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google trends

  1. Honeybadger

    What Are The Top 100 Rising Retail Categories in 2020?

    Better way to view Google Trends data? Use both columns for copywriting ideas This is for US, find data for your region on dropdown menu Sneeze Guards Craft Molds Protective Masks Bidet Faucets & Sprayers Hand Sanitizers & Wipes Vehicle...
  2. Honeybadger

    People starting to panic buy again

    Google Trends (past 24 hrs) 'showing toilet' paper as breakout daily search trend across United States where to buy office supplies online buy toilet paper online in bulk buy paper towels and toilet paper online is it cheaper to buy toilet paper online buy bulk toilet paper online buy ohio...
  3. Honeybadger

    Are you selling guns, vape juice or turtles?

    Most popular Google (US) searches for past 24 hours From Google Trends buy car online buy gift card online buy ammo online buy glasses online buy gun online buy credit card online buy clothes online buy stamps online buy shoes online buy plants online buy books online buy gold online buy weed...
  4. Honeybadger

    24hr Google Trends Data for 'affiliate' Searches

    Useful for anyone in 'make money online' niche Breakout US searches for keyword 'affiliate' Past 24 hrs high ticket affiliate marketing +3,700% high ticket affiliate marketing programs +2,650% high ticket affiliate...
  5. King Conga

    Google Aggregates Produce Nothing in Google Trends

    First of all, I hope I'm in the correct sub-forum. Pls accept my apologies if not. Now, my question... What does it mean if I'm using aggregate key phrases that a Google search produces but produce nothing in Google Trends? I thought if the original phrase produced a great trend, then the...
  6. millyster

    Using Google Trends in Your Advantage

    A lot of affiliates don't use or know about Google Trends. This resource could be a gold mine if used to its full potential. You can check it out here. For example, if you type in "affiliate marketing" and pick the topic, you can see what people have been looking for recently. You can take...