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Can someone recommend a CPA course ?

Discussion in 'Coaching, Programs and Courses' started by Robketor, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Robketor

    Robketor Affiliate affiliate

    So far I am just promoting through clickbank but I don't know much about CPA can someone recommend me a course that doesn't cost too much? And if you can give me some tips on how to be successful with CPA that would be great, thank you.
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  3. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    That's a bit ambiguous. What is "too much"?

    Most reliable courses for CPA are going to run a $1,000 and up. Most any course less than that won't be of value.

    The best I have seen in the last ten years, year after year, for CPA is William Souza's "CPA Evolution 2.0. This course is currently migrating to new servers and will be re-launch on an upgraded platform over the next 8 weeks. I have been promoting William's course for almost a decade and have not found a CPA course that compares. There have a been a few over the years that were $2,500 to $5,000, but they were not as good.

    William and I hop on calls frequently and we will be helping him relaunch his course, as CPA Evolution 3.0, the 1st of September.

    Well, you need to be more specific with your questions. I could type all day giving CPA tips and still not be finished until the end of tomorrow.
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)
    You could start with some self-study here ^^
    Then drill down on the topics that are of interest --using search engines --but you will find a lot of 'white noise' and regurgitated commentary geared to self-promotion.
    You have to look for the (few) nuggets of gold in the dirt pile --so to speak --but that can resolve some of the direction to seek out ...
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  5. Darja

    Darja Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    @Robketor hi!
    there are not only video courses, that personally I treat as a source of additional info to the written basis, but you can find a lot of guides from networks that apply general theory of affiliate marketing to their own platform and products. By googling a few minutes, I've found Mobidea e-books - Affiliate Marketing Guides - Mobidea Academy . Also, Zeropark blog is getting popular, so now they post not only successful cases, but some articles for newbies - The Essential Guide to Affiliate Offer Types - Zeropark Blog
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