of the LeadPages 14 day trial. I for some reason am stubborn and wanted to program it all myself, but once I finally managed to strip Google's form credentials, and implement them on my own custom html form using bootstraps 4.0 framework, I thought I was done! However, even after successfully having entries of data put on the spreadsheet, I realized I would have to figure out how to stop the url redirection when a user either submits the form, or enters invalid entries.

So I just said F**kit and took a shortcut haha! It's definitely a nice collection of forms and has a weebly drag and drop setup. But seriously? 37 bucks a month and they don't even give email captures without integration into another companies monthly charge. So ya i'll eventually just make all this myself, but moving on to the funnel.

The affiliate items I'm attempting to push in this lead page are "Single Signup with Email". Of coarse I have banners on my money site which is currently a adult tube, however I've gotten 2 big pay days and no email captures so I decided to take action.

The leads I'm generating off of Craigs list. Basically I put up an add, that is just as ridiculous as the other fake w4m Women for men,(pretty much 95% if not 100% of these are complete bogus nonsense fraudulent schemes.) So the funnel basically is a rundown of some big players in the online dating game and discussing there pitfalls while also providing intriguing facts about women and porn.

I top it off with some Pick up Artist game quotes I used to implement from years ago doing the bar scene. I close with a pitch in which I attempt to be as non sellsy as possible. I of coarse intend to put a 2nd layer where I squeeze emails for myself(Even though I have no idea wtf I would email campaign to a bunch of porn traffic users swackin off haha!)

So aside from that, if you see any massive holes or have any suggestions I'm definitely open to them and I humbly appreciate it as Im just beginning to learn this aspect of the business! Well, I hope the view of the pile of garbage that is my 1100 word funnel is entertaining if nothing else hehe.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
One of my publishers had experience with this type of traffic (CL or similar platform ads instead of fake female accounts) and it converted pretty good on adult smartlink. We didn't have any optimisation options back that time, so I cannot say which offers' types worked better, unfortunately. Anyway, your idea seems really good to me, including email collecting (I'm sure you'll be able to use your list for dating offers promotion).