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  1. H

    Looking for iGaming affiliates

    Hello all! :) I'm looking for iGaming Affiliates with with good quality traffic - sources SEO/SMS or EMAIL.
  2. 1win Partners

    Review Brazil as a perspective gambling GEO 2022. Overview, numbers, ways of attracting the audience

    Brazil as a perspective gambling GEO 2022. Overview, numbers, ways of attracting the audience Brazil is the largest country in both the South and Latin Americas. Over 214 million people live there, so the Federative Republic of Brazil (that’s what the country is officially called) is the...
  3. GSpinMark

    Superstitious Beliefs in Gambling

    As online casino we know gamblers can be the most superstitious people! Here is the list of superstitions associated with both online and real life gambling! Do you have anything to add? Maybe you can relate to something? :) $50.00 Bills Are Unlucky Wear Red When Gambling Don’t Enter...
  4. Muhammad Hamza

    Affiliates Wanted High Paying Casino Offers

    Hi We have just add exclusive CPA casino offers, these offers are highest paying offers available in market and easily convertible. We wish you to market our offers and earn as much as possible. Casumo CPA Payout: $110 Goal: Deposit (200 Free Spins plus + £1200 Bonus) Geo: Finland...
  5. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted SO many amazing CPL CASINO offers at YTZ!

    You need to check out our casino offers; we have so many high performance, high payout campaigns to choose from - and they are all offered on CPL basis! Payout and cap increases available quickly on these campaigns with quality traffic! All campaigns come with two landing page options to choose...
  6. AffiliateDeal


    Hi Im the affiliate manager of PSL Affiliates a new branded program with a good conversion rate. Im here to gather more partners. With over 10 years experience on the online affiliation i'm pretty sure that we can have a good time working together. Thanks Isak