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Computer Preferences


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When choosing a computer what do you look for? Is the processor or the graphics card most important?

Personally I need a computer that is powerful and fast. I need something that manages a lot of things and can cope with running for many hours, a large memory is always a positive thing. The computer I have now is perfect for me, but everyone is different. So what do you look for?
I look for speed and efficiency when buying computers. Much like you Tindris, I need it to run for hours on end and run multiple large programs at once. Mine does just that, thankfully.
I prefer stationary computers to laptops, they usually last longer and I can get more out of them. Every computer has a limit that the maker puts in place, but there are ways of pushing that on every computer and stationarys can withstand this while laptops usually crash.
I want that gaming thing when I get a new computer, that makes your computer mint for games, what's it called again.
Depending on the industry you're in should your choice of computer be. Like if you're an artist or a musician, a MAC is definitely ideal. But if not, then a PC will do. When it comes to memory storage, I don't really care on how much I can store in my computer because I always have with me an external hard drive. And since I'm an artist, I choose MAC.
Basically when buying a computer I will consider various aspects. Since I like downloading pictures, videos and music during my free time I will make sure I buy a computer with high capacity Hard Drive and enough RAM memory. I will also consider the type of processor besides the size of the screen. If it is a laptop I will go for smaller screens to ensure my battery lasts longer while for a desktop I will go for larger screens to ensure clarity and easiness in visibility.
Most of the time I spend on my PC is gaming time so a good graphics card and decent disk space are a must for me.