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[CASE STUDY] How to get 350% ROI by combining Push Notifications from EvaDav and Gambling offers

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Evadav, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Evadav

    Evadav Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    This is an example of clever usage of Push Notification in combination with Gambling offers. A truly crazy ROI was achieved by one of the clients of Traforet and EvaDav Ad networks. Here’s some info for starters:

    Ad Format: Push Notifications from EvaDav
    GEO: UA, RU
    Campaign Period: 27/05/2019 - 02/06/2019
    Offers: Grand Casino; Golden Game
    Targeting specs: Chrome/Yandex browsers on Mobile Devices.
    Total budget: $900
    Total earned: $4050
    Net earnings: $3150
    ROI: 350%

    Let’s dive deeper into details on how the advertiser got such results.

    User funnel, CPA model and offers details

    Pretty much all standard here: Push Notifications lead to the Landing Page which, in turn, redirects to either one of Gambling websites.

    Our advertiser wisely chose to work with a CPA-model making sure they only ever spend budget on successful registration.

    Average CPC for both regions: RU - $0,069, UA - $0,031.

    By offers terms a successful registration was:
    - for RU GEO: a deposit of $7 or higher;
    - for UA GEO: a deposit of $7 or higher.

    But now comes the exciting part. Each RU registration brought a $50 payout ($3 higher than average), the UA one brought a $30 payout ($1.5 higher than average). That was most likely the reason for our advertiser to pursue these offers.

    Working with Blacklist deserves a particular highlight - closely monitoring and blacklisting the underperforming websites was another key to success.

    Landing and Push Notifications

    The idea to combine Gambling offers with Push Notifications from EvaDav isn’t new, but what’s really important is proper creatives for both Landing and Push Notifications.

    We all know that catchy texts and images are a must for a successful Push Notification.

    Take a look at some of the Push Notifications used in this campaign:



    Last, but not least - you have to make sure that the context of the Push Notification essentially corresponds to the context of the Landing Page.

    The decision to create a simple yet attractive Landing design was a good one. The main idea is not to let your user get bored, offer a ton of bonuses, and make sure they’re less than 3 clicks away from registration.

    Here are some of the Landings used in this campaign:



    Nothing redundant here - attractive numbers and a Big Red Button.


    Spending $900 on a CPA Push Campaign earned our guy $4050 over a week. What an insane amount!


    Spending $900 on a CPA Push Campaign earned our guy $4050 over a week. What an insane amount!

    Over 71k click in just a week:

    Stats from Traforet:


    Working with Push Notifications can be very successful if you make sure to cover all the basics and experiment a bit. Don’t be afraid to do surveys and test your campaigns.

    Good luck, fellow affiliates!
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  2. Voluum
  3. tsc

    tsc Affiliate affiliate

    Apologies if this is a daft question, but is this the sort of thing you can just activate and then let it run its own course for a week, or does it need constant or intermittent tweaking and adjustment along the way?
  4. xiaoxiaozi

    xiaoxiaozi Affiliate affiliate

    still working now? I will try it!! as a newbie ....
  5. TheDanmit

    TheDanmit Active Member affiliate

    yeah, it's true that I see ads on online casino or sport betting on almost every Russian movie that I watched or to be exact on russian servers so it must be working, or people are throwing money out of the window? o_O
  6. xiaoxiaozi

    xiaoxiaozi Affiliate affiliate

    excellent!! Maybe the first offer I try, bless me;)
  7. cezar78

    cezar78 Affiliate affiliate

    Has anybody made money with this method? So far a have no success with my ad campaigns [​IMG]