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Official Earnify - Programmatic Native Advertising DSP

Programmatic Native/Push DSP

  1. earnify

    earnify Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Launched in 2014, Earnify is a demand-side platform connected to all major native advertising networks, allowing you to scale your campaigns faster than ever. Advertisers leverage our DSP to simplify and scale their native media spend.

    Benefits of using Earnify
    • Reach: Direct programmatic integration with over 30 networks amounting to almost 20 billion bid requests being processed daily by our DSP.
    • Transparent In-Depth Analytics: Our platform is completely transparent, meaning that you will be able to see which websites you are bidding on in real-time, in the time zone of your choice.
    • One Dashboard: Use our clean backend to manage all of your native advertising campaigns in one place.
    • Fraud Prevention: Every request is scanned by multiple fraud detection technologies to ensure you are only ever bidding on quality traffic.
    • Campaign Duplication: Easily duplicate a RevContent campaign to target Ligatus within seconds, instead of having to use 2 platforms with 2 completely different campaign creation processes.
    • Consolidated Billing: Buying through a DSP instead of each individual network consolidates your billing into one profile.
    • Bidding Models: CPC/CPM (Native) CPC (Push)
    • Real-time Stats: Because programmatic advertising utilizes real-time bidding, we have the ability to present your stats in real-time. No need to wait hours to check your stats on 4 different backends, view all of your data in real-time on one unified dashboard.
    • Timezones: Easily check your stats in any timezone of your choice.
    • Manual Optimization: Whitelists and blacklists with bid modifications per site.
    • Extra Reach: Already buying from one of our supply partners? Buy more from them by utilizing our real-time bidder.
    • Fast Ad Review Times: Our QA team works 24/7/365 to ensure that ads are reviewed fast, even on a Sunday.
    • Conversion Optimization: By utilizing our machine learning technology, our system will automatically start to favor publishers generating the most leads for you.
    • Service: Due to our programmatic nature, Earnify only works with advertisers, meaning you will have a dedicated account manager available regardless of spend to help you harness our platform.
    • AffiliateFix Promo: Use the promo code "AFFILIATEFIX" to get 20% bonus when depositing $200 or more.

    Who is Earnify connected to?

    • Admatic
    • Admixer
    • AdsKeeper
    • AdYouLike
    • Geniee
    • Improve Digital
    • InfoLinks
    • Kargo
    • Ligatus
    • LiveIntent
    • MGID
    • Mobfox
    • My6Sense
    • Nativo
    • Outbrain
    • Polymorph
    • PowerInbox
    • Pubmatic
    • Quantum
    • ReklamStore
    • RevContent
    • Sharethrough
    • Smart AdServer
    • Taboola
    • Tagon
    • TripleLift
    • YieldMo
    • AdMaven
    • AdOperator
    • AdsKeeper
    • Adsterra
    • EvaDav
    • Megapush
    • MGID
    • PropellerAds
    The above list was last updated 10th July 2019.

    Pictures speak a thousand words, so we'll leave you with some screenshots of our platform:


    All campaigns must comply with each individual SSPs guidelines, for example, if you wanted to advertise on Taboola - your campaign and creatives must comply with their guidelines.

    You can see our general guidelines & policies which apply to most premium SSPs here: Guidelines & Policies | Earnify Help Center
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. earnify

    earnify Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    We are giving $50 credit to 10 Affiliatefix users so they can test our platform.

    Please PM me your Earnify account e-mail and I'll get the credit added.
  4. JackySan

    JackySan Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey, talk about good synchro!

    I just created an account on Voluum DSP and Earnify and was wondering which one I should work with first.

    I guess I'll start testing your platform first then :) I'll PM you now, thanks for the offer.
    earnify likes this.
  5. JackySan

    JackySan Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thanks again @earnify for the $50 balance.

    I ran a few campaigns and I really liked how fast it was to run them on multiple native networks at once.

    I also used the chat extensively and David was always helpful.

    What I liked the most:

    * Ease of campaigns setup

    * Auto approval on some native networks once Earnify approves our creatives - which you can usually speed up by harassing the people on the chat - I didn't restrict myself in doing so haha :)

    * Minimum deposit is only $100 and you get access to networks that require a much higher deposit (Taboola I'm looking at you)

    What I didn't like:

    * If you don't harass people on the chat, approval is quite slow. I tested this and it took almost 24 hours.

    * Lack of targeting options, basically only white and black lists. Revcontent, for example, has really great targeting options but none of them are available when we go through Earnify.

    I only tested native, they're also integrated with multiple push networks, which I'll probably play a bit with later.

    Overall, I can see myself using Earnify in addition to going direct.
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Do you have any placements for Hemp CBD based products in the US where hemp is legal?