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Extremely Low CR promoting a ClickBank product, advices?



I'm a newbie ClickBank affiliate, and would like to ask more experienced marketers for some alternatives/ideas to tackle my issue.

I'm sending targeted traffic to an adult ClickBank offer, specifically a digital product in the Male Enhancement niche. NO direct linking.

In the last 30 days I had over 2.500 hops, but only 1 sale. That's 0,04% CR.

Even if I'm promoting the worst product in this earth I don't believe for a second those results.

My theories:

1) More than 70% of the traffic comes from mobile. The offer landing page is optimized, but maybe the users are converting later on from desktop, so I loose the cookie and bye bye commission.

2) Since my content is for adults, maybe a high percentage of users browse the website incognito, so if they visit the offer later on from another session, puuufff, the cookie is gone.

With this particular offer is not a big problem since a variable with my affiliate information is attached to the URL, so even if the user visit it later from another browser I don't lose a thing, but may be a problem with other offers.

NOTE: for those curious enough, I tried to find a method to detect users that are browsing my website incognito and check if it was as easy as to detect users that have an AdBlock. I found that it was feasible in older browsers version (included Chrome) using some tricks, but most modern browsers don't allow this anymore or fix the issue very quickly (but if someone knows a working method and is willing to share I will appreciate it).

My proposed solutions:

1) Create a customized landing page and send the traffic directly to the order module instead of the offer original landing page. The issue in this case is that the vendor don't provide this option (I've already contacted him and am awaiting response).

2) Promote something else :D

3) Right now, I don't want to deal with eMail capture. I've always used MailChimp, but they are not very fond of adult offers and affiliates, and would like to avoid possible bans. My immediate priority is to solve the CR issue, as 0,04% is very far from reality, I'm 100% there is a problem here.

Some of my questions:

It is possible to directly link a CB offer order module with my affiliate information even if the vendor doesn't provide this option?

b) Can't we contact the vendors on CB to solve this kind of issues? I read it somewhere that it may be against CB TOS, but do we really need to stalk the product creators to get an answer to this kind of problems or there is an alternative?

c) Anyone knows a reliable way to track users browsing incognito? (Well, I know that if that method existed would beat the whole point of browsing incognito in the first place :confused:)

d) Other ideas/experiences/alternatives to the low CR in this scenario that worked for you? How do you deal with the possibility of users that browse incognito or visit the offer from mobile and then convert from desktop when the landing page does not include your referral information and without directly linking to the module order?

e) Someone that promoted adult offers in CB had similar results (Targeted traffic but very low CR)?

Thank you!


Got some updates from CB about this issue:


It's NOT possible to link to an offer order module directly if the product creator DON'T provide this option, so you have to stick with their landing pages.

Of course you can bypass the issue using Cookie Stuffing or other borderline techniques, but I personally prefer to keep it legit and develop long term businesses, so it's not a valid solution for me.


You CAN'T contact a product creator from the CB panel. Your only options are to find their contact information on the sales website, WHOIS their domain or stalk them :D.

Another alternative is to kindly ask CB support and they may be able to share with you the contact information of the vendor.

In this particular case unfortunately the product owner is not answering any inquiry, so I'll probably promote something else.


Also, I received a couple of spammy messages suggesting me to join other networks. Don't take it as an offense, I have nothing against your methods, but you can't expect to slap your affiliate link on my face without offering any kind of value or suggestion about my issue and hope that I will join as your referral. Common sense and etiquette on the web when approaching other people is not so different from what you would (or should) do in real life.


Dojo Master
My first two thoughts: 1 - Yes, keep your methods legit and 2 - Try another product or vendor

Also, don't know if this is useful to you but CB claims it increases conversions: Custom Order Form


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