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CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Official CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Spy services review: which one to choose for which traffic source

To constantly drive traffic at a profit, you need to either be a wizard or just be great
at analyzing other people’s bundles. And all your competitors’ creatives can be
viewed with the help of spy services. They track thousands of ads from all sites and
collect all the information in one spot. And today we’re covering spy services from
the point of view of traffic sources — which one should you choose if you work
through Facebook, Google and others. So sit back and get ready to make some

And first up is AdHeart — the best tool you can find if you work with Facebook: over
580,000 creatives. With its help, you can not only look for creatives, but for entire
bundles, study your competitors and their approaches and “borrow” their most
successful ideas. In other words, you have the opportunity to follow and study what
currently works in regards to offers, creatives, texts, and in general, you get the most
complete understanding of existing affiliate marketing trends.

You can search for creatives across all GEOs, analyze ads by language, launch date,
display time, and so on. Naturally, you’re also given the opportunity to save all the
creatives you find, both images and videos. Demo-mode allows you to try all the
features for free. Only the number of search queries, search results and the ability
to download promotional materials are limited. Monthly access will set you back $40.

AdLover should be your prime choice if you work with Instagram — a unique parser.
The service is capable of analyzing millions of different teasers that are uploaded by
advertisers to Instagram via Facebook Ads. This includes posts and stories in
users’ feeds. Any creatives can be downloaded in their original size, format and then
used for your own purposes. There are many ways to find creatives in user feeds and
stories. You can indicate a word that must be included in the text of the post, link
or username.

You can specify the post date, select the type of content (does it contain a video or
not), whether there is an app, the language of the teaser, and sort by publication date,
frequency of display, video views and likes. $21 will grant you full access to all the
service’s features. The latter searches through 75,000 already indexed teasers and
new ad materials as well. The license is purchased for one user. The demo version
of the product is available with limited functionality: 7 search results without the ability
to download content, no more than 7 requests per day.

And finally, let’s talk about a real titan among spy services — AdPlexity. An easy way
to not just see but also download creatives, landings, traffic sources and offers that
are currently performing best of all. Offers tools to track mobile, native, desktop and
adult campaigns in 75+ countries. The only service that monitors ads in the traffic of
120+ mobile operators. It lets you study profitable campaigns from desktop pop-up
traffic sources, monitor bundles for offers of over 100 affiliate networks.

The service monitors ads of 25 ad exchanges (each one focusing on a specific type
of advertising), which lets you study the banners of your competitors – see the
number of impressions for a certain amount of time, devices, sites and countries.
The ability to view ads inside mobile apps should be separately noted. As for features,
everything is covered, this tool provides a ton of fresh solutions.

Looking up someone else’s creatives is all fine and well, but it’s best not to just
blatantly copy them. Instead, analyze their approach and make a unique creative, since
it’s highly likely that it will get a CTR much higher than the “used-up” one you got off the
spy service.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Cookies Cancelled – What Should the Market Expect: Global Overhaul or
Alternative Solutions?

Google announced a complete rejection of third-party cookies by 2023. Currently,
there are 3 types of cookies:

●First party cookies - files that are created and used by the website itself;
●Second party cookies - data to be transferred between companies;
●Third party cookies - files that are created and used by third-party Adtech services
for analytics based on information from different platforms;

The corporation intends to limit the storage time of First party cookies to the
shortest possible period, and to exclude Third-party cookies in Chromium browsers.
According to an estimate for 2021, this is 64.48% of users; the restrictions will affect
all devices. This is done to enhance user privacy. But Google’s plans don’t stop at no
longer using user data – it also wants to use its new FLoC tool. There are also other
third-party tools that will not be banned by the monopolist, we’ll take a look at them

Why Are Cookies so Important in Traffic Arbitrage?
Third party cookies are widely used in affiliate marketing. Thanks to them, affiliate
programs track which links users have clicked to visit the page of the offer. With
this information in hand, they determine who should be paid.

Cookies also provide information to most ad platforms for targeting and retargeting
campaigns based on lookalike audiences.

End-to-end analytics data will be inaccurate, because without collecting and storing
cookies, websites will receive minimum information about the user.Also, without
cookies, it will be difficult for webmasters to assess which traffic sources are more
efficient, as there will be almost no information on users going from one website to

What Does Google Offer Instead of Cookies?
Initially, the corporation planned to cancel cookies and switch to its own data
collection algorithms in the spring of 2021. But after the discussions with market
participants, they worked out a systematic transition to FLoC by 2023.

Federated Learning of Cohorts is a type of web tracking that analyzes data of groups
of people based on interests and behavior. Data will be collected in a more
generalized manner and based on user groups. Google also promises to store data
locally and create an anonymous profile with the user's interests, which they can
delete or correct. Ads will be displayed based on this data. The company says this
will increase the confidentiality of personal data.

Nevertheless, most analytics systems work with first party cookies, which are stored
for a long period of time. Also, users log in to social networks, online stores and
services using these cookies. If you prohibit storing first party cookies for more than
a day, users will have to log in each time they visit the website. Google is unlikely
to create such discomfort.

Alternatives for the Gambling Industry
The new policy directly affects the CPA business model. Many market participants
have already begun to prepare for new working conditions. Here are preparation
guidelines for major market participants.

Despite the severity of the looming problem, keep in mind that Google still derives
most of its income from advertising. The transition to FLoC rather illustrates the
corporation's desire to seize the advertising market than increasing concern for users.
Those who have not yet worked with Google advertising sites should start doing that.
Whatever tools the corporation comes up with, advertising campaigns will still be
launched and generate income for both affiliates and the corporation itself.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager


Webmasters are constantly looking for new GEOs to scale up existing links and new
leads. However, before launching advertising campaigns, you need to know the
specifics of the country. And today we have prepared a material about NOT the
most popular GEO - Greece. So, read the text carefully and get down to business!

The population of Greece is over 12 million people. About 92% of the population
are locals, 5% are Albanians and 3% are other ethnic groups. 99% of the population
speak Greek, with a small number of English and French speaking citizens
(only 1%). This data concludes that it’s better to launch the ads in Greek. It's
pointless to launch them in English as the population barely speaks it. Almost 68%
of the population have access to the Internet.

The most popular social networks are Facebook (65%) and Instagram (12%).
Twitter and Pinterest follow them. The most popular sites are Google, YouTube,,, In addition to international social media, Greece
has its own local news sites and other platforms.

Here's a list of the most popular ones: – a local online news outlet; – news site; – a market place; – a news site.

YouTube is second in the ranking of popular sites, which means that the audience
in Greece mostly prefers video content. So, we recommend using animated images
in banners instead of static pics. But this is rather relevant for the desktop versions.

Just like in the rest of Europe, in Greece the most popular mobile operators are
Orange, Vodafone, Three and Globalsim. However, unlike other European countries,
Greece’s Internet speed is really slow. It reaches only up to 10 Mbps. It means that
the mobile Internet will hardly download ads with animation or GIFs. And this must
be considered when doing creatives.

However, WI-FI in Greece is free all over the country and is high-speed. There are
over 5,000 free wireless hotspots in Greece. Generally, it’s used not only by tourists,
but also by locals, so desktop adds and partially ads from mobile devices will load

Let’s review the peculiarities of mentality and the best approaches for driving traffic
to gambling. The best stories to use in creatives are:

1. News stories. The main goal is to announce an outstanding win, but indirectly,
e.g., in the context of other news.

2. Success stories - as natural and great as possible. They shouldn’t cause
any controversy.

3. Adult - there may be sex stories, banners, and teasers with sexual connotations.
The main topic is what girls are capable of for expensive gifts that are bought with
money won in the casino. These pre-landers and creatives are good because they
motivate the target audience.

4. Private chats and Telegram channels - this tool can be used in different ways,
for example, to collect an active audience and convert traffic.

5. A promise to reveal the secrets of winning strategies - in this case, the leads are
prepared for making deposits to test the scheme of the game in practice.

Since the population in Greece is not rich and open to entertainment, these two
triggers can be safely used in creatives. When driving traffic to apps, keep in mind
that the majority of the population is using Android.

At the moment this GEO is extremely underestimated and there is much less
demand than supply, so we recommend testing it. We have the following offers
for Greece:

Offer: 846 20 Bet [Android]

Bid: 125 USD
Conversion: 16.13% / 20% (inst2reg and reg2dep)

Offer: 1033 Vulkan Vegas
Bid: 95 USD

If interested, text Alex:

Skype: live: .cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Basic principles of CLICKLEAD and an announcement of a nice bonus
for its webmasters

Hey everyone! Anton Voistrikov here. The owner of CLICKLEAD. Today I
would like to talk about the way CLICKLEAD operates as a whole and
explain why each part of our little formula is basically a golden ratio in
the field of affiliate marketing and gambling affiliate programs. All the
principles can be scaled to any affiliate marketing company.

Quality product. One of the most important components of any company
is the product it pumps out. By product we mean not only offers, but the
affiliate program’s ecosystem as a whole. During the five years of
CLICKLEAD's existence, we went through radically different phases, with
each mistake being an opportunity to learn from it and grow. Today our
affiliate program is a system that has departments interacting within it,
with each area being handled by a specially assembled team.

Everyone should do the thing they know best how to. And communication
between departments should be outlined and polished, so that everyone
understands what they are responsible for and what their colleagues
expect of them.

We pay special attention to the technical component of the platform on
which CLICKLEAD operates and with which our partners interact every
day. Launched in 2019, the platform has undergone a number of changes.
Basically, a whole series of mistakes last year forced us to rewrite the
platform entirely, we’re planning on finishing “moving” sometime next

We improve not only the throughput of data reception and
analytics, but also the “convertibility” of the players who have passed
through our tracking systems, thereby enhancing each separate area of
operation. CLICKLEAD’s webmasters know знают, what results to expect
from our system's application, and advertisers year after year get
increasingly more effective ways to retain players, again, all thanks to
the company’s apps. We plan to go through all stages of working with
apps separately in the near future.

If we talk about working with apps, then everything goes through an
internal media buying pre-filter, which can tell in practice, not just in
theory, what currently works best and brings more profit. As of today
we have 4 media buying teams, such a model helps us quickly adapt
to market changes.

Another one of our beliefs is that apps should be free. Many will find
such a stance unusual and brush it off as just a shallow marketing
technique, but, in fact, it is an adequate approach to work. We have
developed a set of rules we stick to and don’t shift responsibility
to others for:

1) resources where we provide applications and the webmaster doesn’t
need to worry about their cost.
2) mistakes on our part where cover the publishers’ expenses.
3) payouts in any convenient form without additional costs and shifting
the responsibility of covering them on others.
4) any other expenses incurred by the business as it operates.

All this is done with only one goal in mind: the webmaster’s focus
should be devoted entirely to attracting traffic. At what cost - we believe
that this is our task and our approach to business, and the publisher
gets what he sees in the statistics in the form they find convenient.

This leads us to the next important CLICKLEAD principle — transparency.
Our economy is clear and transparent for all partners whom we help to
make money. The advertiser department can flesh out any incoming
traffic, which also helps offer affiliates pay rates they would never get
working with advertisers directly, since the latter will never get a decent
ROI without CLICKLEAD’s apps.

Transparency also applies to the internal structure of the company. Its
management has a strategy and development plans for the company for
the next 5 years. What many consider dangerous, is actually fundamental
for us. I find that managers are better at getting things done when they
know what their department is aiming for and in which direction their
colleagues from other departments are heading. Let me put it this way,
it’s important for me to know they’re in sync.

When employees understand how their actions or negligence affect the
overall result, they see the whole picture — the entire team works to
their fullest, moving along a specific path even when the market is
dominated by uncertainty. It sounds pompous, but having 4 teams
makes it easier to solve issues with risk payments or whatever other
trick Facebook decides to pull out of its hat, and more than that, in
practice it’s a lot faster, I see the same thing in other directions and

All these principles help us ensure and preserve decent working conditions.
And today is one of those pleasant moments. Allow me to introduce to you
our strategic partner — one of the best payment tool services on the
market — Ecards. Our affiliates and media buyers have long been working
with Ecards, whose cards are considered some of the best on the market
when working with all traffic sources, from Facebook to In-App networks.

CLICKLEAD partners get to work with these products on the same
conditions as with all the other goodies that we roll out — topping up
Ecards from our network’s balance is done charge-free, 1to1, with decent
offer pay rates and conversion rate. The same situation as with all the
other aspects of cooperating with our company, be it working with our app
or receiving payments. As they say, focus on attracting high-quality traffic,
and we’ll take care of topping up your Ecards at no additional charge for
the webmasters. I will tell you more about all the details and bonuses of
the strategic partnership between our two companies a little later.

We have been operating transparently and in the open since 2016, with a
single goal. It is important for us that you turn a profit. Thank you all for
reading and may your bundles convert well


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Why is gambling technically simple at the start?

The annual gambling turnover is increasing year after year and in 2020 reached
almost 2.5 trillion dollars. At the same time, the income of the entire industry
amounted to more than 400 billion dollars, 350 of which went to offline companies
and casinos and about 100 billion dollars went to online companies.

Also, the demand and growth of gambling was influenced by the Covid pandemic -
every year the niche is growing by 10-12%. And if you still don’t see why
webmasters love the gambling vertical so much, check out our article. It will tell you
all about the technical side of the vertical and why it’s much easier to start here than
it seems.

Before moving on to the technical side, we have prepared a profile of the target
audience so that you could understand who you’ll interact with and what a typical
online casino gambler looks like. If we talk about the early 2000s, the players in the
countries of Eastern Europe (incl. Russia and Ukraine) were young people under
28. Usually, these were males with an average or high level of income who wanted
to have some fun and try something new.

However, the audience has changed over the past 20 years: now all people from
20 to 50 years old gamble. But you should remember that most of them are the
same casino lovers from the 2000s. In Tier 2 countries the target audience is a
male over 25 with an average salary, who wants to earn extra money and raise his
self-esteem. In the USA, Canada and Australia, the situation is the opposite: the
entire population starting from the age of 18 gambles. Interestingly, for many it is
just a way to have fun, have a good time or even just a weekend hobby.

According to the Gambling Commission study, players can be divided into
two main groups:

● Regular - experienced players who know how the casino works and are attracted
by big bonuses, simple promotions and updated slots. This group of people is ready
to make repeated deposits and invest bigger amounts of money;
● Casual - an ordinary gambler, who has little entertainment or emotions in their life.
They decided to play for the sake of interest. The likelihood that such players will
play a lot is extremely small.

If we talk about modern approaches, it is preferable and easier to drive traffic to
gambling offers using apps. The main advantage of this method is that a cloaking
tool is already built into them and the traffic driving model itself is much simpler.
You need to understand that landing and pre-landing pages are in the past. You
don’t have to search for white- and blacklists, buy domains and change them after
the source gets banned, or set up cloaking or many other technical tools, as for
example they do in the nutra vertical.

If we talk about creatives, then social media treats them much better than nutra or
dating ones.Obviously, it has an impact on your earnings. Сreatives with emotions
don't trigger the source’s mods as much as an image of a doctor does.

Payments is another important topic. In Tier 1 countries, payments can reach up
to several hundred dollars, which makes it possible to make good money and
constantly look for new approaches.

Considering that there are more and more gamblers springing up every day, you can
understand what the prospects of this vertical are and you better start right now.
Apps, traffic driving guides and approaches to creatives - you can find it all here!

T J Tutor

Certified Vendor
Dojo Master
AWESOME information. Thanks, well worth jumping in on the gambling sector. Loads of members are jumping in.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Typical gambler’s profile

To make sure your online casino ads attract the highest possible number of
gamblers, you need to compile a profile of your target audience that’s as
accurate as possible. That’s why today we’ve prepared an article where we
talk about and describe in detail the profile of your typical seasoned gambling
addict. You best take a seat and get ready to take some notes - there will be
a lot of new information.
According to UKGC’s 2019 report, over half of online casino-goers are people
aged 25 to 44. While on the website, they make deposits worth 100+ dollars.
This also includes VIP clients as well as big-bettors. The 45-55 years old age
group takes up 9% of the total number of visitors. And young people (18-24)
– 11%. Over 80% of gamblers are male.

The average deposit amount is higher for men, but women replenish their account
more often. Females make up only 30% of the VIP clients, since it’s more prone to
gambling addiction. And if at one point men can just stop, women will keep
gambling over and over — it becomes personal for them.

In Europe, the share of mobile users is gradually increasing with every year. By
2022, mobile devices will surpass their desktop counterparts in popularity -
convenience and simplicity come first. It is thanks to the development of mobile
devices in Africa that the gambling sector has begun to actively invade that region
in recent years.

Online casino visitors are mostly blue-collar workers, middle-level managers and
people with a high level of income. The first two segments see the game as a way
to make money, the third as a way to relieve stress after a hard day of work. The
female part of the audience - mostly from middle and low income households,
comes to gambling sites to get emotional relief.

The general goals of the players are as follows: ones are trying to make a large
amount of money, others are out for a quick shot of adrenaline and excitement,
and the 3rd group is trying to deal with their boredom and raise their self-esteem
by winning.

In the warm season, gambling websites aren’t as bustling as in autumn and winter.
This is due to people being away on vacations, out in the countryside or just outside.
In spring and summer, the peak of visitor activity is on Thursdays and Fridays from
17:00 to 23:00. In the autumn-winter period, users are active on weekends in the
evenings. By Monday, the number of players goes down.What’s interesting is that
people’s superstitions persist not just in their daily lives but also when it comes to

For example, some players believe in various talismans (a lucky number, an article
of clothing, amulets), they carry these items with them, touch them, unfold them and
always maintain a mental connection with them. Others entrust their luck to the start
— this includes various common signs and horoscopes. And someone just goes yolo
with “beginner’s luck” — even experienced gamblers that want to grab luck by the
privates occasionally resort to such methods. In reality though, superstitious
gamblers are actually just helping the gambling industry make more money, with
the latter having its own talisman store and entire ad campaigns devoted to “safe
winning” strategies and other knick-knacks for superstitious people.

Online casino users have the same tastes as their offline counterparts. Player
preferences and engagement rates vary by region. European players love slots,
but offline casinos are not out of style yet either. But in Australia and Canada,
the population is so obsessed with gambling that they are ready to play anything
and anywhere - from slot machines on the street to online games.In African
countries like Kenya, Nigeria, online casinos are just emerging due to the general
growth of technology in the region, and there they prefer online casinos.

So, what does the modern casino-goer look like? The first thing that usually comes
to mind is the right answer: a young male with an average-level income. In more
developed countries, players also have higher income and education levels, they
are interested in technology and live in a mobile world. Even though gamblers are
predominantly male, there are also quite a lot of female players, especially in Europe
and North America.

In countries that aren’t as economically prosperous, the bulk of the gambling
community is made up of people who gamble often: most of the 23-35
year olds who play slots and place sports bets are the ones that do it every day.
And while it’s true that most casino-goers are young males, there are more and more
reasons to take into account the female audience as well as those who don’t fit into
that age group we just mentioned. After all, gambling is also a form of entertainment.
But remember that it’s still always better to consult with your manager before you set
up the targeting.

All the data in the article was taken from official sources and foreign UKGC and
Keytocasinos reports.

T J Tutor

Certified Vendor
Dojo Master
Great info for targeting! I always split my campaigns so they are each specifically defined for a very narrow demographic.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Android or IOS?

The gambling vertical is attracting more and more attention – most newbies start
here, entire teams switch over from other verticals and create new ones tailored
to driving traffic to casinos. And in today’s article we’re going to talk about what
apps you should use and also provide a list of the best GEOs.

If we talk about iOS applications and their advantages: rare bans, high user
loyalty and the ability to drive traffic to bundles for a long time. As for the cons:
high installation cost and more expensive ways of attracting the audience.

In Android apps, traffic is launched faster since Google Play is a platform highly
trusted by Facebook, making the installs cheaper. However, you’re more likely
to get banned here and because of that you need more time to get in the black.

iOS apps live longer and their main advantage is that if you manage to pass the
App Store’s moderation (which isn’t easy), they last long enough for a large spend.
Naturally, scaling is easier and you can develop more hypotheses to conduct more
tests. Meaning that you’ll identify a bundle with a high ROI much faster. As for
client loyalty, iOS users over time get used to paying for content, so the audience
here is more solvent.

Android apps last less, but due to the large volume of potential traffic, you can
quickly conduct lots of tests and turn a nice profit in a short period of time. And
since the audience is a lot wider, you can launch multiple ad campaigns to test
your approaches. An excellent option for newbies or large teams capable of
driving large volumes of traffic.

And we also prepared a list of the top 4 gambling GEOs, where absolutely all
people love to roll the dice.

Finland — according to statistics, 55% of the total population gambles at least once
a week. Add to this few forms of entertainment and state-imposed restrictions, you
can tell how hard the people here yearn for something new.

Our managers recommend:
Offer: SOL Casin
Payout - 140 USD

Canada — over 75% of the population engages in gambling activities. Going to the
casino here is considered mundane, most people even give gambling-related gifts.
Why not tell these people about your unique offer?

Our managers recommend:
Offer: Jet Casino
Payout - 175 USD
inst2reg/reg2dep - 42.48% / 18.31%

Offer:SOL Casino
Payout - 175 USD
inst2reg/reg2dep - 40.43% / 21.53%

Ireland — online gambling isn’t regulated in this country in any way, which is why
everyone loves the former. People don’t regard the casino as a way to make money,
just as a great way to pass the time.

Our managers recommend:
Offer: LeoVegas
Payout - 165 USD

Germany — by our own account, Germans are the second most gambling nation on
the planet. As far as 10 years ago, the country’s residents spent over 70 billion euros
a year on gambling. Any German has the right to access the online casino of any
country and spend as much money as they please. On average, Germans spend 720
euros on gambling annually.

Our managers recommend:
Offer: Vulkan Vegas
Payout - 250 USD
nst2reg/reg2dep - 32.71% / 8.2%

The main differences between iOS and Android are the traffic volumes and scalability.
iOS is more promising and more lasting, while Android is more simple and cheaper,
which attracts both newcomers and seasoned pros. And since in affiliate marketing
the rate at which the expenses are recovered is vital, most market participants prefer
the “Robot”.
Last edited:


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Affiliate’s blog: September-end results

Hello everyone, September is coming to an end and we are posting our regular
monthly report.
Today we’ll tell you about the average indicators, the best offers and apps, as well
as things you should pay attention to in October. Let’s go:

Which GEOs converted best of all in September?

1. Country: Canada

Offer - SOL/JET Casino [TIER 1]
inst2reg/reg2dep - 46.01% / 18.96%
Offer - Vulkan Vegas

2. Country: Germany
Offer - Vulkan Vegas
inst2reg/reg2dep - 31.37% / 9.58%

3. Country: Netherlands
Offer - Mason Slots [Android]
inst2reg/reg2dep - 34.45% / 21.46%

4. Country: France
Offer - MaChance
inst2reg/reg2dep - 22.92% / 13.68%

5. Country: Greece
Offer - 20 Bet [Android]
inst2reg/reg2dep - 24.1% / 10.85%

Here are the most popular apps this month:

The most popular apps for September were:

Red King Achievement (the app has been conducting traffic almost all of
September while maintaining a decent conversion rate)

Epic Platinum Commander (a new app, a replica of the previous one,
the conversion rate is also stable)

There were a couple others but they already got banned(

What GEOs should you pay attention to in October?

If we talk about Tier 1 countries, then take a closer look at:

Netherlands (Offers - Masson Slots; N1 Casino)
Germany (Offers - Vulkan Vegas; Crazyfox Casino; National Casino)
Austria (Offers - N1 Casino, National Casino)
Canada (Offers - SOL Casino, Jet Casino)

As for Tier 2:
Greece (Offers - 20BET, National Casino)
Chile (Offers - Vulkan Vegas)

If, after reading the article, you’re still not sure what GEO and offer to pick, contact
Alex. He will help you make your choice and select a suitable approach.

Skype: live:.cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead

Have a profitable October and be sure to join our race. After all, everyone has a
chance to win


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

Options for working with gambling for site owners

Gambling continues to gain momentum every year and this is an excellent
opportunity for owners of Internet resources to seize an additional source of
income. And today we have prepared a fascinating and informative article
about the cards you’re dealt - which system is most profitable, what sort of
traffic do advertisers prefer and much more!

There are currently two most popular payment methods in the gambling

1. CPA — payment per target action. In our case - per registration or made deposit.
2. Revshare — a promising payout model that provides you with a fixed cut of the
profits the casino made off the attracted gambler.

Most website owners prefer the Revshare model, but we still decided to cover
both options to identify the most lucrative way of working with gambling offers.
Now then, let’s start off by stating that solvent males over 25 is a very valuable
type of traffic and lets you get better conditions with advertisers. Let’s use a
specific example. Let's say you connected the Jet Casino offer, GEO - Canada,
with a $175 payout per deposit. But other conditions are also possible — through
Revshare you’d be getting a percentage of the funds the player loses.

And here’s where good ol’ math comes in — if you want to earn more here and now,
there’s no point to choose the Revshare option: many will make a single deposit and
leave afterwards. After all, getting $175 for each attracted player is a lot better and
faster than waiting for a person to actually gamble away the same amount.

A separate benefit of the CPA model is the ability to swap offers and thus work only
with the best conditions on the market. After all, it’s no secret that sometimes casinos
mess up with payments or their website may be down or any other technical issues
may be present. This is where the ability to just change offers comes to the rescue.

For example, there are at least 2 casinos for every GEO that boasts a decent
conversion rate (and accordingly - decent profits for affiliates and webmasters).
And here’s another tip that will help boost your conversion rate. Don’t forget to take
into account the GEO you’re working with — if this is a country where the people
love to gamble and have a high level of average income (Canada, Australia, Ireland),
in your creatives, put emphasis on fun, excitement and comfort. But if your traffic is
mainly Tier 2, focus on ways to make a quick buck and lucky stories.

And summing up, we can say that working with the CPA and Revshare models are
both lucrative options, but if your priority is to earn money quickly, then feel free to
message Alex and he will offer you very good conditions.

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Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead
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1. CPA — payment per target action. In our case - per registration or made deposit.
2. Revshare — a promising payout model that provides you with a fixed cut of the
profits the casino made off the attracted gambler.

Both great options!

Seems to me a split test per demographic and geo would be in order to know which to scale.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

See you at the Moscow Affiliate Conference

Hello everyone, if you want to chat with our team offline, then you just
got a great opportunity. October 5 and 6 at the MAC 21 conference, we
will tell you about the gambling industry, recommend approaches for
different GEOs, help solve technical issues on Fb, Google, TikTok and
other sources, as well as reveal a couple of insights about our race.

Come find our team using the CLICKLEAD signs, October 5 and 6 at the
Main Stage, Moscow.


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Affiliate Manager

Gambling News Digest for September 2021!

Today we’ve prepared for you the hottest news from the world of online casinos for
the current fall. Many people miss out on the info buzz and fail to adapt to new
market conditions in time, so be sure to read our article and reflect on how this or
that event may affect your activities!

Studies on the gender division of gambling in the UK have been published. The
research showed that women buy lottery tickets more often than men (72% vs
58% of the total number), with men being more active in online gambling - sports
bets (45% vs 23%) and poker (7% vs 1%).

The Swedish Online Gambling Association (BOS) has asked the government to
lift the temporary restrictions for online casinos. In a letter addressed to the
authorities, the members of the association asked to move up the lifting of
restrictions from November 14 to September 29. The letter followed a press
conference by the Swedish government, which announced the abolition of covid
restrictions scheduled for the end of the first month of fall.

Tabcorp (Australia's largest gambling company) has asked the Australian
government to impose tougher restrictions on primetime gambling advertising.
Tabcorp representatives are supposedly alarmed by the number of casino ads
that has surged recently and are aiming to protect underaged Internet users as
well as people suffering from gambling addiction.

In Uzbekistan, people are proposing to pass a bill that would change the
procedure for licensing bookmakers. The initiative was provoked by the
growing popularity of foreign online bookmakers, which are not regulated
in any way by law and do not bring any income to the country. Currently,
the proposal implies the creation of an operational group of specialists
which will be responsible for issuing licenses to bookmakers, who’s activities
haven’t been restricted in any way since 2019.

The Norwegian government announced the possible ban of foreign online
gambling websites. Reports claim that the ban may affect such major market
players as Betsson, Unibet and ComeOn.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (province of Canada) is launching
online gambling. The first gambling website will feature both an online casino
and sports bets and is set to launch in 2022.

The Dutch regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has issued 10 licenses to online
operators at once, with the recipients being announced at a later date. The KSA
Chairman noted that the number of license holders will only increase in the future.

The Dutch government has issued a warning to unlicensed online casino operators
to terminate all their activities in the Dutch market before the new regulations take
effect. Entain Partners have already announced their intention to apply for a license
today, stating that all offers for Dutch gamblers will be deactivated. Entain's brands
include big names like bwin, Ladbrokers, PartyCasino, and Optibet.

Recent studies have shown that Spain is the country with the lowest number of
“problematic gamblers”.

The report claims that only 0.25% of Spanish players are addicted to gambling.
iGN: Spain managed not only to catch up to Denmark, who’s "problematic" rating
is considered one of the lowest in Europe (2.9%), but to even overtake it.

The Netherlands have launched an online gambling market. As of today, residents
of the country can legally bet on sports and gamble in online casinos. iGN: Before
this, online casinos were banned altogether, with the initial plan being for the market
to start operating in July 2020 but the covid pandemic shifted launch dates
significantly. Swiss regulators Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission (ESBK) and
Gespa have added nearly 50 online gambling websites to their blacklist, including a
domain that redirects to Bet365.

The blacklists have been regularly updated since 2019, with the goal of identifying
websites and domains that are considered to be operating illegally in the country.
The previous update took place back in June. ISPs have been ordered to block all
sites that make the list. The latest update saw a domain that redirected to Bet365
- being added to the Gespa and ESBK lists. In total, rhere are 18
sites on Gespa's blacklist including the betting exchange, the
esports betting website and - the 11th Bahigo-
branded site to appear on the list., and were also blacklisted.

Jade Entertainment has been licensed by the Philippine Regulatory Authority
(PAGCOR) to run online bookmakers. Jade Entertainment views the Philippines
as the most developed market in Asia and are excited by the prospects of their
future activities.

US casinos and bookmakers reported record-breaking profits for the second
quarter of 2021. The revenue amounted to $13.6 billion, which is 26.3% higher
than in the same period for 2019. The reports note that players are actively
trying to make up for lost time after last year's covid restrictions, which, not
least of all, affect the establishments’ income growth.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

iGaming in Google UAC

Many webmasters have heard about Google advertising, but not everyone is
aware of UAC - a separate offshoot that deals with promoting mobile apps.
In today’s article we will cover this traffic source in detail, its relevance and
features of working with gambling. So sit back and enjoy, this material is jam-
packed with useful content!

The main advantage of UAC is that the market scope is simply colossal and
you can drive traffic for a very long time. In addition to this, you can opt for
partial monetization, which reduces time costs. In other words, if you have
a suitable app, you know how to clean and select sites and have properly
set up the optimization, then UAC will do everything else on its own.

The process itself is extremely simple: you connect suitable apps, launch
creatives from trust accounts and upload them. This is where all your work
ends, as you cannot manage anything else. The traffic source itself chooses
target audiences based on the app, categories and descriptions. Also, keep
in mind that it is extremely difficult to work with UAC on your own, because
in this case you need to simultaneously monitor creatives, the technical
aspects, app development and tests.

You should also take a closer look at the requirements for advertising in UAC.
The first problem you'll run into is accounts. It is almost impossible to start from
new profiles, not to mention actually using them in the long-run and pouring
considerable investments into them. At the very least, you need accounts that
were used to spend at least $100 and have existed for more than 1 month.

The most interesting thing is that the account must correspond to the selected
country: you won’t be able to drive traffic to other countries.

When it comes to apps, you need to think through every single aspect: design,
proper description, category and age restrictions (since no one needs teenage

In total, in order to drive traffic, you will need properly made mobile applications,
a pumped-up Google account for publishing the apps (preferably at least 1 month
old) and a Google Ads account, which must be linked to Firebase (for basic
analytics of mobile app user behavior). It should be noted that you can connect
your Google Ads and Firebase accounts only if you have the owner (project in
Firebase) and administrator (in Google Ads) rights.

An advertising campaign is launched as follows:
1. First, select “Universal App Campaign” in Firebase
2. Then you need to choose the type of application that you will promote.
3. Create and add four variations of text that UAC will use for creatives. It is
necessary to make them as different from one another as possible.
4. After that add your creatives (the maximum is 20, and the more, the better)
for the algorithm and the tests themselves.
5. And finally, choose the goal of the advertising campaign - either installing
the application, or stimulating users to perform the target action in the app itself.

At the moment, with warmed-up accounts and properly created applications,
scaling gambling ad campaigns in UAC is easy, and if you manage to hook the
right audience, then expect big profits to come pouring in! When developing apps,
our team takes into account all source requirements. Choose one of our apps and
get right into driving traffic. May all your endeavors be profitable.