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Affiliates Wanted Earning Affiliates hundreds of dollars a day for the past 10 years!!!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Alex.upclick, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Alex.upclick

    Alex.upclick Affiliate affiliate

    Upclick is proud to announce their partnership with Remo software!! What does this mean for our affiliates?? Huge Rev-share!

    We've added 14 new offers to our marketplace each beginning at 75%-80% commission. Make 5 sales a day and I will bump you up to 85% commission. Make 10 sales a day and I will give you 95% commission on all their offers!! Meaning you would be earning anywhere from 35$-150$ per sale. Now that's huge!

    We mean business. Bring the traffic, make sales, and earn the revenue you've been dreaming of.

    These offers convert very well on all forms of Desktop traffic including most Geos.

    I can supply any form of media creative or email creative and 3rd party reviews. let's monetize your desktop traffic together!!

    Sign up for free and start earning that paycheck you've always deserved.

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