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  1. B

    Looking for Exclusive In-house or Direct Dating Offers

    Looking for Exclusive In-house or Direct Dating Offers. FB ads media buying team, high quality traffic need high EPC offers.

    Official Adepti Ads - Conquering The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Dear Affiliate Marketers, We ventured into affiliate marketing in the Dating vertical, exploring every facet—being affiliates, collaborating with big and small companies, navigating various traffic sources, and working with direct advertisers and networks. Through this diverse journey, we...
  3. MonRays

    Official ✅Boost Monetization With "Redirect URL for Land"

    Enhancing Monetization with MonRays New Redirect URL Feature. Media buyers face the ongoing task of optimizing their strategies to reach and engage their target audience effectively. MonRays, a platform dedicated to providing tools for monetizing traffic, has introduced a feature. This new...
  4. Andreas - Mirelia


    The concept of a "vertical" in affiliate marketing simply put, is a niche that groups together specific types of offers. Take dating, for instance, a highly lucrative vertical in affiliate marketing. Dating can encompass mainstream, casual, and adult niches. The key is that within the same...
  5. MonRays

    Official Dating Vertical Trends in 2023⚡️

    Dating Vertical Trends In 2023⚡️ - MonRays & Vortex Insights The dating vertical, a perennially dynamic field in the realm of affiliate marketing, continues its journey of transformation as we delve deeper into 2023. To grasp the pulse of this ever-evolving landscape, let's delve into key...
  6. MonRays

    Official 6 Ways To Boost Dating Niche Push Subscribers❤️

    Introduction: In the competitive world of dating platforms, capturing and retaining the attention of users is crucial. One powerful tool at your disposal is push notifications, which can significantly boost user engagement and conversions. In this article, we will explore seven proven...
  7. MonRays

    Official Best Push Service For Media Buying In Dating Niche❤️

    Best Push Service For Media Buying In Dating Niche❤️ First of all, we came to a push service that allows "spamming" with pushes and understands what's going on. Secondly, it's about the analysis capabilities. With Onesignal, we needed to make additional superstructures, but here we get a...
  8. affvertize

    Affvertize-The Newbie Friendly Affiliate Network

    Hey All, Let me introduce Affvertize to the AffiliateFix awesome Community. We're an Affiliate Network based out of India and primarily focusing on Nutra & Dating Vertical at the moment. Come, Join us and Let's make a lot of money together. We're Newbie friendly and are here to provide you...
  9. AdsEmpire

    Ask Me Anything Tips on running Dating in Japan

    If you have always wanted to drive or are already driving dating traffic to Japan, we have some helpful tips! These tips will help you tune your ad campaigns for higher conversion. We also advise you to try our new exclusive brands for Japan, with the highest rate! :affiliatefix: The land of the...
  10. AdsEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Dating Traffic

    Hello guys! My name is Victoria, I am looking for dating affiliates! AdsEmpire has WW Exclusive Dating offers and Smartlink with the highest rates! - Highest SOI PPL - Weekly and Monthly Payments - Special bonuses for your extra profit! Sign up now or ask any questions Victoria: Telegram...
  11. affani

    Looking For We are looking for Traffic dating

    If you have dating traffic go through us because we have dating offers from these countries US, CA, UK, DK, IT, AU, DE, SE, NO, etc. And you get paid starting from 1.10 - 5.60 dollars whoever is interested to visit our website or write us on skype: AffAni
  12. affani

    Looking For Have Dating Traffic?

    We have the best dating offers with more high payout if you have traffic and do not know what to do with it come to us and earn more! You have Dating offers from these countries US, CA, UK, NZ, AU, IT, DE, SE, NO DK etc, payments start from 1.40 to 2.50 dollars if you are interested register here
  13. affani

    Affiliates Wanted I am looking for an Affiliate

    We have Dating Offers: Our platform is optimized view real-time statistics and paid on Net-15 and Net-30 payment platform is Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, EpayService
  14. affani

    Ask Me Anything New offer from us

    New offers have just arrived: • CindyMatches - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • EroticMadness - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ. Click Here for more information write to us!
  15. anurag saini

    Offer Wanted click2call dating offers wanted

    Hello, i am looking click2call dating offers. if you have any network or offer please contact to me. skype - live:aca49becc15806df
  16. affani

    Looking for adult affiliate

    Hi guys We have good offers for you if you have adult dating traffic 1. SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ 2. SearchingForSingles - DOI | $2.50 | US 3. BangLocals - SOI | $2.00 | GB, US, CA, NZ, AU 4. Kiss Russian Beauty - SOI | $2.00 | SE, US, GB, CH, AU, NZ, NO, CA...
  17. affani

    Official SluttyMatches - AffAni

    We just received a direct offer SluttyMatche CPL SOI is a dating offer if you have traffic from the AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ you will be paid $ 1.66 for registration registration is SOI without to confirm and email who is interested you can register here
  18. A

    Click here for daily updates of my traffic junky experience with dating

    Hey there!, i am a newbie to adult marketing but not a newbie to online marketing in general, i study online marketing and had a course about affiliate marketing. I found that interesting so i decided to give it a try on adult advertising. Also the dating niche (SOI & DOI based) is good for a...
  19. M

    How to filter trash traffic in adult affiliate?

    I want to try the adult affiliate. I saw in a YouTube video people doing CrackRevenue + TrafficJunky / Exoclick and having very good results. Now I see people in forums saying that in this type of traffic you have to filter a lot of spam and trash traffic, does anyone know how to do it? I also...
  20. LeoRefChamp

    Once you go Adult, you always come Back!

    Hello, everyone, Some of you people already know me from former BitterStrawberry, yet let me properly introduce myself. I have over 11 years in Affiliate Marketing, mostly managing affiliate programs for adult but also ventured a lot in mainstream in the past 5 years. I am familiar with...