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Brazil as a perspective gambling GEO 2022. Overview, numbers, ways of attracting the audience

Brazil is the largest country in both the South and Latin Americas. Over 214 million people live there, so the Federative Republic of Brazil (that’s what the country is officially called) is the seventh most populous in the world after such countries as India, China, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria


The traffic is not expensive there, because Brazil relates to Tier-3 GEOs, but a great number of people is the reason for the huge profit Affiliate marketers can take from this area

Brazilians on the Internet

More than half of the high population of Brazil actively uses the Internet. It’s approximately 130 million. The country is not rich at all and 65% of the country’s inhabitants earn less than $1000, which is not enough to live a normal life according to Brazil's standards. So you can understand, which ways of attracting users work there

Somehow Brazil is similar to India. The common traffic type is mobile because of the low speed of the connection. The social networks Brazilians prefer are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube


But languages in the country are Portuguese and its Brazilian variation, English is not popular here as in India so using it in your campaigns isn’t a good idea :rolleyes:

A few words about the Brazilian lifestyle

Citizens check social media before and after working hours which usually last from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, so now you know, when the advertising campaign can be the most profitable. By the way, the time zone in Brazil changes depending on the season. In winter is UTC-3 but in summer is UTC-2


The main problems in Brazil are expensive medicine, low wages, and feeling of being insecure. Often inhabitants want to walk away from these issues by playing casinos or betting on their favorite sports. Here we totally can help them

Gambling and betting in the Republic of Brazil

According to Brazil’s circumstances, it’s understandable that a lot of people there turn their heads a huge success. Well, yes, Brazilians are such a gambling nationality. Of course, they want to win as much money as possible to change lives in a better direction


But the problem is that gambling is illegal in the Federative Republic of Brazil. So the only way people can solve it is through online casinos. The target audience for gambling offers in this area includes men from 22 to 35 years old. The average rate is approximately 3 000 BRL (Brazilian real), which equals $563

Talking about betting, it’s illegal in Brazil too, but online platforms are in demand among inhabitants of this country. The most popular sport is football, but Brazilians also like volleyball, tennis, mixed martial arts, and race such as Formula 1 :cool:

Attracting Brazilian users

We already noticed that Brazilians want to change their lives through casinos, so you can attract them using advertisements with attractive offers and bonuses such as free spins, success stories, news, and jackpots


Examples of pictures, which show high conversion



Ads with bonuses, free bets, and news are also relevant in betting. Great results can be gained if you give users a clue about the outcome of the forthcoming game in a special prediction ⚽


Do you want to take a huge profit by attracting Brazilian users for gambling and betting offers? We think it would be a win-win experience for all of us which is the main principle of Affiliate marketing at all

Our manager is already waiting for your message right now. The rates of 1win Partners program are the most favorable on the market. We give our partners help in every step of cooperation and are always glad to work with not only experienced marketers but also beginners


Write to 1win Partners manager as soon as possible. Let’s turn your traffic into money together ;)


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I love Brazil very much. I have Brazilian roots. But I won't move to you; I'll most come for vacations. I really like gambling.
I don't go to the casinos, I play online. Bonus Buy Slots. It's just thrilling. I know a lot of people may not understand me, but games are what keep my psyche going. There are so many terrible things going on in the world, and games calm me down and give me hope, or something. But it's more of a distraction from everything.
I live in New Jersey, we have legalized gambling. So I sometimes play poker or spin online slot machines. I like it. Sometimes I win and even double my bets. I hope that one day Brazil will also legalize gambling.
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