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article writing for SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by foodcom, May 19, 2016.

  1. foodcom

    foodcom Affiliate affiliate

    How can I write a better article for SEO, what's things should I follow to write a good article?
  2. terraleads
  3. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    The content should be user-friendly. no grammatical error, proper flow should be there.
  4. neurologistdelhi

    neurologistdelhi Affiliate affiliate

    First To Write a Catchy Title for Your Article, 400 to 500 Words enough for your article, But Don't try to promote your service you should brief about your services in your article.
  5. isaacsmile

    isaacsmile Affiliate affiliate

    read this book

    web copy that sells second edition
  6. designpluz

    designpluz Affiliate affiliate

    Just write simple theme with keyword inclusion, anchor link those keywords for better link back
  7. Brianvoges

    Brianvoges Affiliate affiliate

    It will take a lot of research about particular topic, so that you can explain it in your own words.
  8. majnoo

    majnoo Affiliate affiliate

    Simply compose basic subject with watchword incorporation, grapple connect those catchphrases for better connection back
  9. Jason Halle

    Jason Halle Affiliate affiliate

    Do thorough research and then sort the best path for the solution of the problem.
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  10. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    The following is edited content from Googles recommendations.

    Optimize your site for the "In-depth articles" feature, Schema.org Article Markup.

    In general, SE's will do their best to understand the metadata you provide for your pages. It's best to implement the aspects of the schema.org Article markup.

    Especially these attributes:

    · headline

    · alternativeHeadline

    · image (note: the image must be crawlable and indexable)

    · description

    · datePublished

    · articleBody

    Pagination and Canonicalization

    Proper pagination markup should include rel=next and rel=prev as this helps the SE's algorithms properly identify the properties and content of your articles and posts. As well, make certain your canonicalization is correct, check to be sure the rel=canonical is pointing at either each individual page, or a “view-all” page (and not to page 1 of a multi-part series). Learn more about pagination andcanonicalization.


    Logos help users recognize you the source of an article at a glance. There are two ways to help Google choose which logo to use for your website:

    1. Create a Google+ Page and link it to your website. Choose an official logo or icon as the default image.

    2. Use organization markup to specify your logo.

    Note that it may take some time for logo changes to be reflected in search results.

    Restricted Content & First Click Free

    When offering subscription-based access to your site(s), or if users must register, the search engines will likely not be able to access most of your site(s) relevant content. When the SE's can't properly crawl and index your content (including text, images and videos), they can't show it in their search results. The First Click Free is one easy way to make sure your content is accessible to Google's search crawlers so it can be displayed in Google search results. Learn more about First Click Free.
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  11. Sanjib

    Sanjib Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Friend

    There are few things that we can keep in mind while writing about SEO friendly article is

    1 Our Articles must contain headings like h1,h2,h3,h4 etc and it will be good if we add our keywords into those headings

    2 Short sentences is a very good practise because no one like long sentences

    3 1000+ words is good because in SEO size do matter

    4 We can use our primary keywords with in first 100 words of our article.

    5 Adding a list as a answer of any particular question can give us the chance to appear on google knowledge graph.
  12. Mark231

    Mark231 Affiliate affiliate

    You can check out some tips to keep in mind before drafting an article for SEO:
    1. Keywords: Make a list of keywords your customer or target audience would search you for. Use Google Keywords planner to understand the relevant set of keywords to your article.

    2. Titles: Titles are the entry points to collect readership for any article. Make titles as interesting and as relevant to your audience as possible. Try including your keywords as a part of your title.

    3. Links: Hyperlinking keywords to appropriate websites will create associations. The more association created, better is the chance for getting ranked for that particular keyword. That does not mean you have links on every second word. Relevant links is what works and 2-3 per article.

    4. Content: Content indeed is the king. Check what your customers look out for. Write what is needed. Give answers and solutions to problems. Be an opinion leader. Generate quality content (in terms of what you are trying to say and how well you try to say) and market it out. Blogs, article submission directories, guest blogging are the best places to push out your content. Include images and never forget to add alt-tag to the images you add.
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