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Explain Angles!!!

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by mrbeginner, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. mrbeginner

    mrbeginner Affiliate affiliate

    AM's could you please explain me in detail about Angles, for eg: if i am to start with Dating niche...
  2. terraleads
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    All of marketing, I am saying every bit of marketing, plays an angle. An angle plays the role of matchmaker between the merchant and the customer. Every angle intends to bridge the merchant and the customer.

    Most of us in the industry rely on something called the Life Force 8. These are 8 basic needs that we all have as humans. They include :
    1. Survival
    2. Joy
    3. Freedom
    4. Sex
    5. Comfort
    6. Gain or Winning
    7. Care or Protection of those we love
    8. Social Approval

    By building your angles around these needs & desires, you are showing the customer a path to something they cannot refuse. People, on average, do not refuse any of these 8 needs & desires. Some in the industry say these 8 are not desires and they are all needs. Whichever is the case, they are important to each and every one of us!

    In an article by Finch Sells, he points out an example that clearly demonstrates an angle. He talks about the dating site called "RichMen". Finch is brilliant about some things, and his assessment regarding angles used for ads driving traffic to this site are very enlightening. Finch first discusses that most marketers reach for the "low hanging fruit". in other words, the most common or most likely angle that marketers will build campaigns around. He intends to show the reader that to get a unique angle means pushing past the norm of what most marketers would use for an angle. In this case, most marketers will use the angle "broody gold-digger seeks wealthy fancypants". When the majority of marketers use this angle, then that angle will be immediately saturated and an ineffective very quickly. However, for the few marketers that reach beyond the "low hangin fruit", develop more creative and unique angles, they shall reap a greater reward. Here are some examples that Finch had demonstrated in his article:

    Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.

    “Joining Rich Men… gives you the chance to meet a man who will get you out of the rat race, let you retire early, let you enjoy the peace and freedom you’ve earned for yourself.”

    Enjoyment of food and beverages.

    “Joining Rich Men… is your ticket to be wined and dined. No more scoffing takeaway with a derelict Stella swigger who answers you only in grunts. Drink the finest sparkling champagne in the city with a mouthwatering date!“

    Freedom from fear, pain, and danger.

    “Joining Rich Men… removes your fear of living from pay check to pay check, of wondering who is going to pay your 13 year old daughter’s University bill. Rest easy with a man who can take care of you!”

    Sexual companionship.

    “Joining Rich Men… will put the spark back in your bedroom. These men are confident passionate winners and the only thing bigger than their wallets is, well…”

    Comfortable living conditions.

    “Joining Rich Men… is a commitment to the life you’ve always wanted and deserved. Does this mansion look big enough for you? Can you imagine the walk-in closet space? Find a man who has room for your shoes.”

    To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.

    “Joining Rich Men… is a statement that you only settle for the best. Imagine the look on your colleagues’ faces when you introduce them to Mr. Right. That’s your Mr. Right.”

    Care and protection of loved ones.

    “Joining Rich Men… will give your child the best possible upbringing, and the best chances in life. It’s tough out there. Meet a man who’s already made it. You only deserve the best.”

    Social approval.

    “Joining Rich Men… will finally put an end to the smug gloating of your married friends. Bag a Prince Charming, fall in love, and watch how green it turns them! These guys are IMPOSSIBLE to find elsewhere.”

    As you can see, these are all addressing a different "angle" to make a match (or hook) between the merchant and the customer.

    These angles are not in their respective final form. These examples are simply the message the advertiser wants to get across to the prospective customer. Once you have the message (angle or hook) developed, then you can proceed to develop your copy and media that presents the message.

    Hope this helps.
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