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Anyone have experience w/ Adcombo Nutra offers in tier 2/3 countries?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by WIllF, May 8, 2017.

  1. WIllF

    WIllF Affiliate affiliate


    I wanting to know if anyone on here has any experience with Nutra offers in tier 2/3 countries(Mainly tier 2)? Or any experience in tier 2/3 countries for that matter? Do you use a translator? What kind of tips can you give me? What traffic sources have you used? What countries have you ran campaigns in? Have you been profitable?

    I know that's alot of questions if you can't answer all of them that's ok.
    It doesn't have to be with adcombo necessarily but that is the network I am going to use. I want to get my feet wet in tier 2/3 countries before I spend a whole bunch of money in tier 1 countries.

    Thank you for reading my thread. You guys rock. I just joined this forum and it is awesome. I appreciate any feedback.
  2. Voluum
  3. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate affiliate


    For any country it is better to advertise in local language. Therefore of course, creatives have to be translated, and there is one good software for this you could use - onehourtranslation.com

    Regarding the countries - it depends. I believe it's better for you to speak with your Account Manager, and ask which offers are the top ones at the moment for tier2-3 countries. Try to choose a country with a good population number, but still not the biggest, as it's getting too competitive there (so no India).

    Regarding the traffic sources, I believe the best one to start is Facebook, although there are some advertising networks like Revcontent and Mgid that you could consider.

    Hope it helps!
    Best of luck :)
  4. WIllF

    WIllF Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for the response Mobi. I'm going to check out that software. Have you had success with any verticals in tier 2/3 countries? can money be made?