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Help with Bemob Tracking, Clickbank and Landing Page Iframe


Hello Friend how are you...

I address you more than anything to those who have more experience in tracking because I have the following query:

I am promoting a clickbank product through a landing page (Pre-Sale Type). My strategy is that once visitors visit the landing and press any call-to-action button, it takes them directly to the clickbank payment form ... So far, everything is clear?

All links are camouflaged with a redirect link (Pretty Links Plugnis Wordpress) or iframe to avoid problems with Google Ads.

The problem I have to track the campaign with bemob is ... What are the links I should track as an offer?

Are the links masked with the iframe or redirection or the normal link generated by clickbank?

I need help with that please, and I apologize for my bad English

thanks for your help



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  1. is the iframe cross domain?
  2. that means the <iframe src="not your domain (or website)" ?
You have created a WeirdPress mess.

// that might track
you need to have a /?'QUERY_STRING'
unless // can be tracked
BeMob may have an idea if they can split on the /

If you want to understand this the redirects are probably in the .htaccess file assuming you are using Apache2.

Search engines will read the code in an iframe and the redirection codes too -- This is not 2002 and you are not fooling the search engine spidering robots at all. nofollow means nothing to them :D they just noindex those links and not give you *google demerits* for those off site links (supposedly) ...


I think they have misunderstood me and excuse my bad English.

What I want to know is what is the link to track on the tracker ...

if it's the URL masked with Pretty Links or the normal URL generated by ClickBank and how conversations can be traced ...

in a nutshell...

which link should I track ... the one that is masked or the one with the notmal offer ...?

or what url should i configure in the tracker (Bemob) to track the conversations ..?


Hi @Mabegu5000

Took me a second to understand what exactly you want, maybe I am also misunderstanding but let me try and explain. Hopefully you will find this useful.

To track conversions for clickbank sales, you need to add a tracking pixel to clickbank order form and confirmation page. (more info on clickbank documentation) under Tracking Pixel.

As you are using Bemob, you can use their tracking pixel. Again, guide on bemob

After that is done, tracking is set up on clickbank. Now you need to set up a campaign on bemob, ( I don't use bemob but the concept is the same ) You use the unmasked offer link generated by clickbank in your campaign and should be all set.

Now you should have a bemob link you can track your clicks and conversions. :) You can mask this link or do whatever as far as it resolves correctly with all the parameters necessary for tracking.
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