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CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical
Hey everyone
We are CLICKLEAD - an affiliate network with the best conditions in the gambling vertical.
We have been partnered with many advertisers since 2016 - which is why many of them
cooperate with us on exclusive terms.

We are trusted
Both beginners and seasoned professionals started working with us. We actually offer
high rates to each partner.

We work only with the best
We provide exclusive rates for the best players in the market - Parimatch, Vulkan Vegas,
N1 Casino, Pin-up casino, Huffson group and many others

We are Tech-savvy
We provide our partners with not only high rates, but also a number of technical solutions
at each stage of the ad campaign: Free applications for IOS and Android, uniquelizer bots,
round-the-clock support, weekly payments without commissions to any payment systems.

We are confident in ourselves
That's why we are launching a competition with a prize pool of $1 million. Where only
the best will compete for the McLaren 765LT and other prizes. We aren't running a lottery
or quiz. We have transparent conditions and every partner has a fair chance to win.

But that's not all! Contact the manager, ask them to make a test drive and get the best
conditions and a complete working guide.

Skype: live:.cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead

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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical
Gambling is an incredibly profitable niche for affiliates. And every year this vertical grows
exponentially. New offers, high rates, convenient payment models — all these are significant
positive aspects of the vertical. What more can be said if, from time to time, more than a quarter
of the earth visit casinos and give their hard-earned money in the hope of hitting the jackpot.
In other words, an affiliate has more than 1.5 billion potential leads in gambling vertical.

The statistics are as follows:


And if we add the 4.2 billion people who spend money on gambling at least once
a year here, then we can draw a logical conclusion: although this is a "plowed field"
to work on, it has simply huge potential.

But there is a fairly logical question — to which audience in which countries should
traffic be driven? Let's take a look at the TOP 5 GEOs in gambling vertical, the current
ones for the 2nd quarter of 2021.


Canadians speak both French and English. In fact, both of them are official languages.
That is why, marketers and webmasters will not have problems with the translation of ads
and creatives. What you need to know about the target audience in the gambling niche
of this country:
●approximately 80% of the total population of the country, from time to time, visit gambling
halls (both offline and online);
●The target audience are capable of paying, since the average gambling age is 30-36 years;
● 75% of the players consider gambling to be a harmless and fairly normal entertainment;
●almost 3.5% suffer from ludomania — a gaming addiction (yes, this is not very good from
a moral standpoint, but it is to marketers’ advantage);
●of all the gamblers, 82% are men and 17% are women.

With an average salary of about 50,000 dollars a year in the country, gambling costs
are considered meagre by Canadians, which is a huge plus for us.

The best offers from us for Canada
N1 — 200-220 USD depending on the platform
MrBet — from 220 USD
National Casino — 140-170 depending on the platform


Offline gambling is actually thriving in Germany, on the contrary, online gambling
is prohibited and strictly controlled. But this does not affect the activity of gamblers
who prefer virtual casinos in any way. Moreover, even Google allows gambling promotion
in contextual advertising.

In total, more than 80 million people live in this country. A certain part of them are regular
customers of offline/online casinos. What you need to remember about the peculiarities
of the country’s target audience, as well as what subtleties should be taken into account
when promoting gambling offers:
●Germans earn an average of 4 thousand euros a month, so they can easily afford to leave
a couple hundred in the casino;
●about 25 million residents of the country actively use Facebook, so it should be considered
as an effective platform for advertising offers;
●the peak of the gambling niche in the country occurred in 2015-2017, when the gambling
industry grew in sales volumes to 300 million euros (and continues to grow to this day);
●from 01.07.2021, a law has been signed in Germany that allows legalizing gambling,
so we should expect a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from ludomania.
The best offers from us for Germany
Vulkan Vegas — from 225 USD
Machance —200 USD
Slottica — 170 USD


In 2018, the Italian government approved a law according to which it is forbidden to advertise
gambling establishments in the country (directly or indirectly), as well as to sponsor a gambling
niche or promote casino services through any form of advertising. However, providing the target
audience with information on casino winnings, payout amounts, and contacts of gambling companies
is allowed.

What you need to know about the target audience and the features of GEO:
●since 2010, Italy has been removed from the ban on virtual gambling, since the legislation of that time
did not comply with the EU standards in relation to gambling;
●in the country, there are a lot of young people aged 15 to 19 who often spend money on gambling;
●usually, when making deposits and withdrawing funds from casinos, Italians use payment systems
such as: Neteller, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Visa;
●Italians (just like all people living in southern countries) are very hot-tempered, that’s why passion
is in their blood.

Conclusion: in Italy, you can promote gambling offers. However, with some tricks and restrictions.
But with a competent approach, you can still count on a good profit.

The best offers from us for Italy
Stellare — 160-200 USD depending on the platform
VegasPlus — 200 USD
Ardente — 160 USD


The Austrian gambling market is legalized at the provincial level, and is also regulated
at the federal level. Every year, about 8 million players (approximately) visit the country's
offline casinos, not counting those who prefer online gambling.

What you need to remember about the target audience:
●on average, every Austrian earns about 4 thousand dollars a month, so he or she
can spend money
on slots and casinos without any problems;
●casinos are allowed in the country, but the niche is monopolized, although Austrians
easily bypass the blocking of various casino sites and spend money on gambling,
where they think it is necessary;
●most often, men aged from 30 to 45 years enjoy gambling.

Although the official online gambling in Austria is monopolized by Casinos Austria AG,
this fact does not stop gamblers from constantly registering and putting money on a wide
variety of gambling sites.

The best offers from us for Austria
Vulkan Vegas — from 225 USD
N1 — 200-220 USD depending on the platform
20 Bet Casino — 160-190 USD depending on the platform


The Netherlands is one of those countries where various kinds of betting are accepted.
But until 2017, this did not apply to gambling (it was banned). Today, this niche
is absolutely legal, and working with the Dutch is no worse than working with
the Austrians or Italians.

Peculiarities of the target audience:
●more than 90% of people living in the Netherlands use smartphones for gambling;
●an average employee of a company in the Netherlands receives a salary
of 1.5-2.5 thousand euros and spends part of it on gambling;
●according to statistics, about 100,000 Dutch people suffer from ludomania, and 30,000
of them are also addicted to drugs and alcohol (with a population of just over 17 million people).

The Dutch, unfortunately (but fortunately for us) are extremely dependent people.
Therefore, it is extremely profitable to drive traffic to the gambling vertical in this niche.

The best offers from us on the Netherlands
Avalon — 170-210 USD depending on the platform
N1 — 200-220 USD depending on the platform
VegasPlus — 200 USD

What conclusion can be drawn from all of the above? At CLICKLEAD, we know how
to work on these geos, which is why our apps perfectly convert to residents of these
countries. But you need to remember that all the TOP GEOs listed above are highly
competitive, so you need to work hard to set everything up correctly in order to make
good profit.

If you do not know which offer to choose - write to Alex and he will help you to choose



Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical
Breaking down 3 myths about apps in affiliate networks

Hey everyone, today we’re going over one of the most frequently asked questions about apps:
is it more profitable to make them yourself or take them from an affiliate network? We have
compiled the main myths surrounding the topic and will now answer all your questions.

Let’s go:

Myth #1:
it’s a lot more profitable to drive traffic from your own apps. But how it really is: developing
a simple app costs roughly $200-250. Passing store moderation takes about a month. The reality is such
that they last 6-9 days. The reality is such that you can go through from 3 to 6 apps in a month. Therefore,
it’s a lot more lucrative to use ready-made apps from СРА networks and maintain close communication
with your manager in order to stay posted about all the updates, than to make a conveyor with a dozen
apps to ensure non-stop traffic flow.

Myth #2: affiliate programs don’t test out apps, instead just instantly make them publicly available. A partner
network gets apps either from its own dev team (that knows what sort of apps convert well) or it rents apps
on the market. Either way, a fairly large amount of traffic passes through the affiliate network and it knows exactly
which developers to work with, what applications they make and how long the latter last. Here at CLICKLEAD
we go both ways, so that you can get a quality app that will make you a profit. We verify the quality of the app
using our own traffic, through internal media buying, and only then do we release these apps to the public.

Our team has a specialized testing department that manually checks apps using large volumes of various
live traffic. It also monitors changes in sources so that the apps you get won’t get banned as much.

Myth #3: Apps get shared faster in affiliate networks. This one is partly true, we offer our partners technical
solutions that automate the process of sharing an app. You won’t have to wait for affiliates and you can share
the app at any time.

So, let’s make a conclusion: affiliate program apps are ready-made converting solutions that have been tested
and aren’t just a raw conveyor-belt product. Everything from the description and the ASO to the back-end interface
is based on an enormous array of data. Additionally, our managers constantly give affiliates tips on how to properly
launch and scale their projects. You can spend months testing your theories or you get a ready-made solution
and start driving traffic.

If you don’t know which app to choose, message Alex and he will help you pick out one that suits your GEO.
Have a profitable day.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical
What should a creative for gambling include and what are the most common mistakes
affiliate marketers make? In our latest article we've analyzed variations of creatives,
what to use for each geo, and also affiliate marketers' mistakes

Have a nice time reading ;)



Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical
Hope everyone's having a good Friday)

Are you ready to try on the role of the best gambling affiliate and claim your prize?
There is very little time left before the start of 2021's main competition.

After all, the prize fund is more than $1 million and that's no joke!

1st place - McLaren 765LT
2nd place - Secret prize (we will talk about it a little later)
3rd place - Secret prize (we will talk about it a little later)
4th place - A flight on a PRIVATE JET
5th place - A Audemars Piguet Watch

We don't have any wheels, cards, quizzes and other elements where luck
calls the shots. It all depends only on your result: the more leads you get - the higher
your chance to pick up a brand new McLaren or one of the other four prizes.
And partners that get into the Top 50 will also get nice gifts.

If you have not yet registered in our partner network - Welcome aboard.
Registered users will receive a newsletter about the start of the competition
a little sooner we go public with it ;)

Coming Soon. September 2021
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Alternatives to Facebook: what platforms to use when driving traffic
to gambling offers

Many affiliates promote gambling offers through Facebook because it’s “easier and
more familiar that way”. But besides this channel, there’s at least 5 others that are
highly productive. Let’s take a look at them.

Google UAC

Google UAC (Universal App Campaign) — is a service for promoting offers in
mobile apps. It displays ads in the search results, in the Play Market,
on YouTube, in its display network, banners and many other places. And all
the webmaster needs to do is set up the GEO and target action bid - UAC
takes care of everything else automatically.

Yes, if we’re talking about promoting gambling offers, such a bare minimum
of targeting settings is more of a drawback, but the enormous traffic volumes,
abundance of creatives and the almost non-existent possibility of getting banned
make it all worth it.

But recently, Google UAC has been gaining popularity as it gets easier to learn
and work with. The main advantage of this method is the ability to reach a wide
target audience by posting ads through a single ad account.

Contextual ads

You can promote gambling offers through Yandex or Google Display Networks.
This option will allow you to show ads to users in response to their search queries.
This is another good alternative to Facebook, because in addition to desktop
search results, your ads will also be shown in Yandex and Google mobile apps
as well as on the websites of their partners

In total, Yandex and Google have several million partner websites, meaning
this promotion method will help you convey information about the offer to the
widest possible range of potential users.


Many people think that it is difficult to promote gambling offers through SEO.
But it’s a lot easier than you’d think. Of course, we’re talking about “black SEO”,
since creating 4-5 websites won’t do much. That’s why here you should focus on
creating a grid of doorway-websites. One important point is that not all advertisers
are willing to pay for leads from such sites because technically the affiliate
using this method displaces their websites from the top search results. Meaning
you should first make sure it’s ok to use doorways before you start driving traffic.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO — a set of measures aimed at optimizing a mobile app:
  • title;
  • description;
  • keywords.
All these actions are performed in order to make the app more visible in the App Store
or Play Market. Using this approach, the affiliate marketer will be able to track
the downloads of the promoted application from advertising campaigns, as well
as monitor the relevance of the shown ads in accordance with the selected GEO.

In App traffic

In App advertising is a fairly new method of promoting mobile apps. There are special
In App networks that allow you to target ads in specific applications. This method
of promoting gambling offers has 3 significant advantages. They are all based
on statistics:
  1. Users spend 7 times more time in apps than in browsers.
  2. Over the past year people all over the world downloaded around 200
    billion apps
  3. Each year ad revenue from apps (of various themes) only gets bigger,
    which proves the method’s efficiency.
But the most valuable advice is that you don't need to get hung up on one Facebook
or any other website. You need to constantly test not only new creatives and bundles,
but also platforms you promote your gambling offer on. We have reviewed only
a fraction of the most popular platforms that show good conversions from
gambling today.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Top 3 GEOs for the gambling niche

In order for an affiliate to succeed in promoting gambling offers, it is an absolute
must for them to have an analytical mindset and constantly follow the news that in
any way relates to slot machines, roulette, casinos and other forms
of gambling entertainment.

But not everyone is endowed with such abilities, meaning you need to at least
need to be able to make cold calculations and constantly analyze the
ad campaigns you launched. And in order to get the highest possible profit,
it’s better to focus on the top GEOs for gambling.

We recently published a list of Top 5 GEOs best suited for gambling offers.
And in this article, we will take a loot at 3 more GEOs that will convert well in July.


Located in Western Europe and is populated by 67 million people. Tourists are
drawn in by Paris — the country’s capital, as well as by the opportunity to relax
by a sunny seaside. The government tightly controls the gambling sectors,
but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of gambling addicts in the country — on
the contrary, more and more people are getting into gambling.

According to the latest data, over 80% of the French population uses the Internet,
which indicates the country’s high technological development level (though,
this applies to all of Europe). Things are even better with mobile devices —
over 77% of the population use them (the country ranks 4th in the world
in this regard).

Gambling is legal in France. The government issues licenses for casinos,
online gambling establishments and in some cases for slot machines.
The features of the French gambling niche are as follows:
  • offline casinos bring in more than 2 billion euros to the state
    treasury in taxes annually;
  • more than 200 gambling establishments officially operate in France,
    they are managed by 4 companies (Tranchant, Barriere, Partouche
    and JOA);
  • about 32 million people visit land-based gambling establishments
    every year;
  • in the online segment, the annual income is lower - only 1.5 billion
    euros (approximately 3 million active online players);
  • 35 online operators operate legally in France, but 90% of them deal
    with sports betting and horse racing, as well as poker;
  • The online niche is regulated by the ANJ (National Gendarmerie of
    the French Republic), offline establishments are managed by the
    Ministry of Internal Affairs (which also issues the gambling licenses).
The online niche is also regulated by the ANJ, which issues poker, horse racing and
betting licenses. Moreover, according to the rules of ANJ, online gambling activities
in France can only be conducted by companies that are physically based
in the country.But like we mentioned, the ANJ doesn’t issue licenses to casinos and
slot machines, which is why the French are constantly on the lookout for gambling
establishments where they can spin some slots or try their luck in roulette.

The conclusion is obvious: the French are potential clients of many gambling clubs,
meaning they will happily start playing the slots that you offer them

The best offers from us for France

970 MaChance - 200 USD
771 Vive mon casino [CPA] - 150 USD


Over the past couple of years, the Spanish gambling market has been steadily
developing and literally at an exponential rate. And this amidst an economic crisis!
According to the report made by the Cejuego company and the University Carlos III
of Madrid, the gambling industry brings Spain more than 1.1 billion euros each year
(this is around 3% of GDP).

As of 2020, there are 80 officially registered gambling companies in Spain. Most
of them offer online casino and sports betting services. The gross income of Spanish
sports betting gambling establishments in 2020 grew by almost 14% and amounted
to 850 million euros (according to DGOJ — the niche’s official regulator Dirección
General de Ordenación del Juego).

The second largest niche is gambling (online casinos). In 2020, it brought Spain
350 million euros (up almost 34% compared to 2019). The most profitable was
the second quarter of 2020, with revenues of 231 million euros. Last year, 80
gambling companies officially operated in Spain, and most of them were focused
on casinos and sports betting. Meaning that affiliates will have plenty of room to
breathe should they choose to work with Spain.

The best offers from us for Spain

901 National Casino [Android] - 110 USD
965 Bettilt - 135 USD


Portugal is considered to be one of the most promising countries when we talk about
the gambling niche. After all, the Portuguese are very tolerant of gambling
(mentality-wise), and gambling establishments have existed in the country since
the XVIII century. It was legalized in 2015 and currently there are 8 gambling
companies operating in Portugal. But that doesn’t stop the population from spending
money on various gambling websites.

Features of the gambling niche in Portugal:
  • the Portuguese really enjoy gambling, specifically slot machines,
    followed by sports bets and lotteries;
  • the Portuguese annually spend about 3 billion euros on various forms
    of gambling entertainment;
  • there is no up-to-date accurate information regarding gambling
    in Portugal for the current year, but it is known that the Portuguese
    spend around 350-500 euros a month on gambling;
  • it’s best to drive traffic to gambling offers in Portugal through the RS
    and CPA models — affiliates report that these are the models that let
    them make the most profit.
The best offers from us for Portugal

901 National Casino [Android] - 95 USD
866 Vulkan Vegas - 130 USD

France, Spain and Portugal are, in a sense, an "unplowed field" for an affiliate working
in the gambling vertical, since casinos and slots are usually advertised in Tier
1 countries. Moreover, the gambling markets of these countries are very flexibly
regulated, meaning that they open up just enormous opportunities for affiliates that
work with gambling traffic.

If you do not know which offer to choose - write to Alex and he will help you to choose :)

Skype: live:alex_48109
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Affiliate blog

Hey everyone, looks like the second month of summer’s already gone and it’s high
time we take stock and make some recommendations for the upcoming month.
We asked Alex, what converted well in July and what you should focus on in August.
Let’s go.

What offers performed well in July?

In July, webmasters drove a lot of traffic to the following offers:

Offer: #869 Avalon [Android]
Country: the Netherlands
inst2reg - 2,7 reg2dep- 8,6

Offer: #866 Vulkan Vegas
Country: Germany
inst2reg - 3,1 reg2dep- 8,9

Offer: #871 GG Bet Casino
Country: Poland
inst2reg - 4,3 reg2dep- 8,4

Offer: #960 N1 Casino [Android]
Country: Austria
inst2reg - 4,8 reg2dep- 8,6

Offer: #544 Mr.Bet Casino
Country: Canada
inst2reg - 3,9 reg2dep- 9,1

How was traffic distributed across devices?

According to our partners’ feedback, I think a 80%/20% (Android/iOS) ratio would
be accurate.
Currently, most of our partners work with Android apps, but there are also large
teams that drive traffic through iOS devices too.

What offers should you focus on in August?

This August, you should definitely turn your attention to Italy, France, Spain and
Portugal - these countries are just buzzing, lots of traffic is going through them,
like, really thick traffic flows.
As for offers:
Italy - Stellar Casino; MaChance
France - MaChance
Spain - National Casino
Portugal - 20 BET

For mr.BET specifically, I’d also add Canada - a very promising GEO for this offer.

Our pay rates for these offers are one of the most competitive on the market +
our apps for these GEOs show excellent conversion rates, since our app design
is as gambling-focused as possible.

What approaches should you use when working with these countries?

As for approaches, safe to say that it’s just standard stuff, the best way to go is
use localized creatives (written in the targeted GEOs language). Your creatives
should also showcase the best slots the offer has, as well as its bonuses. Include
the app’s design in the creative so that players have a clear understanding of
what they’ll see when they open the app.

And we would like to remind you that Alex is always ready to answer your
questions and recommend offers, approaches and apps that will convert
perfectly for your GEO.

Skype: live:alex_48109
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Apps or chat-bots. Which to pick when driving traffic to Facebook?

Modern affiliate marketing realities are such that webmasters are in constant search of
new ways to obtain traffic and have to test out each stage. And today we’re going
to cover a rather acute problem - is it better to work through apps or should you stick
to chat-bots?
Let’s deal with apps first. Driving traffic through app is a lot easier and more effective
than sending users to landing pages or big websites. But Zuckerberg is no fool -
Facebook understands that this method allows to show users ads that violate the social
network’s policies. That’s why now most apps don’t last longer than a week, and if you
work with gray-/black-hat niches, your app-related expenses will only continue to grow.
A great traffic-driving option right now is to rent apps from special services or affiliate
programs and work with them, without needing to financially support your own
dev team.

As for the pros:
1. Long-term interaction with the user — you can ping the user, sent them little
reminders as long as they have the app installed.
2. There’s plenty of creatives on spy services - no need to reinvent the wheel.
3. All users who have downloaded the app can be warmed up via push notifications,
effectively increasing the ROI.

Cons (if you’re developing the app yourself):
1. Long moderation process in app stores
2. Making apps from scratch is expensive

Chat-bots. This solution has been on the market for a long time and is an important
element in info-business funnels. They help distribute traffic and collect large volumes
of it in a specific spot. Chat-bots are the ones that currently pass moderation quickly
and have the ability to scale to whatever size you need. And our personal experience
with them lets us claim they lower ad campaign CPM by 15-20%.

Chat-bot pros:
1. Easily scalable auto funnel for traffic of any volume
2. The ability to additionally warm up users and chat with them
3. Cheap to develop and very easy to integrate with all platforms.

1. Not all people enjoy chatting with bots, this can damage your conversion rate.
2. You’ll require some technical know-how when creating and managing chat-bots.
To summarize, we can say that two methods have worked well in the gambling sector.
We provide apps to our partners, meaning you can focus completely on driving traffic.
We launch chat-bots only after passing preliminary moderation.

If you still have questions about chat-bots or apps - contact Alex, he’ll be happy to help:

Mail :
Skype : live:.cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram : @affiliate_clicklead


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Push notifications in gambling: getting the most out of them

In affiliate marketing, each little detail counts - sometimes minor nuances can kill
the entire bundle or vice versa - turn into massive profits. And our topic today is
remarketing — situations when a user installed the app, but you need to put the
“squeeze” on them to make them perform the target action.
Let’s start from the top. Many webmasters underestimate notifications, which
can actually increase the loyalty of the target audience and set up a step-by-step
remarketing system, which, in turn, maximizes the profit made off the bundle.
To get high engagement and a large number of reactions to all push notifications,
you need to keep in mind the following rules:
1. You need to try to send out a personalized offer - all people love to stand out -
they’ll appreciate you making them feel like more than just another entry on the
mailing list.
2. Use FOMO - the lost profits syndrome. If you fuel the flames at just the right time
by saying that this is the person’s last shot or the most lucrative promotion, the
player won’t be able to resist.
3. Be sure to test everything out to determine the optimal sending frequency and time.
This is usually how affiliates work: send a push from 08:00 to 09:30, then from 13:30
to 15:00, from 18:00 to 19:20 and from 20:45 to 22:00. But don’t go overboard —
constant spam of meaningless offers will only annoy your audience.
4. Don't beat around the bush - hit the target home with attractive personal bonuses
and an impressive jackpot.
5. Segment the TA into new and experienced players, after all, it would be stupid to
try to convince a seasoned gambler to make a first deposit.
6. Make sure the info is relevant. You mustn’t offer promotions that don’t exist; our
little tip - you should spruce up the info a bit, but don’t just blatantly lie.
All app push notifications can be divided into three types, which we will now break
down and provide examples for.

Push notifications with a registration call to action.
If the player downloaded the app but is yet to register, turn on your charm and
prove to them that registering and receiving your offer is vitally important for
them! At this stage, your notifications should focus on emotional impact, how
unique the offer is, the chance to hit a jackpot and make money without
much effort.
“A dose of pure adrenalin❗️Everyone wins - so can you All you need to do is register…”

Push notifications with a first deposit call to action.
It often happens that a person downloaded the app, registered and just forgot
about it, which means it’s the perfect time to remind them to take their first step -
make a deposit!
“Get your first deposit BONUS! Just launch the app, don’t miss out on
this opportunity❗❗❗️”

Push notifications calling for additional deposits.
Most affiliates think that their job is done once the first deposit is made. But hold
your horses - squeeze out all your players has to offer! In this case, push
notifications are an underappreciated remarketing tool that, given the correct
approach, makes gamblers want to feel those emotions and try their luck again
(giving you an opportunity to monetize your traffic some more).
But focusing on subsequent deposits, you increase the flow’s level of activity +
a chance to catch a high-roller, thereby enhancing the traffic’s quality. And the better
the traffic quality, the bigger the pay rate bump you can expect.

“Right now, the player name hit the jackpot for a total of 124 460 rub Unreal,
everyone’s on a roll - try your luck again❗️”

The text of the push notifications is, of course, important, but in addition to this,
the following factors play a huge role: the format of the notifications, the creative,
the native language of the audience, the time you send them and their number.
For example, push notifications that are used to convince a player to register are
best sent 2 times a day (after they install the app), after which you should take
a break and then make a little reminder in a day or two - don’t resort to spam,
that is a one-way ticket to the user unsubscribing and blocking you.

Here are the most common mistakes:
1. A dumb but very widespread mistake — designing creatives in a language other
than the one the audience actually speaks. Just a stupid lack of attention.
2. Blatant lying, which leads to a severely negative reaction and the user deleting
the app.
3. Constant spamming — instead of an actual offer, the person is subjected to
a never-ending newsletter, which only serves to annoy them.
4. Respects the person’s personal boundaries - no need to send notification at night,
nor during working hours - the casino is a person’s personal business.
5. The affiliate doesn’t understand what their audience is like and employs useless
messages that fail to provide any conversions.
Remember that push notifications can safely end up being х2-х3 income multipliers,
granted you know how to work with them and to gradually warm up the audience.
Make use of our tips and start maximizing your profit right now!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

2 Telegram bots from CLICKLEAD

Affiliate marketing is full of pitfalls and tiny nuances that an outside observer just
cannot see. That’s why we prepared 2 bots that’ll make driving traffic a lot easier!

It’s no secret that Facebook blocks creatives and remembers metadata to keep it out
of the system. You can get around this with the help of Photoshop and other photo
editors, but you don't want to waste time on this in 2021, and why would you when
there is such a thing as clicklead_apps. Besides photos, you can use it to change the
audio track, add invisible elements, delete metadata and a dozen other features that
make your file unique. Be sure to try it out — save your time and use it for something
more productive!

The other solution is clicklead_sharing for instant sharing of ad accounts for mobile apps.
Now, you no longer need to provide buyers with access to your affiliate network account,
all you need to do is request a password from the app and enter it into the bot and your
buyer will be able to look around your app accounts without having direct access to the
affiliate network. We can also transfer all statistics to your tracker. To do this, contact
your manager.
Use our bots and we’ll keep making ready-made solutions to make driving traffic
that much easier!


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

How affiliate programs determine the quality of your traffic

Hey everyone! We’re here today to talk to you about the ways affiliate programs
monitor the quality of the traffic you drive, since this is a burning issue for many
webmasters. Our managers have compiled a list of 8 main points according to
which incoming traffic is assessed:

1. The percentage of installation to registration and registration to deposits funnel
conversions. It’s all quite simple: if the conversion rate is low, it means that the
webmaster isn’t working with the target audience, possible misleading or just the
ad campaign is poorly made in general. The advertiser has average indicators for each
traffic source and they use them to get the bigger picture.

2. The size of the first deposits when you’re just starting out with the offer. Players who
started playing should be relevant to the volume of traffic. If this indicator is sagging, it
means some part of the funnel isn’t functioning properly and that in turn leads to an
additional examination of the webmaster’s traffic.

3. The average check of newly attracted players. It’s counted by dividing the entire sum
of made deposits on the total number of players. And the resulting amount should meet
the expectations for the offer.

4. The number of first and repeated deposits. The total amount of deposits made by
players is taken into account. It is just plainly unprofitable to work with users who top-up
their balance with just a few bucks.

5. NGR score (net casino income including all commissions) for the flow. This is an
indicator of the casino's net income.

6. The average LTV (the profit a given user generates during their entire business
relationship with you) of players for a significant period of time. Who would want a player
that only made a single deposit in a long time? That’s why it’s crucial to properly warm
up your audience, to make sure it stays with the offer for as long as possible. The higher
the LTV, the better the traffic quality.

7. The percentage of active players in the flow. One-time players won’t generate much
income for the casino, which is why the percentage of stable gamblers is vital — it must
be as high as possible.

8. Traffic quality assessment by the advertiser. This indicator is a summary of multiple
others - no one will pay a dime for traffic that fails to bring in maximum profit.

Currently, there are plenty of ways to obtain high-quality traffic in the gambling vertical,
traffic the advertiser will actually be interested in. And these approaches help intensify
your relations with the advertiser, which in turn leads to higher caps and payouts. So
always remember to communicate with your manager, monitor all the updates and
indicators to have an understanding of what the quality of the traffic you drive is. Get
feedback from managers, optimize your campaigns for higher-quality traffic and get as
much profit as possible.
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Do gambling offers convert well in TikTok?

People have had it up to here with Facebook and its instability, Google is constantly
tightening the rules, but everyone still needs gambling traffic and for a good price.

That’s exactly why the attention of most media buyers is drawn to TikTok - everyone
wants to know whether the battle there is worth the blood. We have collected all the
relevant information and compiled it into an up-to-date review for all you, so get
ready to take notes.
We would like to point out right away that TikTok houses certain specialists for
obtaining free organic traffic, but such cases don’t scale and are extremely routine,
meaning there’s no point to dwell on them. In short, essentially, you’d need to buy
a lot of accounts, post lots of content daily and sometimes get your videos into the
Recommended section to be able to drive enough traffic to whatever you’re

Accounts. Obviously, you need warmed up accounts, not freshly-registered ones.
The market has plenty of those and if you avoid the black-hat stuff, you can easily
invest $200-300. However, the biggest issues here are connected to creatives and
approaches. Currently these solutions are viable:
Games with a gambling background voiceover. The approach was based on some
random casual game with the following voiceover: “Download the app, register, spin
the slots and withdraw cash every day!” Surprisingly, raw voiceovers work fine in
TikTok and at the start this approach converted pretty well.

Bloggers. Clips with ads of various apps/games being recommended by bloggers to
download/try out, etc. It’s simple, it’s old, but it still converts.
Your own native creatives. These can be videos tailored to the platform’s trends with
some silly premise. Based on the specifics of TikTok - this is a pretty safe approach.
And if you add a trending song to the mix, you can get a boost of organic traffic.
Currently, you can drive traffic to apps and pre-landings. Driving traffic directly to
the offer is complicated and forces you to use cloaking services. Besides, in this case,
you won’t be able to optimize anything and the installs will be at an unstable price.
But if you work with a pre-landing page, you can select conversions and work
with the pixel.

And lastly, let’s talk about creatives. In TikTok, it’s vital you balance between white-hat
and gray-hat. The creative must be appealing, but not too provocative, lest it attract
the attention of mods. Use only original creatives, the social network identifies
duplicate videos and immediately sends them to the shadow ban.

The main approaches to designing creatives are:
  • dubbing popular bloggers to fit the promoted offer;
  • a luxury lifestyle, making money in the casino, shots of money being paid;
  • streams of winning games;
Most of the TikTok creatives used online can be identified by popular hashtags:
#casino on TikTok has over 1.3 million hits, #gambling — 30 million. They can also be
used to promote videos.

Against the background of Facebook, the main supplier of traffic, putting more and more
obstacles for affiliates to overcome, one might get the impression that getting gambling
traffic from TikTok would be more simple. In reality, however, this platform has its own
nuances and distinctive features, that we’ve covered in this article. But there are also
large volumes of fresh traffic, just ripe for the picking, as well as effective promotion
algorithms and a less strict moderation procedure. So, go ahead and try your luck here!
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Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Tips on creatives from our media buyers

While Facebook continues to hand out waves of fan page bans, we’ve prepared a
compilation of tips regarding gambling creatives. So check them out - they’re brief
and to the point.

1. We remind you that all the videos in this article are brand new.

2. Best to place the gambling-related elements (bonuses, winnings) at the very start
- usually, the first 5 seconds. There have been cases when a cool but non-converting
video was remade into a well-performing one thanks to the fragments being
swapped around.

3. A few words about the approach. Almost the entire market has already switched
to 3D graphics — it’s just like when static ads started to get replaced by videos. The
pros: a more playful format, while being less triggering than the overused by literally
everyone streamer reactions. And the main question in the life of accounts, more on
this below.

4. Characters — Joker, he burst into the affiliate marketing world 4 years ago. Just
think — 4 years ago! Stop doing the same exact thing, make it at least 70/30 , with
70% being the well-known stuff and 30% - fresh approaches with new ideas, there’s
plenty of them in products. How to choose from hundreds of slots? It’s pretty simple
— launch 6-10 offers, go to the “Popular” section, check what they all have in
common and viola, you got new popular characters. Using Joker is often a working
strategy, just like any top-level approach, but it’s got sooo old, even for Facebook:
it’s better to “skim the cream” off of new ideas, or at least combine using the
top-level stuff with new-style creatives.

You’ll have to do some testing, but the advantages of using a new
character are:

а) you can use all the forgotten approaches, б) get less negative feedback and
attract some gamblers away from the sector’s giants, since after all these years,
users are seriously tired of Joker and the monkey. They might still work on
newbies, but seasoned players will more likely get drawn in with the help of new
approaches and fresh slots/characters.

5. As for bans. Just to be clear — Facebook doesn’t ban for the euro symbol. More
specifically, 80% of triggers happen due to creatives. Typically, these aren’t the
creatives as a whole, but rather their fragments: sometimes it’s the streamers we
mentioned, that Facebook can face-ID and ban you for unlicensed use, sometimes
it’s for using text messages, in particular - the fact that money was sent to a
card/3rd party messengers that you aren’t allowed to use in your ads, the names
of the banks/messengers, etc. Instead of all that, you can just use notifications
with payment numbers, which is also a quite effective option, by the way.

Phrases-calls to action like “download NOW”, “win NOW”, Facebook thinks all that
misleads the user. But you can always replace “INSTALL NOW” with “SEE YOU IN
GAME". And instead of “get bonus now”, just use "GET BONUS IN GAME".
Now for the music: recently, Facebook has been quite stingy with explaining the
bans it hands out, but before you would quite often get messages clarifying that the
clips voiceover got you banned: it could be some form of copyright violation, cursing
or words that sounded like vulgarities, insults, etc. Conclusion: before adding music,
at least check and translate the lyrics.

After reading all of the above, you should be able to understand one fundamental
simple moment - they don’t have almost anything to do with gambling. Since the
bulk of the problem lies in Facebook’s trigger moments and other rules and nuances.
While we, gambling affiliates, that are used to blaming Zuckerberg and the niche for
everything, fail to pay attention to simple truths. Sure, there are moments when
Facebook detects gambling, but when it does, it’s usually with people using
antiquated approaches, incredibly overused fragments that they cut out from the
best-performing creatives and just add to “new videos” - just be a little bit more
creative and you won’t have such problems.

Follow our thread, in the near future we plan to post a lot of useful content.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

What sort of starting ad budget do you need when promoting gambling offers?

You may hear a lot of beginner webmasters say that you can start off in the gambling
vertical with literally only $100. However, not everything is so cut and dry, which is
why we’ve prepared an article so that each of you would understand how incredibly
low that number is and what awaits you. So sit back and spin the wheel — everyone
gets a prize in the form of a useful article!
If we talk about specific expenses, then everything here depends on the traffic
source, the affiliate program and whether or not you have assistants. Let’s take a
look at a specific case: an affiliate marketer decided to work through Facebook and
drive traffic to apps. Here’s a list of all the things they’ll need:

1. Creatives — a good motion costs at least $20. So for the first month, go ahead
and allocate $150-200.
2. Accounts — the social network is currently handing out bans left and right, so on
average, you’ll need around 10-15 accounts + over 300 DMs/BMs. This is provided
that your total budget isn’t $1,000 and that your approach is serious. In total, if you
take mix accounts, $600-750 will suffice, but if you’re using high-quality European
accounts, allocate around $1,200-1,500.
3. Apps — the most optimal choice would be to take them from your affiliate
program or just rent them, since developing a single app costs around $150-220.
Meaning you can go ahead and add $1,000-1,500 in this case.
4. Software — anti-detect browsers cost $100, spy services - $50-80, a tracker -
another $30-50.
5. Proxies, payment cards — around $100-150.

In other words, all the expendables (without taking into account the ad and testing
budget) will cost you around $1,200.
To get the hang of the traffic source, identify working creatives, pick out an offer and
GEO, before testing, you need to write out multiple hypotheses and allocate each
one a budget, so as to see all the indicators and properly drive traffic to reach them.
All in all, you get $2,000-3,000.

Each test has its own features, but there are still some rules that apply to each one:
you should allocate an amount worth several deposits for each hypothesis. For
example, if you’re testing out Italy and the deposits there are $160 each, then you
need to spend at least $320, or better yet - $480. Also, before the test, you need to
clearly define your strategy and the GEO you want to work in. Ideally, you need to
find a balance between Tier 1 countries and the more cheap ones - read about
which countries are currently performing well in our previous posts.

After you’re all done with testing, you can move on to the affiliates’ favorite stage -
scaling a converting bundle. To cover all your expendables and testing costs, you
need to have another $1-2k. The optimal story looks like this: prepare the whole
traffic-driving system, conduct full-scale tests, while spending $2,000-3,000 on
that and allocate around the same amount to later scale the best-performing bundle.

However, you should keep in mind the system you work through. If you work
through the CPA (registrations) model, you won’t need heavily bloated budgets,
since it’ll only take $100-150 to see whether or not your bundle converts properly.
Take a look at CPL — payment per deposit, which is a lot higher. And don’t try to
cut corners on expendables and tests — all these points form the basis of your
future work and you’ll only be hurting your own chances to succeed.
Generally speaking, a beginner who has a general understanding will be able to
get the hang of the gambling vertical in 2-3 months, get to know the different
subtleties, master the traffic source, establish contacts with different sellers and
find their first profitable bundles.

And we’d also just like to hand out a couple tips:

- Split-test various offers on one GEO and app, even if the pay rates are nowhere
close. Perhaps the lower payout offer will bring you more profit than the one that
technically pays better.

- Test out your apps. After all, on different GEOs different icon designs and ASO
can result in different conversion rates.

- And the most important thing! Never hesitate to ask your manager for advice.
Your manager is your friend and the more money you make, the more they will
earn. Meaning, they are directly interested in you making as much a profit
as possible.

And finally. In the article we covered the volume of your hypothetical earnings. If
you’re a newbie and have $300-1,000, then you can easily give promoting
gambling offers a try and come out with a ROI of 50, 100 or even 200%. Your
personal manager will help you pick a GEO and an offer to start with, so as to
prevent you from just draining your budget on just looking for an offer. If you’re
serious about getting into this niche - good luck and start preparing your budget
— Alex will tell you how to scale your income

Mail :
Skype : live:.cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram : @affiliate_clicklead


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

Affiliate’s blog: August results

Hey everyone, summer is almost over, high time to take a look at the results of
August. Today we’re going to talk about the promising GEOs that appeared, the
most popular August offers and share some tips regarding approaches. Let’s go:

Which GEOs converted best of all in August?

Just like we said at the beginning of the month, these GEOs have made our
partners a pretty penny:

- Germany
- France
- Italy
- Canada
- Spain

What are the most popular offers for these GEOs?

- Germany (Vulkan Vegas) - 29.54% / 10.59%
- France (MaChance) - 24.01% / 11.36%
- Italy (MaChance, Stellar, Ardente) - 27.62% / 17.47%
- Canada (SOL Casino) - 45% / 18.52%
- Spain (National Casino) - 25.3% / 19.84%

The most popular app of the month:

671 Jackpol Adventure Trills

What GEOs should you focus on in September?

Germany, France, Canada, Italy and Spain aren’t going anywhere - they’ll still be
quite profitable. But still, we recommend taking a look at Greece. Our internal
buying continues to drive traffic to this GEO and the incoming profits are getting
bigger with each month. As for approaches, it’s all standard stuff: in your creatives,
use emotions, slots and bonuses.

If, after reading the article, you still haven’t chosen a GEO and an offer - contact
Alex. He’ll help you pick out a GEO and an offer that suits your type of traffic

Skype: live:.cid.94e00aa5988a2dcd
Telegram: @affiliate_clicklead

Hope you all have a profitable fall


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
CLICKLEAD – best terms in gambling vertical

09.09.2021— Remember this date!

This is when the race starts, with a prize fund of more than $1 million. Compete for
one of the five top prizes.

1st place - McLaren 765LT
2nd - 4th place - Secret prizes (we will talk about them a little later)
5th place - an Audemars Piguet watch

As we mentioned earlier, there are no wheels, cards, quizzes or anything that even
slightly involves the factor luck. It all depends only on your results: the more leads -
the higher the chance to pick up a brand new McLaren or one of the four prizes. And
the partners that make their way to the Top 50 will also get awesome gifts.

We will reveal the complete list of conditions for the contest on 09.09.2021, but for
now, register with our partner network and get ready for the largest race in the
affiliate marketing industry;)

T J Tutor

Certified Vendor
Dojo Master
09.09.2021— Remember this date!

This is when the race starts, with a prize fund of more than $1 million. Compete for
one of the five top prizes.

1st place - McLaren 765LT
2nd - 4th place - Secret prizes (we will talk about them a little later)
5th place - an Audemars Piguet watch

Jump In On The Competition Everyone!

I have had a McLaren GT and love these cars. Just 765 will ever be produced of this model. The fastest one yet! 124mph takes only 7.0 seconds. The 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 has 755 hp and really kicks ass.