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  1. Gala

    Early Glimpse, Big Impact: 2024 Trends To Supercharge Your XMas Campaigns!

    :D Christmas is just around the corner, signalling the perfect moment to kick off your merry campaigns! Now, the challenge is to ensure they break off the festive commotion. Fortunately, Adsterra can help you out by sharing all the tidbits: Interstitials are here to boost your CTR x30: just...
  2. OnClickA Ad Network

    Official We're Looking For Publishers!

    :cool: Looking to maximize your revenue as a publisher? OnClickA is your go-to platform! We guarantee a high fill rate and a 10-minute approval process, ensuring monetization for all traffic types. Why choose us? High Fill Rate: Monetize all types of traffic efficiently with our high fill...
  3. IMStephen

    Buying Traffic Buying Pop Traffic from Browser Extension

    Hello, I wanted to buy traffic from browser extensions. I need publisher who have extensions installed, can popup my offers on pages. DM for more details Ps: NOT looking for traffic to install extensions.
  4. T

    what would you say to yourself years ago when you started out in the world of online advertising?

    After a few days of research, I started thinking about following as an affiliate using paid traffic. based on your experience, successes and failures, what advice would you give to a beginner starting out in the world of paid CPA advertising? Can this really be a good path currently or am I...
  5. J

    looking for mVAS offer

    Hi Connections!!! I am looking for direct advertiser who owns PIN submit offer in MENA, LATAM and APAC countries with 100% carriers coverage, we've got huge volumes of in-app inventory there. S2S or Pin API integration are avaliable.
  6. K

    Ask Me Anything Sports Affiliate program

    Hi, there what is the best 5 Live Stream Sports Affiliate program site for now & before? (Please without affforce)
  7. Naomi_mimarosa

    Real Estate, Sweepstakes, Health, Streaming campaigns...

    Mimarosa is a premium CPA network that contains premium offers based on CPL, CPC and CPA. We have the best Tracking system that will give you access to detailed tracking reports so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns to do it’s best. We are offering top and trending offers with high...
  8. mybizfeed

    Hello guys, I am Datti, Users relationship at MyBizFeed.

    Hello guys! I am Datti, Users relationship at MyBizFeed. - MyBizFeed is a professional social network for media buyers and sellers. I am happy and excited to join affiliatefix.
  9. BlackCorsair

    Hi to all on AF!

    I`m a new AM from Clickaine ad-network for publishers and advertisers! I'm working in adult buisness for the last 15 years. :D Want to meet new affilites\publishers for our network and new contcact for myself. :) If you are looking for a profitable way to monetize your traffic - hit me up! ;)
  10. AdSpyglass

    AdSpyglass Content Corner: Tips and Insights for webmasters

    Hi everyone! :affiliatefix: Welcome to AdSpyglass Content Corner This is an educational thread for website owners and publishers. We're going to talk about: - running websites - website monetization - technical tips and administration - SEO and promotion - tips for webmasters We'll be sharing...
  11. ClickAdilla

    Ask Me Anything ClickAdilla for Publishers

    Registration for Publishers We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%...
  12. John Stuart

    Hello Everyone

    Nice to meet you. My name is John Stuart and I am one of the account managers at Offerglobe - Premium PPCall Network that covers a wide range of verticals like Home Services, Legal, Travel, Rehab, Insurance and more. * Edited by Admin * .
  13. J

    Hello everyone!

    Hi there My name is Javier, I have some experinece as a publisher in finance I want to expand my oportunities and find there new ideas and the best content!
  14. Denis Aleksandrov

    Looking to work with media buyers (pay per call offers)

    Hi everyone, We are eQuoto, a marketing agency focused on pay per call offers. Currently looking to buy inbounds directly from media buyers: Tax settlement Medicare Supplement Final Expense Term Life All 120 sec Allowed Traffic Types: Search/SEO, CPC, Display, Social, Native, Email...
  15. Md. Al-Amin

    Please help me i am a beginner

    I need a free dating traffic source. I am beginner. Please give few dating website name.
  16. B

    How much budget i needed to run facebook ads.

    I want to run one CPA and CPI offer on facebook ads, so my question is how much budget is required to get good conversion. Also suggest which is model is help me to get good conversions.
  17. B

    Hi everyone. I just need your help.

    After arriving in this affiliate industry, i meet with lot of people and the most of people are ready to work with me, but they ask Pre-payment before starting. I already seeing a lot of scam by this way. so i'm afraid to work on Pre-payment. So my question is, " is pre-payment is secure way to...
  18. ODP

    Ask Me Anything Looking for HIGH QUALITY mobile & desktop Publishers

    Hi there, I am a Senior Account Manager at GWM and i would like to make more money like everybody on this forum. I am looking for serious, professional publishers/media buyers with high quality desktop and mobile traffic for our worldwide offers. DM if interested
  19. Brijesh Soni

    Looking Quality Traffic - CPI, CPA, CPL

    Hello Members, We are Looking quality traffic for CPI, CPA and CPL Campaigns. We have direct max 2 hope campaigns. Geos: Tier1 & Tier2 US, UK, IN, JP Payment terms: NET7 - For very high volume or premium NET15- For average NET30- Standard terms If you have quality traffic lets connect...
  20. Brijesh Soni

    We have Quality Traffic for CPI

    Hello Members, We are looking Stable and converting CPI, CPA Campaigns for our quality traffic sources. If you are looking quality traffic for your campaigns, then yes we have. Direct Media buyers, DSP, in-app, banner and much more traffic we have. Payment terms are prepayment as its quality...