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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


I already watched the movie. I liked it so much. Maybe because I'm a fan of Marvel movies, or because I watched it in a good quality cinema.
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We've gotten mixed reviews from our team as well. But the negatives typically come in the form of the standard problems that sequels have. Amongst others it seems one of the more jarring issues are the character introductions that could probably have done better in their own movies/ tv series. Generally an 'OK' film but nowhere as iconic as the first.


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Did you like it? Why are there so many negative feedbacks?
The movie was actually terrible. The only awards they actually won was for costume design.

What makes it even worse is when you Google "Black Panther" all you see is movie junk, you don't get the Black Panther from the seventies, the actual Black Panthers whose goal was to liberate black people in America - it looks like that history has been hidden by a silly forgettable cartoonsish movie, sad af.
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