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Bring video to your site and earn more money

Discussion in 'Video Traffic' started by video intelligence, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. As advertisers get ready for a massive $15.4 billion spend on video ads in 2018, text-based publishers who want to stay competitive and increase their earnings should consider implementing video into their content.

    Why Video Ads Are the King
    In 2017 83% of advertisers incresead their digital video advertising budgets.
    By 2021 digital video advertising spend is expected to hit $22.18 billion in US.

    eMarketer notes: “Video is the only subcategory of display ad spending that is growing, as rich media, banner ads and sponsorship all shrink.“

    How much publishers can expect to earn from video advertising
    Typically, CPMs (cost-per-thousand-views) earnings from video ads are around 10x higher than traditional display advertising.

    Top publications that have already pivoted to video
    Following the rising video ad format advertising trend, many of the world's more "read" publications have already taken their first steps to becoming the most "viewed" ones:
    Huffington Post, Mic, Fox Sports, MTV News, Vocativ, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Vice.

    The Challenge for Traditional Text-based Publishers
    As you can probably tell from the list of publishers above, they are all huge enough to maintain video production studios of their own. So the first challenge most small publishers face when pivoting to video is creating quality video content. The cost factor of producing and updating quality video content is way higher than that of creating and maintaining text content.

    Besides, videos are only good when they’re evergreen. Creating trendy video stories that age quickly gets no real returns for publishers as they’ve very short shelf lives.

    An Easy Way for Traditional Publishers to Monetize from Video Ads Without Producing Video Content
    Instead of pivoting to video and replacing your written content with video content, your best solution is to complement your articles with rich and relevant video clips. This way, you can:
    1) Serve your readers with content in a format they enjoy
    2) Play ads in the videos

    The Key to Making Money by Pivoting to Video: Teaming up With the Right SSP
    Even if you’re a text publisher who doesn’t see video becoming your central content offering, you should still add videos to your content mix. But you can do so without the overhead of producing video content.

    All you need to do is partner with a good SSP that can help you source and add relevant contextual videos to your content and run ads in them.

    A product like vi stories lets you embed relevant videos into your content — from a vast library with content from producers like Reuters, Los Angeles Times, ITN, EuroNews and more — and run contextual in-stream video ads in them.

    Read a more in-depth article here: Why publishers should pivot to video (and how to do it right) | vi blog

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    Hi, I also think that Gif ads and video ads must have huge potential in the 2018 because now that our technology has reached 4G which means high speed internet everywhere. So, we should be ready for the video ads.

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  4. Great to see you agree, Haim! Have you started working with video?
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    Thanks for the info. And nice article, btw.