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Rifles and handguns are high demand and out of stock items in many cases <<auction site
I have seen a few offers of affiliate revenue of 2% -- the sales amounts seem to be (average) $600/handgun, $1,200/AR rife or pistol, $400 - $2,000 for a hunting rifle (quality matters so do optics --scope optic quality).
A lot of those are 'related key phrases' or content click-bait ;) :p
Okay, I would NOT buy fish or turtles online. Well, unless we're talkin' the chocolate turtles with nuts in them. :D Sure wouldn't trust the fish for eating. Most of the other items, make a lot of sense for the times we're living right now. I like how many options there are, something for everybody to try.

The thing with the trends, I think it works best (most profit) when acted on quickly to be as close to first-to-market as possible. Early bird and all that.
Hey, selling guns, vape juice, or turtles? Quite the variety! While I don't have any of those to offer, have you heard about products from vaporesso? They make some pretty cool vaping gear. Their stuff's known for being reliable and innovative, from mods to juices. If you're into vaping, checking out their range might be worth your while. Just a little heads-up in case you're on the hunt for quality vape gear!
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