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  1. alexanderjosephh19

    Other ways to get affiliates

    So we just recently started our affiliate program for Nutra products at our company (Male enhancement pills/gummies, keto products) And I need to make sure I got everything ready, we already are reaching out to diff affiliates on forums, networks, other than that, since ME products cant be...
  2. J

    Seeking Help Which is the Best adult CPA network?

    Hi, I need a adult CPA network, but I am confused. Anybody suggest me the best adult CPA network name???
  3. J

    Seeking Help Monetize the Backend

    Hello Dear Affiliate Friends, I'm Jason and I come from broker affiliate and just getting started with adult cpa offers. First I want to thank you guys for the help to this point. I have now set up my traffic sources, tracking, created my creatives and choose an offer at Crakreveue i want to...
  4. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official Quality Adult Traffic for your website and affiliate advertising networks

    For some, adult traffic content is a way to relax, for others porn is a way to make money. It is a vast industry worth up to $100 billion. Adult websites attract a large number of visitors. Today we will share with you the features of how to run adult advertising campaigns and get quality adult...
  5. K

    Leads quality

    Hello everyone, newbie here 20d in AM world What is the difference between lead quality and KPI, specifically dating and adult offers let say I sent 300 leads to a SOI dating offer that has a KPI of 60% of the traffic must use the app and/or the website 5m daily and my traffic preformed as...
  6. yasslife

    What is the best Adult Dating Smartlink Network ?

    Hi AffiliateFix community! I'm looking to exchange knowledge with people who are running adult dating smartlink promotions with affiliate network I made good results with dating smartlink (worked with LosPollos (bad for me) , Crakrevenue, Trafee, DatifyLink and I'm working with ClickDealer right...
  7. lilkrito

    Paid Traffic For Adult Affiliate Links !?

    Hi Affliatefix Community I have 25$ in my pocket, and I'm asking if it is worth making paid cam or date offers ads or not, I'm using crakrevenue offers, and if it is worth what is the best place for ads and a guide for it? Best Regards Lilkritoo
  8. bbwlusttube

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone. My name is Blair, and I am new to adult affiliate marketing. I have only been at it for about 2 weeks. I am promoting offers on a BBW video site I created where I also offer free BBW porn videos and a blog. I was hoping that those more experienced users in the adult affiliate niche...
  9. R

    Seeking Help How to free ptomote Adult content and Adult game

    Hi I am a new CPA marketer, i want to free promote adult content and adult game to targated GEO audience. Can anyone give me tips tricks about it. Thanks in advance
  10. affani

    MyDirtyNeighbour - AffAni

    We just received a direct offer MyDirtyNeighbour CPL DOI is a dating offer if you have traffic from the UK you will be paid $ 2.35 for registration registration is DOI you need to confirm and email who is interested you can register here
  11. M

    How to filter trash traffic in adult affiliate?

    I want to try the adult affiliate. I saw in a YouTube video people doing CrackRevenue + TrafficJunky / Exoclick and having very good results. Now I see people in forums saying that in this type of traffic you have to filter a lot of spam and trash traffic, does anyone know how to do it? I also...
  12. funkywithans

    When To Say, "Fk It", and Kill A Dud Campaign?

    Hey community, I was wondering what your guys' take is on this. After how many click and no conversions do you say, "fk it", call it a dud campaign, and kill it all together? I mean, if you get no conversions after a certain amount of money spent? No conversions after a certain amount of...
  13. Advery

    Hi everyone, from Maksym :)

    Hello! I'm new to this forum! I am interested in digital marketing, content creation, marketing, crafts, etc. I am an affiliate manager at Advery We are currently focused on Dating vertical. Advery is a digital media buying agency that buys & sells traffic, and multiplies & expands clicks. I...
  14. Jolsan Jolsan

    Ask Me Anything most expensive adult site affiliate

    Host high paying affiliate adult sites
  15. AdultLodge

    Adult Owner Affiliate Marketing Newbie

    I'm Jenn (Jordyn). I'm co-owner, developer and SEO for Adult Lodge. I been running a couple of more adult sites for more than a year but I haven't earned anything significant since I joined adult affiliates network last June. I saw AffiliateFix from Crak Revenue's blog so that's why I joined, I...
  16. S

    crackrevenue with bemob tracker

    hey guys can anyone help me on how to setup crackrevenue with bemob and in landing page , i searched in youtube , google , i couldnt find anything thanks
  17. WP-Script

    Announcement WP-Script - Create your adult tube sites with powerful adult WordPress themes and plugins

    Since 2016, WP-Script offers a variety of 6 adult WordPress themes and 11 plugins dedicated to adult sites building. Create your adult sites easily with our adult WordPress Themes made both for newbies and experienced webmasters. These SEO-ready themes include : Multiple ad locations A...
  18. F

    Network Wanted Need an adult gaming network with soi and Doi offers that allow chat traffic

    Have a lot of chat traffic and I want to monetize it with adult gaming cpl, soi or doi offers
  19. Advertalb

    Want Affiliate?

    Hi guys we have adult dating offers, live cams, smartlink, mainstream, apps, and we require qualified affiliates to have this traffic. Advertalb is an affiliate network smartlink with offers CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, RevShare, etc. Thank You!
  20. Jed22

    Fastest Way To Test Ads, Landing Pages And Offers Without Burning Money?

    Hey Affiliatefix, I'm quite new to Affiliate Marketing. In the last few days I have been running adult campaigns and while I have had some conversions, I'm still far from being profitable... For anyone in the adult space, I wanted to get your opinion for what is the best way to test Ads and...