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Do you use vague motivation?


I had a great conversation with a friend of mine yesterday that owns a multi-million dollar company when we started taking about goals, visions and dreams.

We started talking about what people use for motivation and how one component is missing in them all.

We all use either vision boards, listen to motivation tips, look at motivation movies, visualize etc. but one component is left out that makes all the above mentioned techniques lacking.

That is how specific we are with what we want in life? I'm not sure if anyone has seen the movie "The Secret" but the film explains this very very well and why doing so guarantees the attainment of your goals so much faster because you are working in sync with everything else.

"What the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve"
~Unknown author

If you want to drive a nice car, have a beautiful home, travel the world and meet so many great people etc. be so specific as to the attainment of that goal that you cannot miss and you vision is bang on.

If you want to drive a nice car, what kind is it? What color, size rims, interior leather etc.

If you want a house, what does it look like? Where do you want to build it? Is there a way for you to reserve a lot for when you have the money to build your house or do you know the exact location of the apartment you want to live in?

If you want to travel then start look at flight tickets and destination packages and look at that every day.

This way is specific and will propel you into action so much more powerfully opposed to vague motivation as I call it.

I mean I'm guilty of this do as I use to do it. I use to have a travel adventure brochure of a company that I would look at (because traveling is one of my biggest passions) and I would just browse through the book on a daily basis without any focus on where I wanted to go exactly, for how long and when?

Since I switched the way I focused on things everything else started to change and my path seems so much more in target and precise.

Let me know how this has helped you to? If you apply this you will see a difference in a matter of a day on how good you feel and how motivated and on fire you are about life and business too.

I hope I was of help to all of you.

Linda Buquet

Another great post Dorian.

Couple IMPORTANT thoughts...

Be careful about what you wish for and be sure you word it right.
You may get what you AKSED for, but it may not be what you WANTED!

Example: When I 1st started practicing visualization combined with positive affirmations about 15 years ago...

I visualized "everyone handing me money"
I ASKED for: "Everyone I meet today will GIVE me money!"

I was in sales and what I MEANT was everyone that day would buy
and I"d make a lot of money. Here's what happened ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY!

I went to one of those business breakfast networking meetings. Never had been to this one and didn't know a soul. So I was surporsed when the woman taking registation money at the front door SHOVED the basket of money into my hands and said "here collect everyone's money I have to go to the john." So not only did this stranger hand me a BUNCH of money but everyone that walked in the door gave me $10 bucks.

I got EXACTLY what I asked for -
Everyone handed me money but, it was NOT mine to KEEP!
I swear it's a true story. It blew me away!

So be specific and also be careful to be clear about what you really want and HOW you ask for it.

ANOTHER POINT: Be careful not to LIMIT yourself when you ask for what you want. You may say you want to make 100,000 a year - but the universe may give you MORE if you leave your options open.

The way I do this is when I pray OR do positive affirmations I always end with. "All this and more... for the good of all."

This also helps me let God and/or the universe know that I ONLY want what
I'm asking for, if it's truly fair to all and a win/win for everyone.


Correct. Affiliate Marketers need clear goals.

I would add that these very clear goals should be split in smaller, easier to achieve partial goals - especially because we are speaking about Affiliate Marketing which is a heavily bugged domain by get rich over night things.

You might not be able to split the goals in: "this year I will have my Porsche first wheel" but then again, willing to have the entire Porsche in the first year is deceiving and against it's purpose.

On the other hand, you'll see that people change their minds about their goals - that's why most try to translate their goals in money - money can be used for any other goals might appear.

Also, focused motivation might not work for everybody. Some people just want to get at home, have a beer and watch TV.

Nevertheless, it's a very motivational article - especially for affiliates wannabe that tend to be discouraged because wrongly setting their goals.