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  1. YeezyPay

    Which Geos Should I Target When Promoting Gambling Offers With Google Ads in 2024?

    For a while now, experts have been talking about how popular gambling has become. The online casino industry is growing really quickly, setting new records every year. This growth is happening mainly because users are finding online gambling to be more convenient, easily accessible, and very...

    Inquiry About Banner Placement for Affiliate Program is 404 I am interested in placing a banner on your platform to promote our affiliate program and attract a wide audience. Unfortunately, the page with information about advertising is currently unavailable. Could you please...
  3. MyBid

    Conversion Windows and KPIs: What Casino Advertisers Don’t Tell Affiliates and How to Make Profits in the Gambling Vertical

    Making money in the gambling vertical can be challenging. Unlike relatively cheaper niches such as sweepstakes, where you can easily connect an offer, buy traffic, and observe the audience's reaction, gambling is a different story. Good gambling offers with clear partnership details are hard to...
  4. HilltopAds

    Running Ads during Popular Sports Events

    Running ads becomes quite a sport when you need to adapt quickly to unexpected turns of the game, optimize campaigns rapidly, and beat competitors by choosing the right CPM rate. There are many persuasive arguments as to why marketing during popular sports events can be highly beneficial for...
  5. Premeier_ak

    Relevant traffic sources for gambling offers

    If we take into account the recent news about Google play updates to upload to the app market, webmasters will have to wait more time and not the fact that the app will be added. And the development of such applications will cost twice as much as it used to, this is the case for those who get...
  6. Premeier_ak

    How do online casinos become popular? What it takes.

    Every year more and more new online casinos and players appear on the Internet. Well, this is due to the development of technology and humanity in general. Sitting at home on the couch, spending time on the Internet, you can see an advertisement for a casino in a couple of minutes, register...
  7. MyBid

    Official Following the Trends: A Guide to Affiliate Marketing in Fall and Winter Seasons in 2023

    No one doubts the relevance of today's topic. The leaves are turning yellow, the days are getting shorter, and the traffic continues to flow, but alas, the numbers are not the same. Why? In affiliate marketing, as in other areas, there is seasonality. Many offers can run year-round without...
  8. YeezyPay

    How Gambling Offers Are Promoted with Google Ads: Current Approaches and What You Need to Achieve High ROI

    Experienced affiliates and media buyers understand the need to diversify their traffic sources to reduce the risk of account bans and discover profitable campaigns more frequently. Google Ads has been a top choice for years due to its high-quality traffic, and many affiliates are switching to it...
  9. V

    ads for gambling and betting

    What is the best platform to advertise gambling/betting?
  10. Yellana

    Yellana is a worldwide CPA network that unites affiliates and direct advertisers on a way of growth.

    Yellana is a worldwide CPA network that unites affiliates and direct advertisers on a way of growth It’s a part of RichAds advertising holding. Since 2017 RichAds earned trust of 110 000+ companies from all over the world, was named the best iGaming traffic source by SiGMA and now we’ve...
  11. Julia

    Meet Up Gambling with ADxAD Ad Network!

    Hey, guys! ADxAD currently in the process of researching the gambling market. I'd like to ask you to participate in that - call our product manager and talk about that. The interview will last about forty minutes. We're not selling anything and we don't need you to tell anything confidential...
  12. 1win Partners

    Review Brazil as a perspective gambling GEO 2022. Overview, numbers, ways of attracting the audience

    Brazil as a perspective gambling GEO 2022. Overview, numbers, ways of attracting the audience Brazil is the largest country in both the South and Latin Americas. Over 214 million people live there, so the Federative Republic of Brazil (that’s what the country is officially called) is the...
  13. B

    Review needed: betting-places

    Hi guys, Recently I started my own affiliate website for gambling: betting-places . com It still in very early stage, still filling the content, but was wondering what should I do here? Which topics I should focus on more? Thank everyone
  14. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted Inhouse gambling offer - incent allowed!

    Hey all! PayV affiliate network is looking for affiliates and networks to run our newly launched gambling offer - 4cus Casino. Revshare starting from 35% Incent (scheme traffic) allowed! Best GEOs: India Russia Ukraine Brazil Czechia Poland Coming soon: Uzbekistan Bangladesh Pakistan...
  15. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted Arab countries - exclusive Casino offer

    Hey all! Payv affiliate network is looking for high quality leads in Arab countries. Exclusive Casino offer Min deposit $20 Payout rates starting from $200 Strict KPI: only active and payable leads will be paid! May you need more information, feel free to ask.
  16. 3Snet network

    Study real cases, don`t ignore rules

    # Tips and cases Leave a better impression on your prospective clients through a welcome message. How to compose a good one? Read, learn and implement. How to benefit from Instagram? Interview with a really successful newbie webmaster - very smart user of the modern e-tools. Read the case...
  17. anna1906

    Hi there

    PAYDO opens up new opportunities for international online financial transactions to commercial entities, private entrepreneurs, merchants, freelancers and other professionals who require a simple but at the same time convenient method of accepting and sending payments with a minimum of...
  18. 3Snet network

    Announcement Outstanding gaming vintage. Facebook revolutionised avatars

    News Facebook news. The cutting edge avatar technology for real eye contact in 2021. More: The Russian budget will benefit from bloggers and social networks cooperation. Read on: Facebook: animated avatars, blogger tax, and short videos. Outstanding gambling. PokerStars created a community of...
  19. RichAds

    [FREE WEBINAR] Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic

    We are ready to announce RichAds NEW WEBINAR with SUPER-PROFESSIONAL expert in the gambling vertical Topic: "Gambling Ad Campaigns for PROs: Make A LOT MORE ROI on push traffic" Date and Time: March 2, 15:00 GMT Presenter: Anastasia Kazakova, RichAds Performance Manager + professional...
  20. PMaffiliates

    Announcement PMaffiliates in AFFILIATE SPACE AWARDS

    Guys, here’s some amazing news! PMaffiliates is nominated at Conversion Club’s AFFILIATE SPACE AWARDS as a Best Gambling/Betting Affiliate Network :cool: Let’s make this case a win! Vote for us by clicking on the link: