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Any body on Fiverr?

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by Mayvin, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Mayvin

    Mayvin Affiliate affiliate

    I was thinking of joining this site but wondered if it's a waste of time or if you can really make some decent money without it being alot of hassle? Read on a blog where one person made over 500 dollars in one month and I honestly didn't think that was possible on this site but know that I know it is, it peaks my interest to join.

    What are people's thoughts on using the site: the clients, getting paid, and what is an in demand easy gig to provide on the site?

  2. Voluum
  3. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    It depends on what you're skilled in. If it's SEO, selling traffic, or any other gig that you might find useful to other people, go for it. There's a lot of competition on fiverr at the moment, but that doesn't mean you can't jump in right now. Every person offers something unique, you might be preferred over the most popular seller, you just have to offer something that other people don't. People are earning a full time living off of selling botted traffic on fiverr, who knows how many customers they get a day. If you have something you feel like you can offer, go for it.
  4. davidj212

    davidj212 Affiliate affiliate

    I know alot of people that make excellent money by providing services through the Fiverr website. I myself have never tried it out, but I know a few people that make money with it each day. Basically, the only way your going to make any money with it, is by offering a service that people actually need. A few examples are SEO, writing articles, proofreading, and similar things that people need assistance with.
  5. bsge11

    bsge11 Affiliate affiliate

    I had a gig on fiverr, but it's not really popular. I'm selling plr articles on weight loss. Basically people with the highest gigs are the ones who specialize in seo, backlinks, and traffic. Mostly see people buy backlink gigs the most.
  6. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm on Fiverr since end of 2012...never managed to get a gig yet. I guess I cant advertise myself enough, haha. Those who are already seasoned earners tend to steal all the gigs, the newbies continue to be newbies. But those who're in the spotlight make handsome money on Fiverr. I know people who make a minimum of 20$ a day..
  7. MercyL

    MercyL Affiliate affiliate

    I created a Fiverr account but have not looked at the gigs, thinking I'd only really look once I get nearer the end of one of my older contracts. I hope to gain clients by using Fiverr to generate good reviews. There might be buyers using Fiverr to evaluate freelancers skills befor hiring them for larger, better paying projects.

    I honestly do not know how helpful using Fiverr will be, though.