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Buying backlinks on Fiverr


Hi guys, I recently bought 60 high quality backlinks from Fiverr. The order was completed yesterday. I did a SEMRush backlink check today and it shows my as having 0 links.

The site is relatively new. It's indexed in Google though.

What should I do? Was I scammed? The seller has hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Shouldn't my site have 60 links pointed to it by now?



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SEMRush backlink check =how many days have lapsed?

"For an accurate report of links pointing to your own site, Google currently and has always recommended using the ‘Links to Your Site’ report in Search Console underneath the Search Traffic category."

Weren't you furnished with a list of the links locations? I would have verified those before paying. Not to say they could not be deleted after I paid.


First Advice - NEVER buy backlinks from Fiverr.

Its a simple logic my friend, how can you believe that you can get 60 high quality backlinks for few bucks that will help your site to rank high? I am in backlink building business for the past 15 years now and I know how tedious and critical backlink building is!!

It takes hours and days to build one quality backlink and these people on Fiverr claim to give 60 backlinks for few bucks ... joke it is.

Such backlinks are worthless. Even if they are built, they will eventually harm your site. So I have few suggestions for you as follows -

1) Accept that you have been scammed and have lost the money.
2) You might have the list of the backlinks that Fiverr guy has built. So submit them to Google disavow and get rid of them.
3) Move on and never return to Fiverr for link building.

Platforms like Fiverr is good for projects like content writing, graphic designing, Voice over artists, etc. But when it comes to backlink building it is definitely not worth it.