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TOP verticals in our ad formats

Let's rush into 2024 with new, more performative campaigns! To make your launches even more effective, EVADAV has made a selection of top geos and verticals for you based on our advertising formats. We hope you get a lot of insights and directions for your campaigns!

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Meet our Q1 2024 Event Calendar!

We are pleased to present you our new exclusive event calendar for the first quarter of 2024. It includes all the most important events in the world of affiliate marketing that definitely affect the future of the affiliate and which cannot be missed.

Download the calendar at the link so that all events are always at hand!

EVADAV is the best way to make ads brings revenue!
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Push Notifications in the Affiliate's hands

How to make push notifications a reliable tool for making a profit? How to get the most out of them and even more?

We shared all the tricks for getting maximum benefits, looked at how they differ from push ads and looked behind the scenes of the 2024 trends. Don't miss your chance to increase revenue from your campaigns!

> Check out our new article: How Do Push Notifications Work: Dating Offers Examples | Evadav

EVADAV is the best way to make ads bring revenue!
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What are the best strategies for monetizing mobile traffic?

To monetize mobile traffic, we recommend using mobile-optimized formats, such as mobile banners and inpege advertising, which provide high involvement and efficiency on mobile devices
Amazing Information. I really enjoyed Reading this thread and discussion by the people. As someone who evolved in this “niche” for many years, I would like to refer .It’s not only focused on discussing the topic inside out but also “Benefits”. Hope everybody reading the blog and enjoyed.