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  1. Mabegu5000

    Help with Bemob Tracking, Clickbank and Landing Page Iframe

    Hello Friend how are you... I address you more than anything to those who have more experience in tracking because I have the following query: I am promoting a clickbank product through a landing page (Pre-Sale Type). My strategy is that once visitors visit the landing and press any...
  2. David Mali

    Selling on clickbank as a vendor

    hey guys am putting a product on clickbank any advice ? i'll keep updating this thread profits,,clicks anybody here posted a product on clickbank before ? i'll pay the $50 fee today and see how it will go
  3. David Mali

    Clickbank Vendor advice

    Hello guys I'm looking for clickbank vendors advice ,, am lunching my first product on clickbank ,, it's about making money with fb ads Anything i should consider before putting it on clickbank marketplace ? I will promote it myself first ... Then let the affiliates do the work
  4. lsgbiz

    Extremely Low CR promoting a ClickBank product, advices?

    Greetings, I'm a newbie ClickBank affiliate, and would like to ask more experienced marketers for some alternatives/ideas to tackle my issue. I'm sending targeted traffic to an adult ClickBank offer, specifically a digital product in the Male Enhancement niche. NO direct linking. In the last...
  5. G

    How to put clickbank affiliate link in youtube video description

    7 days ago i created a youtube review video about a clickbank product and 2 days ago i put an affiliate link on the video description and after few hours youtube moderator delete my video. I sort my affiliate link with tinyurl and i put that link four time on video description. so please any...