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Ask Me Anything Do You take a broad view on advertising while planning your Ad campaign?

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by Alex admitad, Oct 17, 2017.

Where do you sell your product or introduce your service?

  1. in one country

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  2. in 2-3 countries

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  3. within an entire region

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  4. globally

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  1. Alex admitad

    Alex admitad Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to raise the topic of cross-border ecommerce. Some of admitad affiliates do really well in this sphere. It's time to share some tricks with you on how you can do equally well.

    This is not a news that business from China drives its international trade globally.
    However, quite often effective companies in Asia need to support their business penetration worldwide. Who can help them to find the good ad platforms and reliable publishers abroad, in non-Chinese countries?
    This is the first question.

    And, also, if they do find the way to expand their local business worldwide, how big their revenues can be?
    This is the second question.

    Actually, I have an answer to both of them.
    Just look at these numbers:
    We at admitad have calculated the amount attracted to Chinese business by sale in foreign markets through the affiliate program in admitad. The sum comes up to USD 310 million within nine months in 2017. This is the total amount including more than 70 Chinese e-shops which place their offers through admitad.

    Actually, the number of these e-shops is very rapidly growing. But now you see how big the revenues can be, because it is not hard to calculate how much can the one out of 70 shops earn, right?

    So, what is the trick in the case of admitad?
    This is simple to understand when you find out that at admitad these online businesses make a good ROI. What if I tell you that their ROI comes to such numbers as 9-10 returns in the form of income from 1 in investments. I don't say particularly about specific currency related to these numbers, because regardless of the currency you are choosing to invest in your ad campaign or currency in which you are going to get your income, the share of 1 to 9-10 in ROI is still accurate.

    And, the last thing that I want to ask is:
    Are you still satisfyed in work just within 1 or several countries? If you have a brand that can find its customers all across the world, why you are still working in the same region?

    Please, share your ideas and responses with me, this is what I consider important :)
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