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Authority BlackBook


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Hi again Linda. I hope this is a good spot to post this message. This post is about blogs and Web 2.0.

There is a new "FREE" pdf book I came across today that is called "Authority BlackBook". It's by Jack Humphrey and is all about using blogs to jump on board Web 2.0 marketing.

He gives links to some good videos on using WordPress to get your blog to do wonders.

Here's the link: Authority BlackBook

NOTE: I am not an affiliate or anything like that of this program, so, as far as I know, it is not branded. I do think it is a well put together book and is worth the DL.

It appears to have just about every link you would ever need to get your blog marketing in Web 2.0 going.

Good marketing to all.
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That's all part of the game Darthfather. They give something... you give something. Sort of the code of the net or something like that. :D

Once you give your name the games will begin. :eek: The trick is to unsubscribe to whatever they send you if it's not worth anything.

Every once in awhile you will get some pretty good stuff.

Good marketing
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