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Official CPA Evolution 3.0 by William Souza *****

We have many members that have joined William this year, many hundreds over the ten years. William is the best and most reliable I have come across for CPA. He did loads of minor updates each year, but last year was the big reveal of CPA 3.0 and it has been well received.

There is no risk, he has a money back offer.
He is always updating the current version and is very active with many of our members. You will love William and his training.

Yes, the program is focused on paid advertising.

For people who don't have a budget for paid ads, there's a module on free traffic to help them start getting the first conversions and make a budget. That's the only exception.

There's a lof of content in the program... we're approaching 300 videos now, many being 30 - 60 min videos.

We cover paid traffic and a lot of "marketing" things as well such copywriting, designing ads, finding winning angles, etc.

That said, the most important aspect of the CPA Evolution program is that I personally assist the students with their first campaigns. Even though it's possible to learn a lot by watching videos, nothing can replace practical advice on real campaigns. So, no support staffs. You get fast replies from a real marketer who's doing what you're trying to learn and can provide actionable, precise suggestions for improving your campaigns.

The program also includes a landing page tool (good for Facebook and 2nd tier platforms) and a banner tool.

If you have other questions, let me know!
Hi William - I just came across your coaching program, CPA Evolution 3.0 and have a few questions. I have to admit, I've tried CPAs before and I even got my account deleted by MaxBounty - not even sure why. Does your program utilize other CPA networks besides MaxBounty? On the average, how much are your students investing into ads before they start generating profits? Once we've joined, do we also get access to upgrades to the program? I see that there was CPA Evolution 2.0. Do those students have to upgrade to 3.0 or did their membership include future updates and upgrades? Than you so much for taking time to reply!